Archive for July 9, 2018

Kevin Feige Teases Marvel Movie Plans Through 2024

Marvel doesn't have projects officially dated beyond 2019, but the studio has plans for the MCU through 2024.

Thanos’ Infinity War Snap Also Killed Animals

In Thanos' effort to perfectly balance the universe, his snap killed off animals as well as humans, according to Kevin Feige.

Danny McBride Gets Bloody in New Look at Horror Comedy Arizona

Danny McBride stars in Arizona, which is set to screen at the Fantasia Film Festival later this month.

Black Panther Star Takes on Kimbo Slice Biopic Backyard Legend

The Kimbo Slice biopic Backyard Legend is currently in development and Winston Duke has been tapped to play the talented fighter.

Spider-Man: Far from Home Gets Curb Your Enthusiasm Star J.B. Smoove

J.B. Smoove will join Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home playing a lead character.
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