Archive for August 4, 2018

The Predator TV Spot Reveals New Earth-Conquering Footage

The Predators attempt to "conquer Earth" in the latest TV spot for Shane Black's upcoming reboot.

Minecraft Movie Delayed as Director Rob McElhenney Exits

Director and co-writer of the Minecraft movie Rob McElhenney, has dropped out of the project causing a delay.

Zack Snyder Says Dick Grayson’s Robin Was Killed by Joker in the DCEU

Zack Snyder has popped up again on social media to clarify a long debated rumor regarding Dick Grayson as Robin and the Joker.

Netflix Trolls Venom Fans with Hilarious Farmers Insurance Parody

Netflix gets in on the fun of remixing popular trailers after Sony's latest look at Venom continues to divide fans.

Does Red Skull Have a Future in the MCU After Infinity War?

Red Skull's appearance in Infinity War was a huge shock for MCU fans and now it looks like the door is open for his return to the MCU.
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