Archive for August 8, 2018

Stephen King’s Son Thinks Jaws Holds Key to Real-Life Murder Mystery

Stephen King's son Joe Hill thinks that a woman who was murdered in 1974 appears briefly in Jaws.

Workaholics Gang Cuts Deep with Hilariously Gross The Package Trailer

Netflix has released the second official trailer for The Package and it sheds more light on what the journey entails.

Jackie Chan and Team Rescued from Deadly Mudslide on Movie Set

Jackie Chan dodged a real-life natural disaster while filming his new movie Project X in Southwest China.

Jumanji 3 Director Explains How He’ll Change the Game

Jake Kasdan revealed some new information about the upcoming Jumanji 3, which is currently being written.

James Gunn Wanted by Warner Bros. and Other Studios After Disney Firing

Warner Bros. and other studios are eager to hire James Gunn once his separation from Disney is complete.
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