Archive for August 10, 2018

Slender Man Review #2: Teen-Centric Horror Goes for Mood Over Scares

The King of Creepypasta finally gets his moment in the sun with Sony's Slender Man, a PG-13 rated horror movie that delivers creepy ambiance aplenty.

Disney Will Release All Fox Movies in Production After Merger

Fox is having a difficult time operating with the Disney acquisition currently looming overhead.

New Suspiria Remake Image Drops Dakota Johnson Into a Blood Ballet

Amazon Studios has released a new image from the upcoming Suspiria remake featuring Dakota Johnson's Susie Bannion character.

Crazy Rich Asians Review: A Romantic Comedy Masterpiece

Crazy Rich Asians sets a high bar in the romcom genre and arrives as a truly outstanding late summer movie.

Disney Parks Halloween 2018 Novelty Items Announced

Disney has unveiled all of the Happy Hauntings goodies that park visitors will be able to pick up this fall.
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