Archive for September 1, 2018

Bautista Doesn’t Really Regret Spoiling Drax’s Avengers 4 Return

Dave Bautista has been all over the news lately, raging against Disney for firing James Gunn and revealing some Avengers 4 information.

Robin Wright’s Antiope to Return in Wonder Woman 1984 Flashback?

Robin Wright's next project could lead her back the DCEU in Wonder Woman 1984.

Last Jedi Director Trashes Star Wars Youtuber Mike Zeroh Then Deletes Tweets

New Star Wars trilogy director Rian Johnson makes fun of longtime Star Wars youtuber Mike Zeroh after rumors spread of Johnson's dismissal from Lucasfilm.

Peppermint Preview Turns Jennifer Garner Into a Badass Fighting Machine

Jennifer Garner reveals that she did nearly all of her own stunts in a new sneak peek at the action thriller Peppermint.

Aquaman Movie Books Show Off Classic Orange and Green Costume

Covers of new coloring books for Aquaman have been released online, which tease the end of the movie.
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