Archive for September 8, 2018

Arizona Review: Further Proof That Danny McBride Is a National Treasure

Danny McBride is a crazy killer who completely looses his grip on reality as a bad situation steamrolls out of his control in the black comedy thriller Arizona.

Single Family Home Preview Explores a Different Kind of Ghost Story

The makers of Buzzard Hollow Beef are back with a new kind of psychological thriller that turns the haunted house movie on its head.

Ryan Reynolds Responds to Ridiculous ThunderCats Rumor

Ryan Reynolds' Six Underground has been rumored to be a secret live-action ThunderCats movie.

Watch the Full Darth Maul Scene from Solo

The biggest secret of Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released online, allowing Star Wars fans a chance to fully dissect the famous scene.

Alpha Wolf Trailer Turns Casper Van Dien Into a Kill Happy Animal

A husband and wife have a run-in with some werewolves while trying to enjoy a long weekend in Alpha Wolf, premiering this November.
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