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Long-Delayed Red Sonja Movie Wants Controversial Director Bryan Singer

Despite multiple accusations of sexual assault in his past, Bryan Singer is in talks to direct Red Sonja, for which he will be paid a ton of cash.

Joker Brings in Brett Cullen to Replace Alec Baldwin as Batman’s Dad

Ghost Rider and The Dark Knight Rises star Brett Cullen will play Thomas Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne, in the upcoming Joker origin movie.

John Carpenter Convinced New Halloween Director to Not Change Original Movie’s Ending

David Gordon Green originally intended to reshoot the original Halloween ending for his new sequel before John Carpenter talked him out of it.

Venom Threatens to Take a Bite Out of San Francisco in Powerful New Poster

Tom Hardy is overshadowed by his symbiote master in the latest look at Sony's Spider-Man spin-off Venom, in theaters soon.

5 Actors Who Could Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

With Henry Cavill possibly leaving his Superman role behind, here are five talented character actors with the physical and emotional gravitas to take over the DC hero.
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