Archive for September 21, 2018

Kingsman 3 Gets a Late 2019 Release Date

Fox has announced that Kingsman 3 is officially happening and that it will hit theaters in late 2019.

Halloween Heritage Trailer Puts a True Crime Spin on Michael Myers Legacy

Blumhouse has gotten creative with the latest teaser for Halloween, making it seem like the first movie was a real-life event.

Sister Act 3 Will Be a Remake, Whoopi Goldberg Only Has a Cameo

Whoopi Goldberg is disappointed in the direction Disney is taking the next Sister Act movie.

Japanese Aquaman Trailer Goes All in on Epic Underwater War

The international trailer for the DCEU's Aquaman features some new footage not shown in the North American version.

Blumhouse’s Thriller Trailer Turns a Childhood Prank Into a Nightmare

Homecoming becomes a blood bath after a childhood prank gone wrong in the Blumhouse release Thriller.
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