Archive for October 12, 2018

Marvel Comics Fires Star Wars Writer Chuck Wendig Over Vulgar Tweets

Chuck Wendig says that Marvel Comics fired him over the negative and vulgar responses that his social media account elicits.

Sinister Six Spider-Man Spin-Off Is Still a Possibility

Drew Goddard thinks his Sinister Six movie could still see the light of day, but doesn't seem to be holding his breath.

Third Spider-Man Costume Revealed in Latest Far from Home Set Photos

Peter Parker has been spotted in a completely different costume from what we've already seen on the set of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Leaked Avengers 4 Toy Art Warns of a Bigger Threat Than Thanos

Thanos might not be the only threat in Avengers 4, as some new artwork teases an even more powerful villain.

Possession of Hannah Grace Poster Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Sony Pictures has released a new poster for The Possession of Hannah Grace which promises that death is only the beginning.
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