Archive for October 22, 2018

Replicas Poster Brings Keanu Reeves Back to the World of Sci-Fi

The first trailer for Replicas premiered a year ago, and still does not have an official release date.

Monster Party Trailer Invites You to One Killer Dinner

RLJE Films has released the first trailer for Monster Party, which looks like The Purge taking place at a fancy dinner party.

Reign of the Supermen Trailer: Earth Needs Its Man of Steel

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for Reign of the Supermen, which sees a world trying to recover after the Man of Steel has died.

Halloween Features Jamie Lee Curtis in Surprise Second Role

Director David Gordon Green reveals the unexpected second role Jamie Lee Curtis plays in the new Halloween, in addition to Laurie Strode.

Six Billion Dollar Man Gets Wiped Off Warner Bros.’ Release Slate

The Six Billion Dollar Man movie has been pulled from the Warner Bros. release schedule.
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