Archive for October 28, 2018

Clever Infinity War Halloween Decoration Is Bumming Out MCU Fans

A heartbreaking and hilarious Infinity War Halloween display is almost too perfect, depending on your outlook.

Poltergeist Maze Is the Scariest Halloween Horror Nights Attraction Yet

Universal brings the haunted house classic Poltergeist screaming to life with an almost too-perfect new maze that will give you nightmares.

You’ll Dig This Spooky New Pet Sematary Poster

Stephen King's Pet Sematary is getting another big screen adaptation that promises to be even creepier than the original.

Caddyshack Fest Is Coming from the Creators of Lebowski Fest

Will Russell, cofounder of Lebowski Fest, is setting up another annual festival to honor the cult-favorite comedy Caddyshack in Kentucky.

James Cameron Thinks Blomkamp’s Alien 5 Is a Great Idea Says Sigourney Weaver

Neill Blomkamp planned to bring back Sigourney Weaver in his scrapped Aliens sequel, and even James Cameron wanted it to see it.
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