Archive for October 29, 2018

Live-Action Fallout 76 Trailer Brings the Wasteland to Life

Bethesda Game Studios has released an awesome live-action trailer for Fallout 76, making it look like a fun and light-hearted place to be.

Almost 60% of All Movies Since 1968 Have Been R-Rated

The MPAA has released the results of a new study, revealing that nearly 60 percent of all movies over the last 50 years have been given an R-rating.

Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste, Dead Alive, & Meet the Feebles Will Get 4K Restorations

Peter Jackson and his team are currently in the process of doing 4K transfers of some of the director's most beloved horror/comedy movies.

Katherine Langford Imagined as Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye in Avengers 4 Fan Art

Marvel Studios has not revealed who Katherine Langford is playing in Avengers 4, so fans have been left to speculate.

Canceled Boba Fett Movie Included Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunters

The recently scrapped Boba Fett movie would have reportedly featured characters like Bossk and IG-88 from The Empire Strikes Back.
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