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Critters or Ghoulies Could Get Rebooted by Halloween Director David Gordon Green

David Gordon Green admits that he would like to get in on other classic 1980s horror franchises.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Secret Cameos Reveal One Big Surprise

There's a lot more going on in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse than originally thought, as new voice cameos are revealed.

Angel Has Fallen Finally Gets a Release Date

Angel Has Fallen will reportedly be the final movie in the Has Fallen franchise, and Gerard Butler wants to go out with a bang.

Amanda Bynes Reveals the Horrible Experiences That Made Her Quit Acting

Amanda Bynes is ready to return to the big screen after falling out of the limelight over the past decade due to some erratic drug-fueled behavior.

James Cameron & Tom Cruise Almost Made a Movie in Space

Tom Cruise was willing to train as an engineer to prepare for his role in James Cameron's space movie, which was really going to be filmed in outer space.
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