Archive for December 3, 2018

Bumblebee Finds His Voice in Maze Runner Star Dylan O’Brien

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura reveals that Dylan O'Brien voices the titular character in Bumblebee, an important turn in the Transformers franchise.

Avengers 4 Prelude Comic Sneak Peek Has Arrived

Marvel is getting ready to set the stage for Avengers 4 with the new three-issue Prelude comic book.

Every Friday the 13th Movie Ranked

Jason Voorhees has starred in a ton of Friday the 13th movies. We're letting you know how they stack up.

Shang-Chi Will Be Marvel’s First Asian-Led Superhero Movie Franchise

Marvel Studios is moving forward with a Shan-Chi movie from Wonder Woman 1984 co-writer Dave Callaham.

5 R.L. Stine Books to Make Your Holiday Scream with Cheer

Revisiting R.L. Stine's Christmas-themed treats for the holidays.
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