Archive for December 9, 2018

Post-Murder Menendez Brothers Discovered in 90s Knicks Basketball Trading Card

The brothers are seen courtside after killing their entertainment industry parents and before getting arrested by authorities.

DJ Jazzy Jeff Uploads Hi-Res Nightmare on My Street Music Video

A high-quality version of the 1988 music video based on A Nightmare on Elm Street has been uploaded to YouTube.

First Official Far from Home Image Shows Spider-Man’s Stealth Suit

Peter Parker has been spotted in the stealth suit in the first photo from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Early Bumblebee Reviews Call It the Best Transformers Movie Yet

The early reviews for Bumblebee have started to come in and nearly all of them are heaping praise on the movie.

Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer Description Arrives from CCPX, Teasing Mysterio

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home premiered at Brazil Comic-Con, but sadly has not appeared online yet.
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