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Michael Gross Will Return as Burt Gummer in Tremors 7

Tremors franchise mainstay Michael Gross will return once again to the role of Burt Gummer for Universal's upcoming Tremors 7.

Mortal Engines Review #2: A Clever Concept Is Poorly Executed

While Mortal Engines is visually gorgeous, the narrative feels inept, poorly written, and overly convenient.

From Tim Allen to Kurt Russell, Which Santa Actor Is the Best?

A number of iconic Santa Claus actors have graced the silver screen but which one is the best?

Darth Vader’s Big Rogue One Scene Gets Animated in New Star Wars Short

The latest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures short reimagines the epic Darth Vader scene from the end of Rogue One.

The Mule Review: Clint Eastwood’s Latest Is Tied Together Like an Imperfect Ribbon

Despite a great build-up, Clint Eastwood's The Mule ends up being quite mediocre.
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