Archive for December 15, 2018

Joker’s Dark Knight Pencil Trick Secret Finally Revealed

Cast and crew members get to the bottom of one of the most debated scenes in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

Benicio Del Toro Is Thieving Fox Villain Swiper in Dora the Explorer Movie

Dora the Explorer will include the franchise's most notorious villain with Benicio del Toro providing the voice.

Does Nick Fury Quantum Pager Theory Explain Captain Marvel’s Absence in the MCU?

A new theory suggests Carol Danvers might exist in a separate timeline than the rest of the Avengers in Infinity War.

Sondra Locke, Oscar Nominated Actress, Dies at 74

Oscar nominated actress Sondra Locke has passed away in her home after succumbing to breast and bone cancer.

Stan Lee Gets a Heartfelt Tribute in Once Upon a Deadpool

Even the Merc with a Mouth had to get sentimental in remembering Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee in Once Upon a Deadpool.
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