Archive for December 29, 2018

Marvel Studios Boss Hypes Longform MCU Storytelling for Disney+ Streaming

Kevin Feige sheds some light on what Marvel and Disney have planned for their new shows that are coming to the streaming platform.

Aquaman Swims Past Justice League at the Worldwide Box Office

James Wan's Aquaman has been making a killing at the box office, giving the DCEU a much needed hit.

Netflix Stops Calling Thanos a Sociopath Due to Escalating Fan Backlash

Some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans did not like the fact that Netflix called Thanos an intergalactic sociopath.

Ripley’s Return in The Predator Alternate Ending Revealed

Now that The Predator is out on Blu-ray, a lot of information has been provided as to what could have been.

Star Wars 9 Is Getting Even Weirder with Its Stormtrooper Cameos

J.J. Abrams has lined up another famous Stormtrooper cameo in Star Wars 9 but there's a chance it will just get cut anyway.
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