Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has easily become one of the most successful video games to date. Since its 2012 release, it has continued to be a fan-favorite and has spread across numerous platforms. Six years later, it's still being remastered to look better on the PC and has been brought to the Nintendo Switch. Though fans wait anxiously for Elder Scrolls VI, they still adore the last installment. A lot of that has to do with the diverse, beautiful, and vast world that was created in this corner of Tamriel.

To this day, fans still discuss new things they've found across Skyrim or old favorites they've revisited. From the characters to locations and even items, the world is still tremendously fresh. One of the few complaints is the wonky battling system, which is why it's become vital for fans to pick the most powerful and optimal weapons. After all, if the battling isn't always smooth, players need good weapons to make up the difference. However, there's a fair amount of weapons that fans carry way too long or use a little too often. However, in the massive world of Skyrim, they simply don't meet the cut. Thankfully, there are other weapons that Skyrim fans can pick up instead.

With that said, here are the 10 Worthless Skyrim Weapons That Everyone Uses (And 15 That Are Way Better).

25 Worthless: Axe of Whiterun

When following Skyrim's main mission, the player is told to warn the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragons. After slaying the scaly beast on the edge of the hold, the leader is eager to dub the Dragonborn Thane of Whiterun. With the title comes the Axe of Whiterun, a two-handed battle-axe that does shock damage.

This weapon is the first named and enchanted weapon a player will get. However, that doesn't mean that they should hang on to it for long. Two-handed weapons are often very slow and don't deal enough damage to be worth using. As soon as players obtain a better weapon, it's a good idea to sell the Axe of Whiterun and fill your inventory with more useful items.

24 Way Better: Mace of Molag Bal

The Daedric Princes are known for their impressive artifacts, but the Mace of Molag Bal is easily one of the best. Maces are already strong weapons, since they are able to pierce through armor and are one-handed. Molag Bal's artifact is even better because it deals direct damage to an enemy's stamina and magicka. Furthermore, if an enemy is slain within three seconds, their soul will fill a soul gem.

It gets even better, however, considering that the Mace of Molag Bal is retrievable fairly early into the game. All a player has to do is slay a lot of people, some of which might not deserve it. Molag Bal is the prince of domination and enslavement, after all.

23 Way Better: Windshear

Skyrim has a lot of hidden locations, items, and the like. Windshear is one such weapon that can be difficult to locate. This powerful sword is stabbed into the extended beam of a boat. It's easy to miss if a player isn't looking for it. The boat, called The Katariah, is boarded during the mission "Hail Sithis!" from the Dark Brotherhood.

Windchear is special because not only is it strong, but also because it staggers foes, which comes in handy. The sword is extremely strong since block-bashing has a chance to knock down and paralyze an enemy for a little bit of time. For Dragonborns who believe in the power of crowd control, this weapon takes the cake.

22 Worthless: Forsworn/Falmer Arrows

Any archer in Skyrim knows that the most frustrating part of the beginning of the game involves collecting arrows. Not only does the Dragonborn start off without any money, but they also don't have any archery skills yet, so direct hits can be a challenge. Arrows are key to becoming a skilled archer. Because of this, early archers tend to pick up any and all arrows they find and use them.

The downside of this, though, is that some arrows are worse than the basic iron arrows that players can come across at the beginning of the game. The Dragonborn runs into a lot of Forsworn and Falmer during their travels. Though these enemies tend to have a lot of arrows, these arrows are actually some of the worst in the game.

21 Way Better: Zephyr

At first glance, Zephyr may not appear to be a very good bow. Its base damage is only 14. However, its attack speed is 30% faster than the average bow. Also, because the enchantment is innate, it doesn't need soul gems for fuel. The bow is basically a machine gun, or the closest thing Skyrim will ever have to one.

Fans can kind this impressive Dwarven bow in the Dwemer Ruin of Arkngthamz. Compared to all of the worthless junk that the Dragonborn picks up during their travels, Zephyr is a diamond in the rough. It's a weapon very fitting for a long, sprawling Dwarven trek.

20 Worthless: Dragon Priest Dagger

When the player meets their first Dragon Priest, the fight can be intimidating and a little frightening. However, as the game goes on, the priests become less horrifying and more like Pokémon. After all, the Dragonborn just has to get all of those masks.

One thing that remains important, however, are their weapons. It's hard not to be mystified by the items they drop, and the Dragon Priest Dagger is no exception. After all, nearly all of the weapons they carry look awesome. Unfortunately, though, compared to other daggers, the Dragon Priest Dragger simply doesn't measure up. Compared to ebony, glass, or even Dwarven daggers, they do less damage and weigh more. Because of this, they're pretty worthless.

19 Way Better: Chillrend

Understandably, some of the coolest weapons in Skyrim are pretty icy. After all, enchanted items that do elemental or status damage work very effectively against enemies. One of the coolest blades in the game is Chillrend. This weapon, like in Oblivion, is in the possession of the Thieves Guild.

As a powerful glass sword with a permanent ice enchantment, it can be obtained as early as level one. The sword is so cold, in fact, that it also has the chance to paralyze an enemy for two seconds. Luckily for the Dragonborn who obtains the weapon early, they can upgrade it at any grindstone.

18 Way Better: Dawnbreaker

While Daedric Princes tend to sound scary and intimidating, not all of them are. For example, Meridia is the Lady of Infinite Energies. She protects and communicates with all life, and only has a deep hatred for all things in the grave.

Her artifact, Dawnbreaker, is an excessively powerful weapon with boosted fire stats. It does extra damage to the zombie creatures of Skyrim. For example, when slaying a Draugr or ghost, there's a chance that these enemies could explode in a fiery blaze and damage all nearby zombies, too. A player can earn this blade by completing the quest "Break of Dawn" for Prince Meridia.

17 Worthless: Blades Sword

This one-handed sword looks impressive at first glance, especially since it looks like a katana. Any player who wants to look cool will probably instantly seek the Blades Sword. However, the base blade itself is not anything special. In fact, the Blades Sword is actually pretty worthless.

While some of its variations are extremely powerful weapons, the average version can only be found in certain places on the map and cannot be crafted. It can be upgraded at a grindstone, though. However, the several unique versions of the blade are so much better that the basic one isn't worthwhile. After all, there are definitely better options when it comes to upgrading basic swords.

16 Way Better: Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

The Dawnguard DLC added a lot of great content to Skyrim, including many impressive and powerful weapons. One of the strongest is easily the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow. In the DLC, players can learn how to craft crossbows. They can also improve these crossbows by finding special schematics.

The Dwarven Crossbow is already powerful, as it is able to do the most damage to enemies. However, when upgraded to enhanced, the weapon can impact 50% of armor, making it even more dangerous. Crossbows may be slower than bows, but with all these upgrades and perks, they can definitely be more effective against enemies.

15 Worthless: Wuuthrad

During the main mission of Skyrim, the Dragonborn is quickly ushered towards Whiterun. There, the player can participate in many missions. One of the most interesting is Skyrim's version of The Fighter's Guild, The Companions. There's just one catch: these fighters are all werewolves.

After many missions with these canine heroes, the Dragonborn eventually discovers the tomb of the first Companion, Ysgramor, and a possible cure for lycanthropy. The reward for finishing this mission is Wuuthrad, Ysgramor's battle-axe. Though the axe does extra damage to elves, it is not special. The axe may be one of the first big weapon rewards that the player gets, but it's not really worth using.

14 Way better: Auriel's Bow

Auri-El is the elven variant of Akatosh, an important god of Tamriel. There are many legendary stories of the hero. The one most important one cam be discovered in the Dawnguard DLC. It is a tale of war, woe, and a great bow Auri-El took into battle.

Much like Meridia's Dawnbreaker, Auriel's Bow does fiery sun damage and extra damage against zombies. As far as bows go, it's said to have no equal in all of Tamriel. Even better, the bow can be upgraded with refined moonstone to become even stronger. Any archer would do well to use this bow often, as it deals a lot of elemental and spiritual damage.

13 Way Better: Dawnguard Rune Axe

As a special weapon of the Dawnguard, the Dawnguard Rune Axe does increased sun damage. For each zombie creature it slays, it deals more and more sun damage and thus becomes more powerful. Though this power does not reset, it does eventually cap off. Because of this, it is definitely a weapon that the Dragonborn should get their hands on.

This special axe is found during the Dawnguard DLC quest "Lost Relic".  It can be upgraded at a grindstone. In a world full of vampires, draugrs, and things that can be set on fire, the Dawnguard Rune Axe comes in handy.

12 Worthless: The Shiv

There are several opportunities in Skyrim for the Dragonborn to end up in jail. There, the player looses all of their items and must become very well acquainted with the only weapon available: the shiv. In such a dire situation, it can become the only option for freedom.

Because of this, fans can sometimes get attached to the crude, sharp stick of metal. However, without mods, which can add in things like the Shiv of Destiny, shivs are pretty useless. Though some players find it amusing to stab the citizens of Tamriel with shivs, in the grand scheme of things, these pointy sticks are absolutely worthless.

11 Way Better: Daedric Warhammer

Though two-handed weapons are some of the slowest and least efficient weapons in all of Skyrim, there are some so powerful that their delayed speed doesn't matter. One of those special, powerful weapons is easily the Daedric Warhammer.

Unlike many other extraordinary tools of destruction, the Daedric Warhammer is a craftable item. A player can create them in their own forge. With ugrades and enchantments, this item can become even more powerful. In the right hands, it can easily destroy a lot of enemies in the game. For any fan of two-handed weapons, the Daedric Warhammer is a must-have.

10 Worthless: All Iron Weapons

Early on in Skyrim, the most common type of weapon that players come across into are of the iron variety. However, when the Dragonborn quest begins, these weapons become obsolete and useless almost immediately. Pretty soon into the game, players are able to craft far superior steel items. This is when the Dragonborn should leave iron weapons in the dust.

Furthermore, early enemies drop a lot of iron loot, which is a shame, since players who travel to Riverwood and use forge there will already have far superior weapons. Because of their low stats, iron weapons are absolutely worthless.

9 Way Better: Ebony Blade

Hidden under the Dragonsreach is an eerie, sinister door. The quest to find the door isn't available until the player reaches level 20 and defeats their first dragon. Jarl Balgruuf's son, Nelkir, has become enthralled with this whispering door.

If the player enters the door, they will encounter Mephala, a Daedric prince, who will offer the Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade can become very powerful, but it only becomes more powerful if the Dragonborn uses it to defeat friendly NPCs. After defeating the tenth friendly NPC, it will reach its full potential. This blade absorbs health once it's fully charged, making it a powerful weapon. However, it comes with a cost.

8 Way Better: Dragonbane

In a game where the main quest involves fighting dragons, a blade that specifically hurts dragons is pretty useful. During a mission with the Blades, the Dragonborn will encounter a sword called Dragonbane. This sword does a lot of shock damage, but more importantly, it does 20-40 extra points of damage against dragons.

During an average battle, Dragonbane is also a relatively good sword. However, it is most effective against dragons. There's no need for the Dragonborn to use any other weapon against the scaly beasts. In the dragon-ridden Skyrim, it's one of the most useful swords. Dragonbane also can be upgraded as needed.

7 Wothless: Wabbajack

At first glance, Sheogorath's Daedric Artifact, the Wabbajack, is fantastic. Though its attacks are random, it is powerful enough to take out many of the Dragonborn's enemies. The staff can spice up any battle. However, after further use, the staff become more and more useless.

The Wabbajack can shoot fireballs, transform the enemy into a weak creature, paralyze an enemy, or decapitate an enemy. However, it can also reanimate an enemy with twice its original health, heal the enemy, or do absolutely nothing. Though it may be fun to use, the Wabbajack is effectively worthless when it comes to consistent damage.

6 Way Better: Blade of Woe

The Dark Brotherhood is one of the most fascinating guilds in all of Tamriel. While fans have mixed feelings about unceremoniously burning most of the Brotherhood to the ground in Skyrim, the Dragonborn gets the awesome Blade of Woe out of it. This dagger is given to the player by Astrid, the Skyrim Brotherhood's leader, as she is passing on.

This blade not only absorbs health, but it also has an exceptional damage to weight ratio. It also can be upgraded at the forge fairly easily. Though, ironically, the player has to go through a lot of woe to obtain it, the Blade of Woe is a useful dagger to wield.

5 Worthless: Harkon's Sword

If the Dragonborn has chosen to side with the Dawnguard in the Dawnguard DLC, the final mission involves facing off against the big vampire bad himself, Harkon. Harkon is powerful and dangerous, and the player must fight him in his strongest form. When defeated, Harkon will drop Harkon's Sword, a powerful blade that absorbs health, stamina, and magicka. However, there's a catch: the weilder must be a vampire.

Ignoring the fact that this goes against all of the principles of the Dawnguard, not many players have chosen to become vampires since they are shunned and put in constant danger. Though the sword is powerful, it's worthless when considering the hoops that the Dragonborn would have to go through to use it.

4 Way Better: Staff of Magnus

Using swords and daggers isn't for every Dragonborn. Those who prefer to use magic will want to set their sights on the Staff of Magnus. While there are a lot of interesting staffs in the game, the Staff of Magnus is easily the most powerful.

This staff can buff up a mage since it absorbs magicka from an enemy. If the foe is out of magicka, it will then absorb their health. It is the ultimate weapon that makes a Dragonborn who is interested in magic extremely powerful. The Staff of Magnus can be found in Winterhold after completing quests for the College of Winterhold.

3 Way Better: Mehrune's Razor

Mehrune's Razor has many names, such as The Dagger of The Final Wounds, Bane of The Righteous, and Kingslayer. Understandably, this is the artifact of the Daedric prince, Mehrunes Dagon. The dagger can be upgraded and is extremely lightweight, but the real reason to obtain it is due to its enchantment. It has a very slim chance of slaying any enemy instantly. Only two individuals, Miraak and Karstaag, are immune to this enchantment.

While other daggers might do more damage, it's hard to beat such a lightweight weapon with this absurdly unique and powerful enchantment. The Dragonborn can earn the dagger from the quest "Pieces of the Past" if they make the right choice.

2 Worthless: Knife and Fork

The most iconic, and most useless, weapons in Skyrim are easily the knife and fork. Players can discover weak weapons in many places in Tamriel, but most commonly, they can be found in Riften. Regardless of whether they're used separately or together, they both do very little damage.

However, this hasn't stop some fans from finding these weapons and using them whenever they can. Fights with the fork and/or knife tend to last an absurd amount of time. After all, the more powerful the Dragonborn becomes, the harder and longer the fights are.  These pieces of cutlery are absolutely worthless.

1 Way Better: Soulrender and Bloodscythe

Once upon a time, Soulrender and Bloodscythe were the weapons of the legendary pirate king, Haknir Death-Brand. When it came time for him to pass on, he cursed the blades and buried them in his tomb. However, he clearly didn't hide them well enough, as the Dragonborn can obtain them quite easily.

The blades can only be discovered in the Dragonborn DLC. Both blades are enchanted scimitars. Soulrender absorbs magicka and decreases magical defenses, while Bloodscythe absorbs health and decreases armor. However, they can only do this when they are used together.


Did we miss any worthless or powerful Skyrim weapons? Let us know in the comments!