Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back, and with Season 6 possibly being the last time we taste the infinite wisdom on Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti, let us reflect back on some of our favorite Gina Linetti moments.  While the only member of this ensemble cast that not actually a cop, Gina has bailed people like Jake and Captain Holt out on more than one occasion. What will the precinct be without the irreplaceable Gina Linetti? There are golden Gina-Nuggets in every episode, but here are ten of our favorites.

10. The ‘100’ Emoji - S:03, E:01

Captain Holt and Gina are attempting to adjust to their new roles in the Public Relations Department. Holt is annoyed with his co-workers, who have spent weeks debating the name of the department's pet, a pigeon costume. Madeline Wuntch asks the team for a status update and they say they’ve narrowed it down to “Petey or Paulie”. Gina interjects and introduces herself in the only way she knows how, by saying, “With all due respect, that Pigeon is clearly a Ray-Jay. Hi, Gina Linetti, the human form of the 100 Emoji.”

9. Challenged Britney Spears to a Dance Off (Hypothetically) - S:03, E:14

Holt decides to organize a team-building exercise to boost morale, but most of the squad has other plans. Trying to drum up support for his exercise, Holt asks Gina if she is excited. Gina argues that it would be far more effective for the squad to go to Vegas, and they each also get $5,000. Holt immediately shuts it down, but Gina is dreaming. “I would spend my $5,000 to buy backstage passes to Britney, and then I'd ask her one question: You think you're a better dancer than me?”

8. Cashing In Favors - S:02, E:13

Terry asks Jake to settle his debt. After a little investigation, Terry reveals to Jake that his wife is expecting another baby and he needs the money to cover the costs. Jake decides to give him money and asks to be the child's godfather, to which Terry says he will consider if he keeps silent about the secret for a month. Naturally, the other detectives begin to suspect Terry's and Jake's behavior, so Jake decides to pay them back by settling their debts and doing favors for them. One of the debts Jake owes is to Gina, who makes Jake call people and tell them Gina was dead, just to see how they'd react. The scene cuts to Jake on the phone and Gina asks of the person on the other end is crying. When Jake replies, “A little”, Gina takes the phone from Jake and yells, “You should be wailing, you stone cold bitch.” Before hanging up and telling Jake, “Now call my other grandma.”

7. Consequence Free - S:04, E:07

Due to a lack of turkeys in the market, the crew are forced to get a live turkey, which Boyle agrees to behead. After Rosa and Gina fight to keep it alive, the turkey turns aggressive and locks them on the bathroom. While they argue about who should go out and take care of the situations, Terry suggests Gina should do it because she’s the one who set the turkey free. Gina replies, “How was I supposed to know there'd be consequences for my actions?”

6. Gina’s Side-Hustle - S:01, E05

Jake and the gang find their major cases being snatched by Keith Pembroke, who is known to the Nine-Nine as “The Vulture’. They head to a bar where they discuss what to do with The Vulture in revenge. After shooting down ideas like “stealing a kidney” and “leaving a dead cat in his cedar closet”, they settle on wrapping his motorcycle with plastic wrap and shrinking it with a hairdryer. Jake incorrectly assumes Amy or Rosa have a hairdryer and calls Gina, who answers her phone, “Gina's authentic stolen police badges. How can I help?” After Jake asks about a hairdryer, Gina replies, “Of course. I'm not an animal.”

5. Born For Politics - S:01, E:17

Captain Holt is set to organize a meeting for his organization, the African-American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policeman's Association (A.A.G.L.N.Y.C.P.A.), which he founded 25 years ago and is competing with Brian Jensen as President. Gina makes the case that she should be Holt’s campaign manager, saying, “I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying.”

4. “How Am I Not A Cop?” - S:05, E:12

The crew are trying to find a way to get the girlfriend of a crime boss to talk to the police, but it’s proving troublesome so they entertain the idea of sending someone undercover who can get her to gossip. Gina volunteers herself, calling herself a gossip surgeon that can get anything out of anyone. Terry shuts it down for the obvious reason that she’s not a cop. Gina replies, “How am I not a cop, Terry? 'Cause I don't have a badge? Being a cop is a state of mind.”

3. Gina Linetti State Of Mind - S:04, E:03

While still wanted by the police, Jake and Holt seek shelter in the storage unit, although Holt accidentally gets a pine impaled on his leg. Meanwhile, The squad decides to ignore C.J.'s order and go to Florida in a minivan. After Holt performs a self-surgery on his leg, and the squad arrivat to the storage unit. They find a way to lure Figgis out but convince Holt to remain with Gina in the storage unit. Refusing to stay out of the action, Holt and Gina both pilot a semi-trailer truck to the rescue. Afterwards, Terry apologizes to Holt to doubting him. Holt rebukes, saying that Gina was the real hero. Gina replies, “But isn't Gina Linetti more of a state of mind? Like, in a way, we were all Gina Linetti today.”

2. Businessmen - S:03, E:16

Amy and Gina help Rosa fight her fear of needles by fighting their own fears. Amy's agrees to fight her claustrophobia and Gina's confronts her fear of businessmen. To do this, Gina says, “I must walk among them. I will shake their clammy hands and listen to them talk about things like how hard Wednesdays can be.”

1. “Let’s Fry These Bitches!” - S:03, E:10

While Jake tries to find a Christmas gift for Amy, Boyle arrives with gifts for the staff, and Jake realizes he forgot Boyle's gift. He then asks Gina's help in finding a gift for him. However, they're joined by Boyle, with Jake telling him the gift is for Amy. While in the store, they find that thugs are in the middle of a robbery and put a hostage situation. Jake excitedly seizes this as an opportunity to make a real life version of Die Hard, but then realize they don’t have any guns. Gina replies, “We don't need guns. I have a lighter, okay? We get some hairspray, make some flamethrowers. Let's fry these bitches!” Jake turns her down, but at the episode’s conclusion, Gina finally gets her wish.

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