Veep Season 5

After a two-year hiatus, Veep is finally coming back to HBO. If you haven’t watched it yet, the political satire is absolutely worth checking out; mainly in part of its outlandish, self-centered characters. We took a look at some of those same outlandish characters, and since we couldn’t tell you exactly what’s wrong with them, decided to figure out where they fit on the Myers-Briggs® personality type list. Watch the show if you haven’t already, and once you have, check out this list of Veep characters by Myers-Briggs® personality type.

10. INTP - Kent Davison

On more than one occasion, the characters on Veep refer to Kent as a robot. Though they're just being characteristically rude, they're not entirely wrong. Kent fits the idea of an "objective analyst" almost to an extreme. Like other INTPs, he can be detached from others in order to take in information. He is obsessed with data and having all the facts. Kent treats everyone and every situation as a thing to be studied, recorded, and reported on. Though few INTPs go to this extreme, it's INTP qualities that Kent's exhibiting through his actions. But don't worry INTPs, nobody thinks you're at Kent's level.

Well, maybe some people.

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9. ISFP - Gary Walsh

Poor Gary Walsh is just trying to help. He is consistently berated and under-appreciated, especially by the woman he loves most. No, that's not his girlfriend. It's his boss, Selina Meyer. Gary, like other ISFPs, has an incredible capacity for supporting others in varied ways. He's like a human Swiss Army knife, always helpful but with a lot of different things. Like the bag that he carries, Gary's brain is a necessary tool for those he helps, even though they might not recognize it. He's also compassionate like other ISFPs. In fact, he may be one of the most compassionate people on the show. It's just that that compassion is solely focused on one woman.

Again, not his significant other.

8. ESFP - Catherine Meyer

Selina's daughter is, in true ESFP fashion, a sensitive soul. She is artistic like other ESFPs, with her creative spirit manifesting in dance, painting, and even documentary filmmaking. But that's not to say that Catherine only contains the positive elements of ESFPs. She can also be inconsiderate of others, and too sensitive around other people. And though it speaks to her adaptability that she's constantly changing identities, this can also reflect a lack of commitment. Still, Catherine's relationship with former presidential bodyguard Marjorie Palmiotti has turned her far more responsible. Unlike her mother, Catherine may actually evolve past some of her less desirable qualities.

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7. ESTJ - Dan Egan

You can count on ESTJs to always have a network of contacts on hand. If this describes any character on Veep, it's got to be Dan Egan. Dan, like other ESTJs, is outgoing and very sociable. He is highly goal-oriented and self-assured. However, it's these same qualities that make him one of the biggest jerks on the show. That network of contacts he has is extensive, but it's usually populated with people he's willing to backstab and step on to get what he wants. He really is goal-oriented, but it's to a dangerous point; Dan doesn't care what the cost is for others as long as he gets his way. And as far as self-assurance goes, well, Dan isn't going to run out anytime soon. Despite the fact that he could probably use a lot less.

6. ESFJ - Mike McLintock

Mike is probably the most extroverted person on this list. He genuinely loves being around even his jerky co-workers and feels charged and pleased by interactions with them. ESFJs, to be fair, are usually pretty understanding. They can enjoy people in large group settings, even if those people aren't the nicest to be around. This is probably, in part, due to the fact that ESFJs have such a zest for life. Why focus on the negativity, they figure; even if there's a White-House-load of it constantly around you.

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5. ISFJ - Sue Wilson

In a world of borderline psychotics, Sue Wilson is a grounded, individual person. She keeps a cool head amidst the most heated situations, and she practically approaches even the most impractical of people. And if you are or know an ISFJ, you'd see why. ISFJs like Sue are all about common sense. They have a high tolerance for stress and complex problems because they approach them with a cool attitude and the belief that, if things are organized, problems can be overcome. Just don't expect them to be the most open people in the world. I mean, we found out Sue was married in, what, season four?

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4. ENFJ - Tom James

Look, there aren't a ton of "good guys" on Veep, and that's kind of the point of the show. However, there is Tom James. Though not the most stereotypical hero of a series, Tom is just about the closest thing you can get to having a decent human being on this show. That's partially because Tom exhibits authentic graciousness and an emphasis on workplace harmonies. (All ENFJ qualities, by the way.) But it's also because of Tom's ENFJ charm. Tom walks and talks like a leader. Not only does he get people to like him in the show, but he has us liking him as an audience. Even when we see him exhibit some Selina-like qualities, it's hard not to root for that silver fox. Plus, we saw him do a lot worse as a doctor.

3. INTJ - Amy Brookheimer

INTJs can actually enjoy problems. Maybe not enjoy having them, per se, but at least enjoy breaking them down and overcoming them. That's definitely the case with Amy Brookheimer. Selina Meyer's right-hand man is a fiercely knowledgeable, aggressive worker in the world of Washington DC. Complex problems are her bread and butter; not only do we see her handle them well, but in some cases, we actually see her missing them when they're not around. Amy also has the ability to think extremely long term, another INTJ trait that helps many of that personality type in their careers. Amy is a fascinating character to watch. She's constantly stressed out by her job, and at the same time, she's stressed out by things that aren't it.

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2. ENTP - Jonah Ryan

There are few characters on TV as easily loathable as Jonah Ryan. He's definitely more hatable than King Geoffrey, and just about tied with the Demodog that kills Bob. And not to offend other ENTPs, but it's extreme examples of their qualities that make him so. Jonah is constantly looking for an easy way to the top, which in other ENTPs, would manifest as an ability to spot an opportunity. Where other ENTPs aren't afraid to speak their minds, Jonah does this entirely too much, and often about things he doesn't understand. Finally, ENTPs bring energy to any situation, and Jonah is full of energy. But where typical ENTPs' energy can charge others up, Jonah's is more likely to overload them.

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1. ENFP - Selina Meyer

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep Season 6

Selina Meyer is one of the best-written characters on TV. She is at once lovable and unlikable, inhumanly selfish but fiercely driven. You never know if you're supposed to be rooting for her character or not, which is what makes the show just so endlessly watchable. Selina exhibits the best and worst qualities of an ENFP. She can motivate people to do something, or manipulate them. She can be very perceptive towards some people, and entirely ignore the problems of others. She's self-aware when it comes to her image, but not when it comes to when she's hurting others. These qualities make Selina a true-blue ENFP, but that's hardly the point of Veep. The point of Veep is, ironically, that she's hard to categorize. Good, bad, smart, dumb, she's all of these things and none at the same time. She's just a person. She's a person that happens to have the most power in the world.

Which other Veep characters deserve the Myers-Briggs® treatment? Are there any of your favorites that we left off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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