Video games are more popular now than ever before, but while gamers love to launch into their favorite title, things do not always go as expected. Since video games are so complicated and complex to create, there are often glitches or errors that can pop up within them. Sometimes they are so bad that it sours gamers from that title for life, while other times the glitches are so funny and entertaining that the video game company leaves them in as something that eagle-eyed fans can discover when they do something right.

Over the years, there have been many different bugs and glitches that have popped up in video games, many of which were patched and corrected and only a few people select people had a chance to experience. Many of these errors and glitches were complete accidents, a result of something that slipped by in the endless lines of code, but a select few were actually put into the game on purpose as Easter eggs for fans. What's even more interesting than finding a glitch in a video game is learning why it was there to begin with and discovering the full story behind what happened to cause these errors to occur.

With that said, here are the 20 Mistakes In Video Games Players Completely Missed.


Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was released in 2007 as a first-person shooter that allowed gamers to move around more freely in a large expansive environment. The goal was to survive the threat of the Combine and other hostile alien creatures. As with most first-person shooters, it is a good idea to hit the enemy before it can attack first.

However, some gamers found a dumpster that had loud banging noises coming from inside. It was a head-crab zombie and gamers were smart enough to toss in a grenade to take it out quick and easy. However, when a player would toss in a grenade, it would fly back out. On the in-game commentary track, programmer Kerry Davis said that this was originally an accident during production and they thought it was funny so they programmed it into the final version of the game.


When it comes to the Nintendo gaming systems, the platform's success has always been about home-grown franchises like Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda. One of the most popular games of the later franchise was The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. However, as popular and as critically praised as it was, there were some minor bugs throughout the game.

One might think that when Grezzo planned to remake the game for the Nintendo 3DS gaming system they would fix all those old bugs. However, according to programmer Shun Moriya, that was never part of the plan. The developers who played the game in the past believed that some of the bugs -- the ones that didn't hinder gameplay -- should stay, so they kept them in the game. These are fun to find and include accessing blocked off areas by going through walls.


Sometimes a glitch is not an accident -- at least not the second time the same error appears in a specific franchise. That is the case with Telltale's Jurassic Park: The Game. In this game, there is what appears to be a mistake when the characters pass by a security video screen. However, take a close look and there is a media player playback bar at the bottom of the video monitor, making it look like the developers accidentally forgot to remove it after adding it to the game.

That isn't the case, though. In this situation, the developers added the playback bar on purpose in order to pay homage to the original movie. In the Steven Spielberg movie, the editors accidentally left in the playback bar on the screen during a video call that Dennis Nedry was having. This mistake from the movie and was added to the video game as a great Easter egg.


There was a level in Portal that had a glitch that allowed players to escape it in mere seconds. While that seemed like some kind of error, there were some clues that it was actually added to the level on purpose. It was a mixture, in this case, as it was an accident that was left in by the developers to reward the quickest and most precise gamers.

Basically, in Portal Test Chamber 14, with precise timing and portal placement, a player could get out of the level in seconds. This was discovered by the developers during the game's testing stages. Not only did they decide to leave it in to reward the best players, but it is also the only way to get a gold medal in that level.


In the case of Mother 3, the classic RPG game made by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2006, there is an error that many players missed out on since they had to actually move slightly up and look to the side of the screen to notice it. The good news is that this was just a mistake left in the game by the developers because they thought it was a funny idea.

The error happens when the character Mr. Saturn tells the players that he is leaving and then walks off screen. However, if players moved up slightly and looked over, he is still standing there, off the side of the screen. Shigesato Itoi, the game's writer said that he thought it would be funny to see a character walk off screen and then just stop and stand there.


There was an mistake in the very first Mortal Kombat game that happened when a player was controlling Johnny Cage. His main fatality move was to hit a huge uppercut and knock his opponent's head completely off his shoulders, decapitating him. However, there was a glitch that allowed a player to hit the fatality just right to double the move and then a second head would appear after the first was knocked off, so Cage would stand there with two decapitated heads on the floor behind him.

In Mortal Kombat II, the designers thought that the original glitch was amusing so they had a secret hidden fatality where players could have him do a triple punch, and knock three different heads off of his opponent, which ended up as one of the most popular Johnny Cage fatalities in any version of the game.


Mahatma Gandhi used peaceful nonviolent civil disobedience to help lead India to independence. His entire legacy was built on peace and living in harmony with those around him. This made his portrayal in the game series Civilization so puzzling. Fans quickly discovered a bug in the game that was not meant to appear. The error saw Gandhi eventually become so violent and aggressive throughout the game that he didn't have a problem bombing people.

Every player has an "aggressiveness score" that ranges from one for peaceful to 255 for ultra-aggressive. Gandhi is given a one but when he powers up, this accidentally raises all the way to 250, making him a madman. Thankfully, the bug was eventually fixed.


In Fallout 3, there was a glitch that caused companions to take on some interesting traits. The post-apocalyptic open-world game allowed the players to recruit companions to accompany them on their journey. However, thanks to a bug in the game, these companions were not normal. Instead, they were immune to radiation poisoning, making them basically immortal.

The reason for this was due to the timing of adding companions to the game. The developers chose to add companions late in development after the game code was already written. The developers added them the easiest way possible -- by giving them NPC traits. However, since NPCs were not affected by radiation, neither were the companions. The developers left this in since it would have been annoying for players to constantly heal companions.


Madden NFL 15 has the commentary team of former NFL quarterback Phil Simms and his broadcast partner Jim Nantz calling the action. There is no glitch in the game that effects any players or other characters appearances. However,  Nantz is clearly missing something. He is actually missing all of his skin and hair, as he is just a green face on top of his body.

This wasn't the only glitch found in the game, though. There was also a glitch that made Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey barely a foot tall in the game, although he still had full strength and speed. EA Sports realized that the mistake was there and instead of fixing it, promoted it by asking players to play as the "Tiny Titan" themselves.


Resident Evil 4 was originally released as Nintendo GameCube exclusive but it eventually ended up on other platforms as well over time. The glitch here involves the player heading to a jet ski after rescuing the leader's daughter. When the two characters then get on the jet ski, the player takes off, but the jet ski is still sitting where it started.

This ended up being a part of what was soon known as the Ditman glitch, which was named after the players who discovered the glitch by accident. To achieve this, aim the striker shotgun and enter inventory before the laser sight appears. After this, choose any other weapon and Leon will then move 1.5-times faster than the rest of the things in the game.


There was a famous glitch in Super Mario Bros. that many players started to take advantage of just for fun -- although this was an error that proved fateful to the player's games. This was called Minus World and was accessible through World 1-2 by going to the pipe by the Goal Pole. Stand on it and then duck and jump, moving right while in the air.

This should take the player right to Minus World, which looks just like World 7-2. However, the player can't finish or escape the world because the pipe is glitched and they will lose all their lives by running out of time or falling to the enemies. At that time, the level (which is actually World 36-1) will eliminate the 36 and show a player is in World -1, hence its name.


The Corrupted Blood Plague is something gamers might want to forget -- at least those who were around when it happened. This happened on September 13, 2005, in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. While it took place over just a few weeks, it sent the entire gaming world into a mass panic. A new boss called Hakkar cast a temporary hit-point draining spell that was only supposed to last seconds.

However, the spell had a glitch that allowed pets and minions to contract it and then spread it around the gaming world. Soon, both by accident as well as by the malicious intent of players who thought it was funny, the infection spread and wiped out lower level characters all over the world until a patch finally stopped the spread.


For a while, the Friday the 13th video game was an amazing experience. Players could either take on the role of Jason Vorhees or one of the kids who was running for their life to escape Jason. They then engaged in online battles for survival. However, there was a glitch that gave the kids an unfair advantage over Jason.

If players found a flare gun, they could trigger the glitch. All they had to do was fire the flare gun high into the air and then immediately pick up a melee weapon. Because the game followed the flare into the air, it miscalculated the size of the melee weapon needed and made it monstrous. The enlarged weapon did the same damage as before, but it allowed players to hit Jason from a safe distance. A patch eventually fixed this mistake.


There was a lot of excitement about the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, one major glitch in the game at the time of its release caused the game to receive bad reviews. The problem came with the xenomorphs themselves, which were creatures that were supposed to be dangerous to the marines onboard the craft.

However, despite developing the game for six years, the alien AI was non-responsive. Basically, a player could walk right by a xenomorph and it would have no idea that there was anyone there and would just keep walking by and ignoring the players, making the game extremely easy. It took years for a modder to figure out that there was one single typo in the code that caused the glitch.


Red Dead Redemption had a few glitches in the gameplay, but the most disturbing came when human characters became a little less human and transformed into hybrids of certain animals. One example is a mountain lion that attacked Mr. Marston. For some reason, it was wearing human clothes and looked like a distorted NPC in the game when some players found it.

However, that wasn't the worst of it. When a player would look into the sky, they would see something that looked like large birds flying overhead. Players could take down one of these birds with a gun but when they found where the bird landed, it was not a bird, but a person, as the glitch had turned them into some sort of manimal hybrid.


There was one mistake in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that was very obvious to gamers who knew about different languages. The game gave players multiplayer map of the city of Karachi in Pakistan. However, when that map was released, it had a major problem.

The map of Karachi has Arabic written all over it. However, Arabic is not the language of Pakistan. Pakistan has two official languages -- English and Urdu. However, for some reason, Infinity Ward seemed to think that those who lived in Pakistan spoke solely Arabic.


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was released in 2017. It is an action-shooter that takes place in the world of the new trilogy but also includes playable characters and locations from the original movies. These playable characters include Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Rey, and Palpatine, among others. However, one glitch affected one of these characters, Luke Skywalker.

Once Luke Skywalker became a full-fledged Jedi Knight, he traded in his blaster for a lightsaber. However, the game had a glitch that impacted his lightsaber, as it would not light when he activated it in the game. Though his weapon still worked, it was odd to see him swiping an unlit lightsaber at enemies and slashing down enemies with the invisible blade.


The entire purpose of the Sims games is that they allow players to create characters and start their own virtual families. Sims 4 went on sale in 2014 and was the bestselling PC game for two years, as it allowed parents to shape their children's lives as they grew up.

However, Sims 4 also took reshaping children to a whole new level, as there was a glitch that transformed toddlers into horrifying creatures. Some toddlers merged with frying pans, while others had Slenderman-like appendages that turned them into true demon babies. Gamers found they could age the babies up and avoid these horrific transformations.


One of the most entertaining parts of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was going off the grid and wandering around. However, there were a number of glitches that players could face when they did this. However, one specific glitch that involved the restaurant was more than a bit disturbing.

When heading to the restaurant, there is a way to tear through it. However, for some reason, the patrons -- who perish in the attack -- are still active. While they are slumped over at their table, they still talk to you if you bump into them and will often deliver a compliment or insult, which makes absolutely no sense but is still slightly entertaining nonetheless.


NHL 13 offered players a chance to win a Stanley Cup with their favorite team. However, there was one glitch in the game that seemed unrealistic -- even for a video game. Everyone knows that one of the best parts of hockey is the fights, but there is something called the Hercules Check that makes it impossible to fight back or defend yourself.

The Hercules Check is a hip check that the players will give to an opposing player. In the game, there times when the hip check will not cause the opposing player to fall to the ice but to instead fly into the bench or onto the runway to the locker room. In some rare instances, the player can actually fly up to eight rows into the stands.


Did you come across any of these mistakes? Are there any others that you noticed? Let us know in the comments!