The 99 are that thin blue line between chaos and peace. In fact, they lay it all on the line to protect the streets. They're all excellent cops and are great at their jobs. On the other hand, they know how to have fun. Indeed, the 99's also great at goofing off. The show has a loyal fan base. Fans know all the details about the show. As a matter of fact, they know all the little details that prove they're true fans.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fans lay it all on the line to protect the show as well. The Fox Network angered fans when they decided to cancel the show. It was the fans who were able to bring the show back but to NBC instead. The show takes a funny approach to the traditional cop show. They deal with serious crimes and minor ones too. The show is more about the cops and their lives.

True fans know all the details about the show. In fact, they could probably teach a class on it. In some cases, they follow the show from the beginning. They know all the love stories, let downs and Scully's strange moments. They don't just know all the major plots and hookups. It's not just about the big funny moments. They also keep a close eye on the tiny details. In fact, there's isn't a detail the fans miss. Turns out the fans might make good cops too.

Here are 25 Little Details Only True Fans Know About Brooklyn Nine-Nine


The 99 are loyal to each other and their station. They're all great cops alone but make an even greater team. Of course, all great teams of a chant. In the show, the team chants "Nine-Nine" to pump up. Sgt. Terry Jeffords is usually the one that shouts it out. It gets them all pumped up no matter the situation. It doesn't matter if it's a party or a crime.

However, the chant wasn't something the writers came up with. In fact, Terry Crews (Jeffords) would yell "Nine-Nine" to pump up the cast. According to Mellisa Fumero, Crews would yell the chant Monday mornings before shooting. Soon it caught on and the writers put the chant in the show.

24 melissa's pregnancy

In season 3, Amy Santiago goes undercover at a women's prison. The team's tracking a notorious drug lord and his sister's in the prison. The team's not sure if Amy can pull this off but she has the perfect cover.

She pretends to be pregnant so nobody will know she's a cop. However, the plot took inspiration from reality. In fact, Melissa Fumero (Amy) was pregnant in real life. Throughout the season, she covers it up and hides the fact. The writers added it to the finale so Melissa didn't have to cover it up.


Captain Holt is a very serious man. He doesn't joke around about his job, family or sleeping positions. Holt likes things done in certain ways. He's not a flashy man and doesn't like too much attention. He follows a strict set of rules. For instance, he believes there are only two acceptable sleeping positions.

In season 4, Holt explains the two positions. It seems like a one-off joke but Holt doesn't joke. In season 5, he sleeps in position number one, on his back with toes up and arms crossed.


In the pilot, Holt appears to be a basic tough police captain. This is nothing new to police shows but the show surprises fans. In the end, the team is in a state of shock to find out that he's gay. Well, that's until they think about it because he doesn't hide it.

In fact, he's proud to be a great cop while being true to who he is. He drops in little details as well. For instance, his binders behind his desk arrange to display the colors of the Pride Flag. Later, Gina arranges her binders in the same style.

21 AMY'S PICTURE from her social media

Jake and Amy's romance was clear from the start. In fact, the fans and Charles Boyle always knew they would end up together. They started dating and even marry. The couple is proud of their love and shows it off. In fact, on Amy's desk, she has a cute and adorable pic of them together.

In "Halloween", the picture is visible on her desk. However, the pic is actually a real-life picture of Andy Samberg and Mellisa Fumero from the set. In fact, Melissa first posted the pic to her Instagram account.


Each season features a new Halloween episode. That also means a new challenge to see who is the King/Queen of the 99. In fact, it's a tradition for the show and fans now. It all starts with the first season when Jake attempts to steal Holt's medal. Jake goes to great lengths to defeat Holt and is successful in stealing the medal from his safe.

However, fans looked closely and noticed an interesting fact about his vault. Indeed, Holt leaves his peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his safe as well. Holt takes his sandwiches very seriously.

19 the PUPPIES

In season 1, Holt's stuck with two puppies and can't get rid of them. He tries to sell them and give them away. For various reasons the puppies always end up with him. At the same time, Charles is just coming back from an injury.

The rest of the team avoids him because they don't want to hear his sad stories. In the end, Holt gives the two puppies to Charles. True fans of the show noticed the two puppies return to the show. In season 2, the puppies reappear now fully grown when Charles wants Jake to wash them.


When it comes to love Charles Boyle wasn't very lucky. In fact, he went through many heartbreaks before ending up with his wife. Now he couldn't be happier. However, there was a time when he was a constant mess.

He had his heart broken so many times he could see the signs. In fact, when Vivian breaks up with him he knows it's really over. He knows this because she gives back his dehydrator. Later, he starts seeing Gina but she ends it too. Once again, he knows it's really over because she gives him his dehydrator back.


It can sometimes take years before a show finally makes the air. The show goes through many different stages before there's any interest. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was different. In fact, it had people fighting before there was a show. The studios were fighting over the show before the completion of the script.

It created a great deal of hype and buzz. The main reason being the co-creator Micheal Schur. He worked on two famous shows with a similar style. He first worked for The Office before moving onto Parks and Recreation.


Most cops shows are thrillers and dramas. However, this show went with a comedy instead. That can be tricky to pull off. In this case, the show isn't about cops who are bad at their jobs. In fact, they're smart and great cops. Of course, that doesn't mean they can't be ridiculous in other ways.

Regardless, it was important for the cast to know what they're doing. The entire cast went through actual police training and learned how to use a weapon. This makes the show seem more real when it can often be very silly.

15 the artist of the show

The show often takes real-life elements and puts it in the show. If a cast member has a unique talent it might find it's way into the show. That's the case with Terry Crews and his ability to draw. In the show, Terry's an excellent artist.

He draws perpetrators and even creates a cartoon world for his kids. In real life, Crews is a very talented artist. In fact, he once had a job as a courtroom artist and drew pictures of a murderer on trial. Both Jeffords and Crews drew some bad people.


As noted, co-creator Michael Schur worked for both The Office and Parks and Recreation. Both shows were big hits for NBC. Fans often notice a similar tone and style with all three shows. In fact, many writers and actors worked on one or both shows. For instance, Chelsea Peretti worked as a writer for Parks and Recreation and made an appearance.

At the time, Parks and Recreation was one of the most popular shows on TV and The Office was in its final year. Networks were looking for the next show to come along. Schur wisely pitched the show like Parks and Recreation with cops. That's all it took to get a huge bidding war going between the big networks.


In the show, Rosa's tough, scary and mean. On the other hand, Gina's selfish, lazy and all about dance. In fact, she's a member of several dance squads in the show. Rosa would never be in a dance squad or even dance. In real life, things couldn't be more different.

Indeed, it's Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) that's in the dance squad. Many people who meet Stephanie can't believe she portrays Rosa since they're so different. The dance squad is cheerleaders for a celebrity basketball team The Piston Shrimps lead by Audbry Plaza.


In the pilot, the show established Scully and Hitchcock as useless cops. As the show progresses, they truly prove to be useless. In addition, they have some strange behavior and methods. For example, they hide food all over the station.

In the pilot, the show actually establishes three cops as being useless. Standing with Scully and Hitchcock is also Daniels. This is her only appearance as she disappears from the show. In fact, she never returns to the show. Perhaps, she retires or transfers to another station.


Sgt. Terry Jeffords is a proud father and cop. He takes his job and being a father seriously. In fact, nothing is more important to him than his twin daughters, Cagney and Lacey. The show often references other famous police officers from the past.

For instance, Cagney and Lacey's names come from the 80's cop show Cagney and Lacey. The show does a nice job paying homage to the two famous cops. Terry's daughters have a lot in common with the real-life Cagney and Lacey. Perhaps, they'll grow up to be cops as well.


Amy Santiago is a great cop and works hard at her job. She tries to keep everything perfect and always wants to be the best. She loves being a teacher's pet or in the case, the captain's pet. She's usually the best at everything she tries.

However, she can't dance and is actually very bad. She's good at so many things but not that. In real life, Melissa Fumero's a trained dancer and has been dancing since she was a kid. In fact, she even teaches dancing.


As noted, Terry Crews is quite the artist. He's so talented that the writers worked it into the show. In fact, Terry Jeffords is also a talented artist. He's always drawing all kinds of different things. In season 1, Amy notices Holt takes down his portrait.

Amy assumes he doesn't like it and has Terry draw up a new one. It's an excellent painting but Holt doesn't keep it. Holt is too humble to have one in his office. Instead, he gives it to his husband Kevin. In later seasons, Holt's portrait is hanging in Kevin's office.

8 captain holt's humor

Captain Holt takes his job very seriously. At first, he rarely laughs or smiles. In fact, he doesn't joke around. Regardless, Holt's deadpan humor makes him a highlight of the show. Andre Braugher (Holt) has a dramatic background.

In fact, he had a role in Homicide: Life On The Street as a cop as well. Indeed, he has more experience in drama than comedy. However, he's so funny in the show that's not obvious. Andre doesn't believe that Holt's funny. As a matter of fact, he considers him to be very serious and unfunny.


Terry Crews is now a world famous actor. However, there was a time when he was a world-famous football star. In fact, Crews played in the NFL for several notable seasons. He then moved on to a career in acting and has been as dominating.

The show pays homage to his former football career. In a cold open, the police department takes on the fire department in a football game. Of course, the cops easily defeat the firefighters. The only reason they win is that of Terry who carries his team to victory. Literally, Jake jumps on his back and carries him to the end zone.


Gina might not be a cop but she certainly is someone to fear. In fact, it's a good thing she's not. The power would likely go to her head. Gina's loyal to the team and Holt. She doesn't put up with anyone or let people walk all over her.

Indeed, the rest of the cops fear her. Gina can be ruthless so it might be a good idea to not cross her. She even has a warning on her desk to any future employees. Gina has a jar on her desk labeled "Ashes Of Problem Employees". In most cases, that would just be a joke. However, with Gina anything's possible.

5 they shoot at a real station

Obviously, Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes places in Brooklyn, New York. The city isn't just a backdrop for the show. It's almost like another character. However, it's shooting actually takes place in California like most shows. Studios often choose California for shooting even for shows set in New York.

Still, Brooklyn has a large presence in the show. The exterior shots of the station is a real station in Brooklyn. Brooklyn's 78th precinct is near the Barclay's Center. It appears in each episode in the show. The station is an important part of the show.

4 CAPTAIN HOLT Was working on 9/11

Captain Holt's career is long and illustrious. He rose to the rank of Captain through hard work and dedication. Holt's tough but encourages his team to be their best. He brought down major drug lords, gangster, and criminals.

The show drops in tiny little hints about Holt's past and career. He tends to not always be very open. However, fans looking closely noticed something about Holt. He wears a WTC Breast Bar, which indicates he was working on 9/11. Considering Brooklyn, New York plays such a big role in the show it's very possible that he did.


Captain Holt doesn't have many vices. He does have one dark secret he didn't want out. Holt loves the game Kwazy Cupcakes. He catches Gina playing the game on her phone and he soon becomes hooked. In fact, he can't stop playing the game. It takes over his entire life.

The game's a big hit with the entire precinct. At the time, the show made the fictional game up. However, fans wanted to play the real game. Eventually, a company created the game for Apple. It quickly became a popular game app for phones.

2 GINA and the bus

The show can be so silly and funny that fans can miss some tiny clues. To be fair, true fans saw the connection the moment this happens. In season five, Charles begins to flood a chat group with random messages. He just can't stop sending in texts. He's finally part of a chat group and he doesn't want to mess it up.

Charles is frustrating Gina and she can't take it. She blurts out she rather a bus hit her than read his text. Gina predicts the future. In the closing moments, a bus hits Gina after she reads his text message. It's a surprising moment but luckily Gina's okay.


In season one, the show establishes that Jake and Gina go way back. In fact, they've known each other since they were little kids. They're so close they even know each other's family. This adds another layer to their friendship. This is another case of the show and real life intersecting.

Andy Samberg (Jake) and Chelsea Peretti (Gina) are real-life childhood friends. As a matter of fact, they go way back. They went to the same elementary school and were pretty good friends. They even carpooled to school together.


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