The Harry Potter series has become a worldwide phenomenon, drawing people of all ages, races, and ideals into the Wizarding World. One of the most important parts of that, by far, is Harry Potter himself. After all, he's not only The Boy Who Lived, but also the man who destroyed Voldemort. His journey as the reluctant hero who saved the entire world is one that fans still think of to this day. He started the stories as a wide-eyed boy and ended up a brave, experienced young man.

When his troubles ended and Voldemort was finally defeated, life went on for Harry and his friends. Eventually, they all married, had families, and this hero is no exception. As the Potter, though, the public always has some sort of eye on him. Also, with such a rich history, what more could happen to Harry after Voldemort is gone? A lot, it seems. He and his wife, Ginny, became the head the new family of Potters, and the five of them get into a fair amount of trouble.

Here are 25 Wild Things Harry Potter And His Family Did After The Deathly Hallows.

25 Ginny And Harry Got Married

Because of Harry's quest to find Horcruxes, he and Ginny had to break up. He didn't want her involved in the dangerous trek. However, after Voldemort's defeat, the pair reunited. She'd loved him since she was a little girl and she wasn't about to stop loving him now.

With the blessing of her family, which treated Harry like an extra son anyway, the pair made it official and got married some time after The Deathly Hallows. Ginny changed her last name to Potter and the rest was history. The Boy Who Lived fell in love with his best friend's sister and they lived happily ever after.

24 Harry And Ginny Had Three Children

In comparison to the Weasley's seven children, the Weasley-Potter clan really scaled back. Harry and Ginny ended up with three lively, unique children with very meaningful names. Their first born, James Sirius, was named after the father figures Harry lost. Next was Albus Severus, whose name was an homage to the great men who helped Harry save the world. Last but certainly not least, they had Lily Luna, a little girl with all of the brightness of Harry's mom, their friend Luna, and Ginny combined.

Though their brood isn't as expansive as Ginny's parents', they are a well-rounded family with strong, powerful children.

23 Albus Severus Became A Slytherin

After the seven Harry Potter books, Slytherin house became near synonymous with pretentious bad guys. They were even barred from fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts, even if not all of them were the children of Death Eaters.

When Albus heads off to Hogwarts, he's very afraid of being placed in Slytherin. Lo and behold, that's exactly what happens. Though Harry tells Albus that Slytherin is okay, this clearly starts the divide between Albus and the rest of his family -- especially between Albus and Harry. He feels that he, a "Slytherin Squib," can never hold a candle to his father's impenetrable legacy -- even if Slytherin is exactly where he belongs, for the best reasons.

22 Harry Became A Wizard Cop

As the main trio grew up, they had to move on from Voldemort and Hogwarts and become adults like every other witch and wizard. When it came to the famous Harry Potter, he went from schoolboy hero to wizard cop -- but not just any wizard cop.

In The Cursed Child, Harry is the Head Of the Magical Law Enforcement Department at the Ministry of Magic. This department heads all magical law, while the Auror department (which featured characters like Tonks, Mad Eye, etc.) is only a smaller piece of it all. Though leading the department means less field work, Harry still seems to enjoy it. Harry's time fighting against dark arts led him to become one of the magical world's greatest defenders.

21 They Adopted Teddy Lupin

Throughout the seven books, fans became attached to quite a few characters that they and Harry kept running into. Two fan-favorite characters were Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, a werewolf and an auror who fell in love and even had a baby during Voldemort's war.

Tragically, though, both Tonks and Lupin were slain during the Battle for Hogwarts. They left behind their son, Teddy, who would never meet his parents. In their absence, Harry, Teddy's godfather, took a lot of responsibility for the child. By the time their kids are ready to go off to Hogwarts, the Potters consider him as one of the family.

20 James Became A Mischief-Maker Like His Uncles

While each Potter kid is a unique individual, they all draw quite a bit of their personalities from family members. Much like his uncles Fred and George, and his namesakes James and Sirius, James Potter is a trouble-maker. He adores pranks, jokes, and general mischief. Because of this, it's no surprise that Harry's eldest son ended up with the Marauder's Map and the Invisibility Cloak, since he's easily the most likely to use them.

Though his hijinks cause his siblings grief, particularly Albus, James is still a big-hearted, impressive young wizard who shouldn't be underestimated, which is also much like his uncles and grandfather. It's devastating that he will only ever meet one of them.

19 They Became Fans Of The National Quidditch Team Of Bulgaria

With Ginny and Harry being so involved with Quidditch, it's no surprise that the whole family is huge fans. While they do still support the Gryffindor (and now the Slytherin) teams, they also are avid fans of the Quidditch team from Bulgaria. This is heavily influenced by the fact that Harry's old Tri-Wizard Tournament friend, Viktor Krum, is a major part of the team.

There is one exception, though -- Albus prefers Brazil because of their Chaser, Gancalo Flores. This means that he tends to wear green at matches instead, which might be a bit of convenient foreshadowing.

18 Lily's Personality Began To Mirror Her Mother's

Much like her mother before her, Lily Luna is the youngest of otherwise all boys in the Potter family. She's not as outnumbered, though, considering the fact that she only has two brothers, but it can still have a similar effect.

From the moment fans meet her, Lily is very much like Ginny. She's very eager to go to Hogwarts, she doesn't want to be left behind by her brothers, and she craves to pave the way for her own adventures. Though softer and sweeter than the boys, she's still full of determined energy. As time goes on, we won't be surprised if Lily ends up as a great student and avid Quidditch player, too.

17 All The Kids Felt The Pressure Of Their Father's Legacy

By far, Albus is the child that feels the most pressure from his father's legacy. He's not the best with magic, he's in his fourth year, and he's the one who ended up in Slytherin. For a Hogwarts student, he's not awful, but for a Potter, he's abysmal and a "squib."

James and Lily feel the pressure, too, but James is doing well, Lily is new, and they both are Gryffindors. They have already followed in Harry's footsteps. However, all three kids are constantly reminded of their father's legacy and have to push forward to forge their own path. Since this is hardest for Albus, it's no surprise that it adds tension to his and Harry's relationship.

16 James And Lily Became Gryffindors

One of the most exciting parts of heading off to Hogwarts is the Sorting Hat and housing ceremony. Afterwards, each young witch or wizard has a place to belong. Like their parents before them, and their grandparents before that, both James and Lily were sorted into Gryffindor. Unsurprisingly, their cousin Rose also was sorted into Gryffindor.

Being a member of Gryffindor is nearly a tradition in their family, though a few outliers are in other houses. James and Lily were elated to keep up the family trend and will make for a courageous pair of magical students.

15 Ginny Changed Her Career

When Ginny finished her seventh year at Hogwarts, she graduated and immediately joined the Holyhead Harpies, an all-female Quidditch team. As their Chaser, she was able to enjoy her favorite sport and got paid to do it. However, as she and Harry got older, she decided that she needed a career change. After all, being a sports star wasn't easy when you also had to raise a family.

However, she never left her favorite hobbie far behind, as Ginny became a Quidditch correspondent for The Daily Prophet. Though she was no longer able to the game, this meant that she and her family could go to a lot of games and Quidditch could still be a part of her daily life.

14 They Had Some Trouble With Time-Turners

During The Curse Child, the hijinks of the plot center around a powerful Time-Turner. Unfortunately for the Potters, though, this isn't their first problem with Time-Turners. Since Voldemort's demise, Death Eaters had been playing around with more and more powerful Time-Turner enchantments. However, only one has been successful, as it's able to take people back years, and not just a few days at most like the others.

This kind of power, especially in the hands of someone who is a supporter of Voldemort, is very dangerous. As Scorpius and Albus eventually find out, the amount of timeline splits and paradoxes are too much to handle.

13 They Went On Vacation To The Quidditch World Cup

Because of Ginny's work, the whole Potter clan was able to go on vacation to the Quidditch World Cup in 2014. There, they watched Bulgaria play Brazil. While they had a lot of fun as a family, they also had a lot of mishaps. Albus almost fell off the stands, Rita Skeeter tried to defame their name, and Ginny even jinxed Rita after they faced some problems in the news tent.

Despite all of that, though, the whole family enjoyed their adventure to the Patagonia Desert. Even though Albus was rooting for Brazil while the rest of the family was rooting for Bulgaria, the Potters got to experience the sporting event together. They took this trip before any of the kids went to Hogwarts.

12 Albus Met Delphini Diggory

During Albus' fourth year at Hogwarts, he really started to struggle with being the disappointing son of a living legend. He started to pull away from his family, and alienated himself. His and Scorpius' relationship grew as Albus desperately looked for any way to be better.

Just as he was starting to lose hope, Delphini Diggory walked into his life with a plan. Harry had said that losing Cedric was one of his greatest regrets, and, luckily, Delphini had a plan to change Cedric's fate. She wanted them to steal a powerful Time-Turner locked in the Ministry and change everything. Though Delphini was just using Albus, he trusted her and thought she was cute. Meeting her would change his life forever, for better and for worse.

11 James Was Gifted Several Important Magical Items

As the eldest Potter child, James ended up with a lot of iconic and magical items. For example, he became the new owner of the Marauder's Map and the Invisibility Cloak. With his mischievous ways, it makes the most sense for him to be interested in these, even if it only helps him make even more trouble.

However, James really should take better care of these powerful items. After all, they both are taken from him later on. The map was used to keep Scorpius and Albus apart, and the cloak was stolen by Albus. However, his namesakes would be proud of another Potter holding the Marauder's Map and solemnly swearing to be up to no good.

10 Albus Struggled With His Magical Powers

The Potter name, understandably, carries a lot of weight in the Wizarding World. Not only did Harry Potter live when Voldemort attacked him as a baby, but he also defeated the Dark Lord later. Furthermore, all of his friends, relatives, and his wife helped orchestrate Voldemort's downfall. That's a lot of pressure to put on his young children.

Because of this, it's no wonder that Albus's struggle with magic is only worsened by the stress of being a Potter. It's hard enough being behind, but it's even harder when you're expected to be one of the best. Albus might have even been a better student if he wasn't a Potter. However, instead his father's legacy only wears him down further.

9 Harry Began To Feel His Scar Hurt Again

On the day Voldemort perished, Harry felt his scar stop hurting for the first time. It always ached in some way or another for most of his life, but after the Battle of Hogwarts, the pain finally subsided. He lived the next several decades in peace, since the ominous danger tied to his scar was finally gone.

However, that all of changes when Albus starts hanging out with Delphini Diggory and messing around with Time-Turners. For the first time in many years, Harry's scar starts to burn again. After all, as fans later learn, Dephini is the long lost daughter of Bellatrix and Voldemort. She is his blood, the same blood that used to trigger Harry's burning lightning scar.

8 The Kids Went To School With Their Weasley Cousins

Despite their endlessly busy lives, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stayed very close. Now all related through Ron and Ginny, their children were cousins. Spending so much time together, their kids eventually grew close, too. Though James was a bit much for Albus, he was very close with his cousin Rose, while Lily was very close with her cousin Hugo.

In a world full f bullies and judgment, Albus did find support and reprieve in Rose. She may have been sorted into Gryffindor, but they remained friends at Hogwarts. Even when her social status divided them, she always had his back, which helped Albus survive Hogwarts.

7 Harry Treated The Malfoys Unfairly

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter never were friends. However, as the Battle of Hogwarts drew to a close, Draco and his family did ultimately choose to stay out of the fight. After that, Draco married Astoria Greengrass, a pure-blood witch with a cursed family, instead of someone his parents approved of. He and Astoria raised their son, Scorpius, without the prejudiced principles of their parents.

Despite all of this growth, Harry is still wary of any Malfoy. Because of this, he assumes that Albus' friendship with Scorpius is the root of all of his problems, and therefore doesn't understand that the two boys' friendship is the only think keeping his son afloat.

6 Albus Tried To Save Cedric Diggory

When Albus' relationship with Harry reaches its worst point, the young Potter is desperate to try to make things better with his dad. After hearing that losing Cedric Diggory was one of his dad's greatest regrets, he teams up with Scorpius and Delphini Diggory to try to save the former Hufflepuff. However, even when equipped with a high-grade Time-Turner, the three are unable to bring him back.

Albus is desperate to do something right for his dad, and a big gesture like saving Cedric the night at the Tri-Wizard Tournament seems right. For a boy whose supposedly the "Slytherin Squib," he is extremely brave, just like a Potter would be.

5 Harry And Albus' Relationship Soured

When Albus was sent off to Hogwarts, it was his father's words about Slytherin that comforted him. Whatever house the Sorting Hat put him in, he knew that his father loved him and that he could be a very good wizard.

In The Cursed Child, though, Albus and Harry's relationship has taken a turn for the worst. Instead of looking to Harry for comfort, Albus thinks that he's never going to be the son Harry wants. He's in Slytherin and likes it, but he feels like it separates him from his red and gold family. Harry is also hard on Albus' closest friend, Scorpius, and never listens to what Albus says about his life or his feelings. Instead, he just sees what he wants to see.

4 Albus Created Multiple Timelines

Throughout his life, Albus felt like a disappointment to his heroic father. During his fourth year at Hogwarts, these feelings reach a boiling point. He becomes so desperate that he decides to work with Delphini Diggory to try to right his father's greatest regret: losing Cedric Diggory.

However, while using a powerful Time-Turner, Albus and his friends create more problems than they can solve. Several timelines split from one another after various events are changed, creating multiple warped worlds. There is one timeline with no Albus or Harry Potter, another that never sees Hermoine and Ron get together, and another that sees Voldemort win the war.

3 They Apprehended Delphini Riddle

During The Cursed Child, Albus meets Delphini Diggory. She's related to the late Cedric Diggory, Harry's fellow Hogwarts combatant in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Together, they steal a ministry Time-Turner to try to save him. However, it's revealed fairly quickly that Delphini may not be who she says she is.

By the end of the play, Albus and Scorpius learn that Delphi is actually the daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. Delphini trying to use the powerful Time-Turner to save her father from perishing and preserving his reign. With the help of Ablus and Scorpius' families, though, they are able to apprehend Delphini before she can cause any major damage.

2 Albus Became Best Friends With Scorpius Malfoy

One of the few people who truly despised Harry Potter at Hogwarts was Draco Malfoy. As the son of a Death Eater and pure-blood family, he and the Boy Who Lived understandably never quite got along. As time went on, although they never got along, having Harry in his life did eventually influence Draco to be different from his family. He and his wife decided to not raise their son with the same prejudices his parents had.

Because of this, Scorpius Malfoy is a pretty nice kid. He's a supportive, loyal friend with a warm heart. He and his parents have grown beyond their heritage. It's no wonder why he is Albus' best friend.

1 Harry And Albus Watched James And Lily Potter Perish

After Delphi reveals her true nature, she travels back in time to the night when Voldemort took down Harry's parents to try to convince him not to attack the Potters. If he doesn't attack the Potters, then he would never be irreparably damaged by the backlash of his own spell. However, Harry, Draco, and Hermione are able to intercept Delphini and stop her from changing history.

After apprehending Delphini, the group heads back to their own time. Harry and Albus stay, though, to watch the events unfold. They witness Harry's parents demise, which brings the father and son closer together than they've been in a long time.


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