Archive for January 27, 2019

Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo Back for Avengers: Endgame Reshoots

While Don Cheadle refuses to do press with Mark Ruffalo, he can still work on the Avengers: Endgame reshoots with him.

Aquaman Is Now DC’s Highest Grossing Worldwide Movie Ever, James Wan Responds

Aquaman Does the unthinkable tops Dark Knight Rises to become biggest global DC project in history.

Joker Went Through Continuous Rewrites While Filming

Zazie Beetz says that Todd Phillips was constantly tweaking the Joker script while filming was occurring.

Captain Marvel Toy Leak Confirms Another Secret Character

Another action figure leak confirms a secret character will be appearing in Captain Marvel.

Disney Confirmed for Super Bowl, Will We Get Star Wars 9 & Endgame Trailers?

The 2019 Super Bowl will include some Disney movies during the big commercials, but what will they show off?
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