Without a doubt, some of the most interesting characters in Dragon Ball Z are the Saiyan hybrids. These awesome new creations enjoy the best of both human and Saiyan worlds. They also have insane levels of potential and are probably some of the most powerful characters in the entire show; and the best part is, we haven't even begun to witness their full potential. Trunks is one of the main characters in the show and he's been with us ever since the Cell saga. This time-traveling hero has his own army of loyal fans, and many people consider him the best addition to the series.

But, another enticing character that people are learning more about is Bulla. Trunks' sister has her own backstory with interesting features, and she could prove to be a major part of newer episodes going forward. We get the feeling that Bulla is harboring all kinds of interesting secrets, and we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her. They are both children of Vegeta, who is definitely one of the most widely loved characters in the entire show. His children have made him a better person and they've given him a reason to fight, but in the end, his children might end up overshadowing him. There's definitely plenty of wild facts about these awesome Saiyan hybrids, so let's take a look at 20 Wild Revelations About Bulma And Vegeta’s Kids.

20 Dr. Briefs Is The Reason For Their Wild Hair Color

Ever wonder why both Trunks and Bulla were born with such wild hair? It's definitely not a Saiyan trait, that's for sure. Most people would point to the most obvious answer: that this is an inherited trait from their mother, Bulma, but this is only partly true. You see, Bulma actually got her hair from none other than her father, Dr. Briefs.

So, in reality, it's their grandpa who's to thank for Bulla and Trunks' iconic hair. We're not sure how Dr. Briefs got this hair in the first place (as it doesn't really seem like a common trait in the human world, but it's safe to say that Bulla and Trunks are happy with their cool hair. It really makes them stand out.

19 They Were Both Born Without Tails

Here's another wild fact about Bulla and Trunks: they were both born without tails. This is in stark contrast to other half-Saiyans, such as Gohan, for example. The original Saiyan hybrid was famously born with a tail, which caused all kinds of problems. Bulla and Trunks, however, ushered in a new era where hybrids were born tailless, which has continued with each consecutive hybrid ever since.

It doesn't really affect and they're not missing out on much. Most people like to explain the absence of their tails in various different scientific ways, but in reality, the most sensible explanation is that Toriyama simply grew tired of drawing tails! Honestly, we can't blame him.

18 Saiyan-human Hybrids Are Considered Taboo By Saiyan Tradition

While it's never stated explicitly, it's fair to assume that the idea of breeding with other species is pretty frowned upon in the Saiyan community. After all, it's a proud race that typically views everyone else as weak and pathetic. Nappa even suggested breeding with humans to create an army of hybrids when he and Vegeta arrived on Earth.

Vegeta's reaction to this suggestion revealed a lot as he seemed sickened by the very idea of intermingling with another species. Maybe, this is just down to his royal lineage, but it's safe to assume that this concept is considered somewhat taboo among Saiyans, especially within the elite. But, we all know that Vegeta eventually forgot all about this...

17 Being Human Makes Them Much More Emotional Than Pure Saiyans

Saiyans might be a proud and determined race, but they show very little in the way of emotional depth. Their main focus seems to be on conquest and combat, and they're seriously lacking the emotional IQ of even a relatively somber human. This is viewed as a strength in many cases, as the complete lack of mercy serves them well as invaders and raiders.

However, as we've seen throughout the series, emotions can unlock hidden potential. Deep, powerful feelings have enabled Saiyan-human hybrids to unlock reserves of power that are simply on another level. This is probably one of the main reasons why hybrids such as Trunks and Bulla have the potential to be formidably strong.

16 They Are Both Named After Undergarments

In case our readers never caught on, pretty much every single name in Dragon Ball Z is a joke. Take every single Saiyan for example; they're all named after vegetables. Kakarot is a reference to a carrot, Raditz is a play on Radish, and Nappa is actually a type of Japanese Cabbage. The list goes on, but fans will also note that there are other “trends” when it comes to named characters in this series.

Take Bulla and Trunks for example; both fall in line with the entire “briefs” family trend (names related to undergarments). Trunks basically means boxer shorts, Bulma is a reference to “bloomers,” and the original name for Bulla was bra – that one's pretty self-explanatory. Every single member of the family, including the grandaddy himself, is named after underwear.

15 Bulla Has Immense Potential

Some people might not fully grasp how much potential Bulla has. If she trained hard, she could be just as strong as Trunks, or perhaps even more so. That's because she has the same Saiyan hybrid genetics as her older brother, and she could probably reach Super Saiyan pretty easily if she tried. Of course, Bulla is more concerned with things like shopping and friends.

Maybe she takes after her mother and we'll never see her enter a fight, but who knows what the future of Dragon Ball has in store for us. We might very well see the full potential of Bulla unleashed, and if that ever happens, prepare for some serious power.

14 Both Trunks And Bulla Are Considered Child Prodigies

There's a special term floating around Dragon Ball Z lore, and that's the phrase “Child Prodigy.” Bulla and Trunks both fit into this category, even though some might even consider them “Ultra Child Prodigies.”  However, what is a Prodigy? These individuals are born with incredibly high power levels and they also have extraordinary potential, even when compared with other members of their same race or genetic lineage.

We all know that Trunks is seriously powerful as he was able to reach Super Saiyan without even really trying that hard. Keep in mind that this is a transformation that took both Goku and Vegeta many years to perfect and master. Bulla is also a prodigy, although we've never seen her fight. This is because at birth, her power level was suggested to be incredibly high.

13 Bulla Is Considered A Saiyan Princess, While Trunks Is A Prince

This one is slightly debatable and depends if you still consider Vegeta to be a prince. We know what you're thinking; of course he's a prince... That's his whole backstory, his image, his... thing. Well, can you really call yourself a prince if your entire kingdom was utterly destroyed? Not only that, but the entire Saiyan race is pretty much extinct as well. So, what exactly is Vegeta a prince of, anyway?

For now, let's just say he is indeed still a prince; after all, there's still a few Saiyans left. Well, if Vegeta is a prince, that makes both Trunks and Bulla a prince and princess, respectively. That's how royalty works – the children of princes are still considered princes and princesses themselves.

12 Vegeta Originally Wanted To Name Bulla After A Vegetable

We've already pointed out that Bulla gets her name from the longstanding Briefs family tradition of being named after underwear, but fans of the series will remember that this wasn't Vegeta's first choice. He wanted to name his child in the traditional Saiyan manner. Yes, he wanted to name his daughter after a vegetable.

And what was the beautiful name that he picked out for his daughter? Eschalot. If we examine this name closely, we quickly realize that it's a play on “shallot,” which is another common vegetable. Unfortunately for Vegeta, Bulma didn't go for it, and Bulla was the chosen name in the end. It's a bummer, because Eschalot really has a nice ring to it.

11 Trunks And Bulla Cannot Transform Into Great Ape Form

This one's a no-brainer, but it's still a pretty interesting fact. We already pointed out that both Bulla and Trunks were born without tails, and while this doesn't really affect their fighting abilities, it does prevent them from ever transforming into Great Ape form. This was a huge deal back in the beginning of the series, and Great Apes represented a huge danger for virtually everyone around them.

Transforming was risky, but Saiyans were capable of massive levels of mayhem in this gargantuan form. Vegeta eventually had his tail cut off, as did Goku, so we're probably never going to see the return of this awesome transformation, and maybe that's a good thing. With hybrids such as Bulla and Trunks lacking tails, there's no chance of it ever happening again.

10 Whis Helped Deliver Bulla

Not many babies have the honor of being delivered by angels. Well, maybe “delivered” is the wrong term. After all, Whis pretty much just teleported Bulla out of her mother's womb on a whim, even though she was only two days away from her delivery date. So, why did Whis do this? Fans will remember that it all has to do with the tournament of power.

Because Vegeta was so intent on being there for the birth of his daughter, he refused to take part in the tournament, but Whis wasn't having any of this, so he took matters into his own hands. It only took a small amount of this angel's power to make sure Bulla was born safely, and as planned, Vegeta was able to take part in the tournament.

9 Most Saiyan Traits Are Recessive

This has to be one of the most interesting facts about hybrids like Bulla and Trunks. If we really examine the way Bulla and Trunks turned out, it becomes obvious that Saiyan traits are actually highly recessive. First of all, let's take a look at the gene for the Saiyan tail. Out of all the hybrids we've seen, only one was born with a tail, and that was Goku.

Secondly, let's look at the hair color of both Bulla and Trunks. They both got their mother's hair instead of their father's jet-black locks. These two traits seem to suggest that the majority of Saiyan traits are actually highly recessive. Perhaps this only extends to visible traits, or maybe pretty much all genes are human-dominant.

8 Vegeta Was More Laid Back When Raising Bulla

Out of all the characters in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has probably gone through the biggest transformation. He started off as a merciless space pirate, and these days, he's a dedicated family man. He's changed a lot throughout the years and it's been awesome to witness his journey. What caused all these changes, though? Many factors were involved, but the fact that he started a family is probably the biggest influence.

Even then, his parenting style has evolved over the years. With Trunks, he was incredibly harsh and merciless as he wanted to train him to be the best fighter possible; he wasn't interested in showing emotion or having fun with his boy. Of course, this all changed at a certain point, but for many years, Vegeta was a cold father. However, when Bulla was born, Vegeta had already been “softened up.” He raised his daughter in a much more relaxed, laid-back manner compared to his experience with Trunks, and we all know that parenting can have a huge influence on the personality of a child.

7 Bulla Made Vegeta Shave His Mustache

Those precious episodes where Vegeta sported a mustache were some of the funniest in the entire series. We don't know why this even happened in the first place, but it was awesome. Vegeta kept that mustache for quite a while, and some would even say that it suited him, but eventually, he was forced to shave it off.  Surprisingly, the biggest influence in this decision was his own daughter.

That's right, it was actually Bulla that convinced her father to shave off his 'stache. Why? Because according to her, it “made him look like a total geek.” Maybe she was right, but a part of us really wants Vegeta to bring this look back... There's just something about it.

6 Bulla Once Flirted With Future Trunks In Dragon Ball Fusions

Okay, this one isn't exactly canon. This moment took place in a popular Dragon Ball Z video game called Dragon Ball Fusions. In this game, Bulla and Trunks come into contact with each other and Bulla actually flirts with her older brother in this game (unwittingly of course). She mentions that she finds him attractive, which is probably a throwback to a very similar scene in Dragon Ball Z where Bulma flirts (unwittingly) with Future Trunks, who is of course her own son.

It's a hilarious moment that most fans don't even know about. Dragon Ball Fusions is actually a pretty solid RPG, and it was released on 3DS. Most Dragon Ball Z fans would probably really enjoy it.

5 Bulla Will Probably Have A Much Bigger Role In The Future

We're kind of going out on a limb here, but we're definitely not alone in this. A lot of people have predicted that Bulla will have a much bigger role in the series going forward as we've already seen glimpses of her taking the center stage, but right now, she seems like a side character. It's a bummer, because as we've already mentioned, Bulla has tons of potential.

We're not just talking about her power level, either. She has a great personality and tons of fans would probably enjoy getting to know her better. This is a character who seems destined for great things, but who knows if it'll actually pan out this way or not. We'll just have to wait and see.

4 They Both Inherited Their Mother's Intelligence

Although she might not exactly seem like it, Bulma is arguably the most intelligent woman on Earth. She might even be the most intelligent person in the entire galaxy. After all, she's done some incredible things in the past. First of all, she designed a Dragon Radar that was instrumental in so many of the series' stories. Then, she successfully reverse-engineered alien technology to create a spacecraft fully capable of Faster Than Light (FTL) speeds.

She even created a time machine. This was arguably her greatest accomplishment, and she could pretty much do anything she wanted with this technology. Bulla and Trunks definitely inherited their mother's brains, and this is a huge deal. Who knows what they'll accomplish with these genetics in the future.

3 Bulla Is The First Ever Half-Saiyan, Half-Human Female

Bulla is definitely one of a kind. Everyone can see that right after looking at her, but in terms of the overall series, she's a first. What we mean by this is that she's the first ever half-human, half-Saiyan female hybrid in the show's history. Never before have we seen someone quite like her, and that's what makes this character so interesting.

Saiyan females are rare enough, but full, half-blooded female hybrids are another thing altogether. The only other character who comes close is Pan, but even then, she's mostly human. Bulla has the most Saiyan blood out of all the Saiyan female hybrids. Who knows what kinds of unique powers come with such a unique form.

2 Trunks And Bulla Probably Age Slower Than Pure Humans

A lot of fans have mentioned some serious inconsistencies when it comes to aging as these issues were around long before Bulla and Trunks were ever born. After all, Gohan looked like a tiny toddler until he was about 14, and then all of a sudden, he turned into a young man. Kid Trunks and Goten both seemed to stay young for a long time as well.

Now, we could either chalk this down to the show's mishandling of passing time, or we could come to the conclusion that Hybrids seem to age much slower than regular humans. We already know that Saiyans age very slowly. Just look at Vegeta, who is said to be well into his late 50s by now. So, Bulla might also experience this delayed aging process.

1 Bulla Could Have Inherited Super Saiyan Blue From Vegeta

This has to be one of the most exciting things about Bulla. We already know that Saiyan hybrids work in a pretty interesting way. According to the official lore, a Saiyan child is as strong as the Saiyan parent when the child was conceived, and because Vegeta was incredibly strong when he conceived Bulla, that means his strength was directly inherited by his daughter.

In fact, Vegeta was stronger when he had Bulla than he was when Trunks was conceived, which means that in theory, Bulla should be much stronger than Trunks. Going one step further, Bulla could have inherited Super Saiyan Blue from Vegeta, which is one of the strongest Saiyan forms today. All this makes for some serious potential... If she ever decides to train.


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