Sometimes, the best part of watching a show like Dragon Ball Z is coming up with all kinds of theories about what's going to happen next. A show like this always has tons of hidden twists in the future, and fans do their best to try and predict things before they happen. Dragon Ball Z also has some pretty deep and awesome lore, which definitely draws people in. But, even the most well thought out lore has some holes... and fans are always quick to insert their own theories into these unknowns. Sometimes, these theories are actually really clever and intriguing. These amazing theories are totally inspiring, and they end up making the show more interesting and cool. In many situations, fans have successfully predicted what's going to happen next with Dragon Ball Z, and that's always an awesome feeling.

But, there are also plenty of other cases when theories aren't so amazing as fans come up with some seriously dumb ideas. These lame theories are sometimes so bad that they're laughable. Well, they WOULD be funny, if it weren't for the fact that so many people actually believe them! It takes a true Dragon Ball Z fan to separate the good theories from the bad, and that's what this article is all about. We're about to go over 10 Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True (And 10 That Can’t Be). So sit back, relax, and let your imagination run wild.

20 Might Be True: Bulma's Mother Is An Android

This is a fan theory that a lot of our readers have probably heard before. Let's be honest, Panchy is a slightly weird character. We're talking about Bulma's mom, of course. At first glance, she might just seem like an ordinary woman, but when you look a little deeper, you start to see some oddities. First of all, there's the fact that she doesn't age. Second of all, she seems to be completely subservient to Dr. Briefs, Bulma's dad.

Some Dragon Ball Z fans out there have created a fan theory about Panchy, and it's pretty intriguing. They say that Bulma's mom is actually an android, created by Dr. Briefs himself. Obviously, this android is able to procreate (otherwise Bulma would never have been born). That would explain the fact that she doesn't age, and that she does pretty much everything Dr. Briefs tells her.

19 Can't Be True: The Angels Are Actually Wicked

Tons of Dragon Ball Z fans out there have probably heard this theory countless times before, but it never actually comes true. Still, there are those out there that insist that the angels are actually wicked, and there's a huge plot twist coming down the road. The reasons for this are many, but it all really comes down to one thing: the angels seem almost too good to be true.

In the end, this is a theory that can't be true. The angels might seem weird at times (maybe even a little unsettling), but if they suddenly turned wicked all of a sudden, then it would make the entire Dragon Ball Z plot completely confusing.

18 Might Be True: Saiyans Are An Artificially-Created Race

There have been tons of theories about the origin of the Saiyans. They are without a doubt the most interesting race in all of Dragon Ball Z, and there seems to be a few secrets about this race still waiting to be revealed. One really interesting fan theory suggests that the Saiyan race was actually artificially created.

Who created them? The theory doesn't go that far. But, they did suggest that the Saiyans might have been biologically engineered as a weapon; an army of ferocious fighters that could overwhelm or defend any world against pretty much any adversary. That would explain their amazing strength, as well as their ability to grow stronger each time they fight. It would be the perfect weapon.

17 Can't Be True: Goku Is Challenged

There have been all kinds of theories about Goku, which makes sense given that he's the main character. There are some that make a lot of sense, whereas others fall flat on their faces. An example of a totally bizarre theory is that Goku is actually mentally challenged. Sure, he might be a little slow sometimes, but we're not sure if we can actually call him disabled.

Think about it: Goku has shown more than once that he's an amazing tactician, able to read his opponents and come up with amazing strategies. Socially, he might not be the brightest person, but he's actually got a fully functioning brain under that thick skull of his. We can be pretty sure of that.

16 Might Be True: Krillin Is Actually The Best Fighter In The Series

Here's one theory that gets repeated a lot: Krillin is actually the best fighter in the show. Now, hold on a second. We didn't say he was the strongest fighter. We said he was the “best” fighter. So, what does that mean? Well, think about it. Krillin is just a normal human being. He doesn't have a drop of Saiyan blood in him, and genetically, he's pretty much identical to anyone else on the planet. Because of this, the things he does are pretty spectacular.

He's punching above his weight in a way that every other character could never dream of. Nothing that he does comes naturally to him, and he's somehow on the same level as some of the best alien creatures in the universe. It's sort of like saying he's “pound for pound” the best fighter. Except in this case, we're referring more to his genetics and his human bloodline. He's making the most of what he's been given from birth.

15 Can't Be True: The Entire Show Is Just A Dream After Goku Hit His Head

There was bound to be a theory like this one somewhere out there. This is probably one of the most “out there” theories, but it's interesting nonetheless. The idea is that Goku hit his head as a child, and that every moment in the entire series has just been the result of a coma since that moment. In reality, Goku is in a hospital bed somewhere, dreaming his life away.

There are quite a few issues we have with this theory. The main reason is that it's just too easy to say things like this. We could say the same thing every time someone in Dragon Ball Z got knocked out or lost consciousness, which happens a lot in case you haven't noticed. What would be the point?

14 Might Be True: Super Saiyan Form Isn't That Hard To Achieve

Throughout the show, we've been trained to believe that the Super Saiyan form is one of the most legendary evolution a fighter can achieve, and that it's incredibly hard. But, as time goes on, it seems like this transformation gets easier and easier. Just think about Goten or Trunks, who were able to achieve this form while they were still just small children.

So, why weren't the original Saiyans of Planet Vegeta able to achieve this form? One theory states that these Saiyans had just grown soft and that they only chose to fight races that were much weaker than themselves. They never truly tested themselves against stronger opponents, which is the key to achieving the Super Saiyan form. Goku was able to achieve it after facing Frieza. If other Saiyans tested themselves on a regular basis like this, then they too would be able to go Super Saiyan without much trouble (or so the theory goes).

13 Can't Be True: Goku Just Pretends To Be Dumb

Here's another fan theory about Goku: he just pretends to be dumb the whole time. In reality, he's actually a genius who knows what's going on all of the time, but does this theory really make sense? Sure, Goku is able to “get serious” when things really matter. But, we're pretty sure that his dim-witted nature is just a part of his personality. That's what makes him relatable, after all.

Sometimes, Goku can't see what's right in front of him, and most of the time, that's in certain social situations, not in fights, when it really matters. We've already stated that Goku isn't mentally challenged, but he isn't exactly bright, either. That's why we think that this hero isn't actually pretending to be dumb. That's actually who he really is.

12 Might Be True: Many Of The Alien Races Are Descendants From Humans

Another awesome theory involves humanity and tons of other alien races throughout the universe. Think about it. How many times have we seen alien races and people that look almost exactly like humans? The Sayians are an obvious example, but what about the Tuffles? Or Recoome's race (whatever that is). All of these examples look very human.

The theory is that humans actually explored the universe many thousands of years ago and spread their lineage across the stars. That's why the heroes of the Dragon Ball Z series are constantly running into aliens that look so similar to humans. There's also another similar theory that states that there was some kind of “precursor” human civilization, which gave birth to Earthlings, Saiyans, and others.

11 Can't Be True: Earth Would Have Been Safer Without Goku

This is one of the stranger theories we've heard, and to be honest, it doesn't really make much sense. The theory is that if Goku had never landed on Earth, it would have been a much safer place. Proponents of this theory argue that Goku drew the attention of Frieza's army and the surviving Saiyans by growing to love Earth and its people. The theory also argues that many of the villains only attacked Earth because they wanted to fight Goku.

As the theory goes, if he had never landed there at all, Earth probably would have been completely safe for countless years, but there are quite a few problems with this theory. First of all, the Earth still would have had things like the Red Ribbon Army to contend with, Dr. Gero probably still would have made the androids, and these are only a few examples of why this theory makes no sense.

10 Might Be True: Yajirobe Is Really A Saiyan

A lot of our readers are probably going to laugh at us for this one, but hear us out. We heard a fan theory that Yajirobe is really a Saiyan, and it really got us thinking as the people that believe in this theory point to many sources of evidence. First of all, just consider how much food Yajiobe eats. At times, his appetite rivals even that of Goku, which is incredibly impressive. Fans of Dragon Ball Z know that an appetite like this is a huge sign of Saiyan lineage.

We also need to look at his fighting strength. Yajirobe is notoriously lazy, and hardly ever trains. However, even with a complete lack of physical fitness and training, he is still capable of some seriously impressive feats. He cut the tail off Vegeta while he was in ape form, and he took a beating from the Prince of all Saiyans with seemingly very little damage.

9 Can't Be True: Yamcha Is Gohan's Real Father

This is probably one of the wildest theories out there, but it's certainly succeeded in getting a lot of Dragon Ball Z characters riled up. The theory is pretty simple: Yamcha is actually the true father of Gohan. There are even theories out there that state that Yamcha is also the real father of Goten as well. There isn't much evidence to support these wild claims, but most proponents of this theory suggest that Goku and Bulma weren't even at the same place when Goten and Gohan should have been “conceived.”

For this theory to work, Yamcha would have to really be a Saiyan. Otherwise, where would Gohan get his tail from? That's just one reason why this theory makes no sense, but there are plenty more.

8 Might Be True: Bulma Would've Created An Entire Galactic Empire For Earth

There's no way around it, Bulma is one smart cookie. She created her own time machine by herself, in a cave, with pretty much scrap metal. There are plenty more reasons why this woman is actually a super genius, but they're too many to list. In the end, it's safe to assume that Bulma could achieve pretty much anything if she put her mind to it, especially with a time machine!

There's even one theory that states that Bulma would have created an entire galactic empire for Earth. The people behind this theory state that if it weren't for Goku, she would have been able to focus on creating much more meaningful tech, eventually exploring the stars and setting up an entire empire in the name of Earth. There are those that say she would have been defeated by the likes of the Red Ribbon Army and Frieza, but with a time machine, she would be completely unstoppable.

7 Can't Be True: Goku Threw The Fight Against Frost

Another fan theory that gets thrown around pretty often is that Goku actually threw the fight against Frost. This is one that is repeated in many Dragon Ball Z circles, but most of the true fans out there know that this is complete baloney. Goku's strong, but he's not that strong. What we're seeing here is denial from many people. These individuals just can't accept that Goku is capable of losing from time to time.

The evidence that many people point to is the fact that Goku “winks” at Frost at the end of the fight. But, this probably isn't a sign of some kind of hidden plan or knowledge. At the end of the day, it's just Goku being Goku. He does stuff like that, even to his most bitter rivals.

6 Might Be True: Senzu Beans Are Highly Irresistible

Senzu Beans represent one of the biggest problems in the entire series. A lot of people have asked the same question: Why didn't anyone just grow Senzu beans en masse? A dedicated farming industry of Senzu Beans would have made the Z Fighters much better equipped. For whatever reason, the Senzu Beans always seem like it's in short supply. People have even suggested hydroponic farming methods inside the Hyperbolic Chamber to maximize Senzu Bean production.

Of course, we all know the real reason Senzu Beans can't be mass produced. They're simply a plot device, and it wouldn't make sense for our heroes to have an endless supply. But, many fans have been struggling to come up with a reason that actually makes sense within the story itself. One fan theory might just be the best option: that Senzu Beans are actually highly addictive. It doesn't make sense for anyone to eat too many of these beans, because they might develop a dependency on them, which is why production is always kept low.

5 Can't Be True: Scouters Explode At High Power Levels So Its Wearer Can Fight Harder

This has to be one of the most laughable theories we've ever seen. Let's just admit the truth, scouters explode for dramatic effect, and to show the audience that the person being scanned is seriously strong. In reality, it doesn't make much sense why scouters are constantly blowing up. You'd think that whoever designed them would have created a device that could scan any power level, without overloading.

But, there is one theory that tries to explain why scouters blow up, and it's pretty ludicrous. This theory states that scouters blow up when scanning high power levels so that the user should fight harder. This seems like a pretty dumb thing to build into a device. Why not just make it work? Do fighters really need something to blow up next to their ear to make them take someone seriously?

4 Might Be True: We're Seeing Fights In Slow Motion, And Most Battles End Within Seconds

If we really think about it, this theory has a lot of weight behind it. Early on in the series, we learn that it actually takes incredible focus just to watch fights between incredible fast opponents. These fighters move so fast that to the untrained eye, it just looks like a series of barely visible blurs. We learned this all the way back in the Saiyan Saga, but since then, speeds and power levels have risen dramatically.

That's why one theory states that most Dragon Ball Z fights only last a few seconds, due to the immense speed of high level fighters. What we see when we watch the show is a slowed down version of the fight. So, according to this theory, a battle that takes about five minutes only lasts a few seconds in reality. It's an awesome theory, and one that actually makes sense.

3 Can't Be True: Dr. Gero Built The Android With Pieces From Goku's Space Pod

For the longest time, people have been trying to figure out how Dr. Gero managed to make the Androids so strong. If we really think about it, the power levels of these androids doesn't really add up. How were Android 17 and 18 so incredibly fast and powerful? How was Dr. Gero able to design an android “core” that was able to contain so much Ki energy?

One theory states that Dr. Gero actually used scrap pieces from Goku's Saiyan Space Pod. After all, Dr. Briefs and Bulma were able to reverse engineer that technology to create a spacecraft that could achieve faster than light (FTL) speeds. But, does it really make sense that the androids were constructed out of basically space scrap metal? Not really.

2 Might Be True: Raditz Is Coming Back One Day

Oh, how we want this to be true. Fans have been begging for a Raditz return ever since he left during the first few episodes of Dragon Ball Z. He was definitely a cool character, and one that gets romanticized a lot by fans. His power level in today's world would be almost laughably small, but he still has a certain cool aura to him that people love.

Maybe, it's just wishful thinking, but we can't help but think that he might return one day. There are tons of theories that state that Raditz is coming back one day, and we're definitely on board with these. It could happen. The more detailed theories state that Raditz is going to escape from the underworld one day... We're crossing our fingers!

1 Can't Be True: Frieza Could Actually Be Way Stronger, But He's Too Lazy To Train

Frieza is without a doubt one of the best villains ever introduced in Dragon Ball Z. There are many fans who still love this character, and he's been brought back a few times in later episodes, but he's not quite as impressive as he once was, mostly due to the incredible rise in power almost every other character has experienced since he left the series.

However, there are many fans out there who still believe Frieza is actually the best fighter out there, or at least one of the best. Some fans have even created a theory that states that Frieza would be one of the most powerful fighters in the universe, if only he actually trained. These people believe that Frieza is so powerful that he never even had to train. If he actually worked on improving his techniques, he would be unstoppable, but does this really make sense? Not really. After all, fighting tough opponents like Goku or even Vegeta is pretty much the same as training, and he never really improved that much.


What other theories have you heard that might be true or outright laughable? Let us know in the comments below!