"It hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year". Of course, you have four really good friends to lean on. Well, you also have one sibling who'll push you over just for fun. It might seem to be mean but it's not. It's just how siblings are. They can be best friends, enemies and both. It's normal for siblings to be like that. On the other hand, Monica and Ross are far from normal.

Without a doubt, Friends wouldn't be the same without Ross and Monica. The gang spends most of their time at Monica's. In addition, Ross and Rachel's romance was key to the show. To be fair, Monica and Chandler have their own great love story as well. Ross and Monica are like other siblings. At times they're close and share every detail. At the same time, they still fight and bicker like kids. Indeed, some childhood feuds still exist. Of course, they're not like other siblings too. In fact, there are some strange aspects to them. They fight more intensely and share private details.

They take being close to a whole new level. At times it's like they're not even relatives. Indeed, they've had many strange moments on the show. In fact, it can be awkward for the fans as well. It doesn't seem to make bother their friends that much. It's time to take a closer look at the Gellers.

Here are 20 Wild Revelations About Ross and Monica's Relationship.


In season 4, Ross and Emily decide to marry on short notice. The wedding is in London but Emily's wedding gown is in New York. Monica's the good sister and picks up the dress for her. There's nothing wrong with that at all. However, Ross thanks her by pretty much kissing her on the lips.

Later, Monica poses as Ross's fiance when picking the dress up. It seems odd that a sister would pretend to be her brother's fiance just to try on a dress. Indeed, she tries on her sister-in-law's wedding dress and keeps it on. To be fair, nothing seems that strange after Ross kisses her on the lips as a thank you.


It's normal for siblings to have a childhood rivalry. In fact, Monica and Ross are very competitive with each other. Ross has always seemed to be his parents favorite. In addition, Monica and Ross have a sick need to always win. It's even worse when it's against each other.

For instance, they famously play a football game on Thanksgiving. As kids, they played until Monica broke Ross's nose. As adults, they still play that intensely. In fact, they both won't let go of the ball even when the rest leave. Late into the night, both refuse to let go. Siblings often feud but these two take it to a whole new level. They want to destroy the other in all situations.


Ross and Monica share a lot of intimate details with each other. However, Monica knows way too much about her brother's personal life. For example, Ross has a hard time moving on after his first marriage ends. He had only ever been with Carol. He even remembers the date of their first time, October 20.

Oddly, Monica also knows the date of their first time. That really seems like information she doesn't need to know. This brings up another question. Why and when did Ross tell Monica the date? Hopefully, it wasn't right after. There's a good chance she gave him pointers.


As noted, Monica and Ross share dating details. In fact, they get pretty personal and openly talk about their dating lives. For instance, Ross once pulled a classic prank on Monica. His mother called to talk to her but Ross told her it was then-boyfriend Richard.

In front of Ross, Monica asks Richard a very personal question. Most sisters wouldn't want their brother to know this detail. Most brothers probably don't want to know that either. It doesn't seem to bother Ross and Monica. Of course, Monica's actually talking to her mom. At this point, she starts to feel embarrassment. To be fair, it doesn't really matter. Her brother can tell their mother later.


There's nothing wrong with Monica and Ross teasing each other. In fact, the entire gang can be mean at times. However, Ross often teased his sister for being overweight in her younger days. In fact, he even teased her after she lost all the weight. He picked on her as kids for her weight.

As adults, he mentions he had to learn to eat fast because of his sister. To be fair, Chandler picks on Monica's weight as well. Indeed, he was much meaner too. Regardless, Ross is her brother and should know better. As adults, he should let the fat jokes go. Instead, he turns it up.


It's common for siblings to play fight and wrestler as kids. In fact, it can get pretty serious but in the end, it's just kid stuff. However, most kids stop wrestling as adults. In season 8, Rachel starts dating Danny and meets his sister. They can't keep their hands off of each other and Rachel wonders if that's normal.

As it turns out, Monica and Ross would wrestler as kids too. However, this was odd in a different way than Danny and his sister. This was a pretty legit fight. They're highly competitive with each other to a fault. In fact, it's pretty strange they still wrestler as adults and don't mind getting that close to each other.


In season 3, Monica inherits a fancy dollhouse. Initially, she promises to share with Phoebe but soon that changes. Phoebe ends up making her own dollhouse, which is way cooler. It catches on fire and Ross runs into the washroom to put it out.

It just so happens that his sister is taking a shower at that moment. To be fair, he did try other options first. Regardless, he runs in as she showers and has an intimate moment. In fact, he throws the dollhouse directly into the shower with her. Clearly, they're both feeling awkward at that moment. One has to wonder if Ross could have tried something else. In the end, he had only one place to go.


Ross and Rachel weren't the only love story on the show. In fact, many fans consider Chandler and Monica the best couple. Their romance played out slowly and was a secret for most of the season. Eventually, the other friends found out but in different ways. Without a doubt, Ross found out in the creepiest of ways.

He was across the street checking out an apartment. He had a clear view of Monica and Chandler hooking up. Ross freaks out but steps closer to get a better look. Indeed, he doesn't look away like Phoebe did earlier. Instead, he runs across the street to interrupt them hooking up. Additionally, he gets over them hooking up pretty fast.


Ross and Rachel's romance was the heart of the show. Fans were waiting for the two to finally hook up. In season 2, Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time. Fans all over the world nearly fell out of their seats. It's one of the most famous Friends moments. Turns out there was one person who liked it the most.

After kissing, Rachel runs home to tell Monica and Phoebe. It seems a bit odd but Monica wants every detail. Rachel goes onto explain and Monica's really into it. It's almost as if she's the one doing the kissing. It's strange that she's so into it. Certainly, it's romantic but it's still her brother.


Ross and Monica take being close to a new level. In season 5, Rachel's in shock to see Danny and his sister being touchy feely. It seems odd she's in a state of shock since Ross and Monica are the same. In fact, they often sit on each other's lap. It's a bit strange since Monica and his girlfriends are the only ones to sit on Ross's lap.

To be fair, Ross sits in his sister's lap all the time as well. At times it seems as if they're flirting. In fact, they even cuddle a few times. It makes sense for them to care but physically it's a bit odd. Fans notice they touch each other a lot.


As noted, Monica and Ross openly talk about relationships in front of the other. In fact, Monica has gone into great detail. She even discusses intimate moments with him in the room. She openly talks about hooking up on dates and getting freaky. There's nothing wrong with hooking up but hopefully, Ross doesn't want to hear. He rarely stops her or points out that she's his sister.

At the same time, Monica knows a lot more about Ross than most sisters do. He also talks about hooking up with her best friend. She even mocked Ross when he told Rachel about his Princess Leia fantasy. It seems odd Rachel would tell his sister that information.


Ross and Monica openly discuss intimate details. However, it doesn't stop there. Indeed, they even hook up in rooms next to each other. In season 2, Rachel and Ross are getting intimate and want to take it to the next level. In the next room, Richard and Monica are heading in the same direction. There's just one tiny problem. Only one couple can have protection.

This leads to Rachel and Monica arguing about who should get it. It's a bit awkward that both brother and sister are trying to hook up a few feet away. In addition, only one of them can hook up. That means Monica's fully aware of what's going on in the room next to her.

8 MONICA LISTENS TO ROSS through the wall

Like the rest of the gang, Monica likes to know all the details. When it comes to hooking up they all share openly. In fact, when Ross and Charlie were hooking up the rest of them listened from the next room. Of course, Rachel and Joey were hooking in the other room. Monica decides to listen in on her brother hooking up in his room.

In fact, she was eager to hear all the details. Well, she did come to her senses and realize it was her brother. Regardless, she knows way too much about him. She knows intimate details about his personal life. At the same time, they often hook up near each other.


In season 8, Rachel reveals she's pregnant. Shockingly, Ross ends up being the father. However, there's a disagreement about who made the first move. Soon, Ross reveals he accidentally made a tape of the encounter. Rachel attempts to destroy the tape but the gang stops her. They insist on watching the movie of Ross and Rachel. Monica really wants to watch it.

She claims it's just to know who made the first move. Regardless, it's a bit creepy that she even wants to watch that much. It's a video featuring her brother and her best friend. She seems excited to watch the video. To be fair, the rest of the gang is too. Monica knows too much about his personal life.


At one point, Monica and Chandler tried to have a baby. They took every chance they got to try and get pregnant. In fact, Monica was very eager to get Chandler alone. Well, she didn't really care if they were alone or not. Not even if it was Ross. In season 199, Monica comes home from work and wants to get down to business. However, Ross is also there and tries to hang out.

Monica doesn't care and admits she'll hook up with Chandler in front of Ross. It might have just been a threat but still. She didn't care if he stayed or went. Luckily, Ross decides to go. Still, it's an odd threat to make to her brother.


It's common for siblings to help the other out. In fact, helping pick out outfits is usually a siblings job. Like always, Ross and Monica have to take it to another level. It's a much creeper level as well. In season 8, Monica's trying to entice Chandler with lingerie.

Initially, she just wants to ask Phoebe for help. Of course, Ross insists on helping. She assumes he'll back off once she tells him what it's for. She couldn't be more wrong. Indeed, Ross helps her pick out an enticing outfit to seduce Chandler. It's a bit on the odd side that Ross would help with that. He helped his little sister pick out lingerie for his best friend.


In season 3, the gang ends out to the beach house. Of course, plans fall apart when it rains. Their entire vacation's ruined just like that. Luckily, Joey has a solution, which is strip poker. He's unable to find cards so they try something different. They end up playing strip Happy Days game. It's odd that a brother and sister would want to play this game together

. There's a good chance one or both are going to have no clothes on. In fact, both lose a good portion of their clothes. That should have been enough for them not to play. It seems not to bother them to play it together. There's a good chance they've played other strip games in the past.


In season 10, Ross decides to get a tan and has awful results. It's one of Ross's classic moments. On the other hand, it also features one of his creepiest. In the beginning, Ross basically checks out Monica's legs. Indeed, he even flirts with her and compliments her legs. It's so awkward even Chandler points it out. Ross claims he just likes her tan.

It does seem odd that he's kind of flirty with his sister. To be fair, she did have an excellent tan. Regardless, he didn't need to drool over her legs. Even Chandler thought he went too far in the situation. Of course, Ross doesn't have the same experience as Monica when getting a spray tan.


Ross and Monica did a lot of strange things. They have an oddly close relationship. However, nothing beats their dance routine. In their defense, it's a pretty darn good dance routine. Regardless, it shows their competitive nature and feuding. At the same time, they work well as dance partners. Also, they're both very aggressive about getting on camera. This is when the routine is first used.

They're certain the routine will be enough. It's a bit strange that they've both been practicing the routine all these years. In addition, it's a pretty risque dance with them getting very close. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. Well, if it wasn't Ross and Monica. It remains one of the most popular moments on the show.


For some people their first kiss is unforgettable. It's something they'll remember for the rest of their lives. There's one thing that's for certain. Monica will never forget her first kiss. That's because it was her brother Ross. In a flashback, Monica and Rachel attend a college party at Ross's dorm. Ross is angry when Chandler kisses Rachel.

At the same time, Monica passes out in a pile of coats. Later that night, a mysterious figure enters the room and kisses Monica. It's her first kiss. Turns out her first kiss was with Ross. They couldn't see each other in the dark. It isn't until years later that Monica and Ross find out the truth.


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