While Luke and Lorelai were set up to be the endgame couple on Gilmore Girls from the beginning, she had other love interests over the years. However, it didn't matter with whom she was involved, as there were aspects of all her relationships that didn't make sense. In most cases, Lorelai just didn't learn from her past and repeated mistakes. She had problems letting men go after their relationships were over, notably Max and Christopher. That ended up affecting other relationships in her life because she'd turn to them when she was involved with someone else.

Something else that not only hurt her relationships but also didn't make any sense was the fact that her life seemed to be stalled in the time that passed between the original series and the revival. Issues that had affected Luke and Lorelai's relationship in the original run did yet again, even though they should have worked out those problems in the nearly 10 years that had passed. There was also no reason for them to not already be married after all that time, given their history and previous relationship. Instead, they didn't address certain things until the finale so that their wedding would take place then.

Here are the 20 Things That Make No Sense About Lorelai's Relationships On Gilmore Girls.

20 Her Relationship With Max Medina

Early on in Gilmore Girls' history, Lorelai not only dated, but also nearly married, Rory's teacher, Max Medina. This happened soon after Rory transferred to Chilton — and after Lorelai turned down a date because she didn't want to date another Chilton parent. However, being involved with Rory's teacher was much worse.

Then, she realized she didn't love Max and called off the wedding, only to want to reunite when she saw him again in Rory's senior year. She was very uncertain when it came to her feelings for him throughout their relationship. She originally ended things when they were going too well in the beginning, then they got back together and engaged, and finally, she wasn't quite ready to let him go.

19 What Happened to Alex?

Alex was easily one of the best love interests of Lorelai's in the course of the entire series. While he was also obviously never going to last — it was always going to be Luke, no matter how long it took to get there — that didn't mean they had to throw logic out the window when it came to his relationship with Lorelai.

Though he liked the outdoors and she didn't, she did try to learn to fish prior to one of their outings. He saw through her, though, and they went to the spa instead. There wasn't anything wrong with their relationship, yet he lost out when going up against Max — even though Lorelai never ended up rekindling things with her ex-fiancé. However, Gilmore Girls never bothered giving Alex's absence and the end of that relationship the time they deserved.

18 Why Did She Marry Christopher?

By the time Lorelai and Christopher reunited in season 7, she should have known they weren't going to last. It never ended well when those two were together, even platonically. When one of them had feelings for the other and tried to act on them, someone usually ended up getting hurt.

That didn't stop Lorelai from turning to Christopher after her relationship with Luke ended, though. However, what made it worse — and what was completely ridiculous — was that she also married him. There was no reason why they couldn't have simply briefly gotten back together, only to come to the same conclusion they did after their wedding. However, for some reason, Lorelai and Christopher's messy history had to include a failed marriage.

17 Why Did She Go on That Double Date With Rune?

Rune was an extremely rude person. However, Lorelai somehow made it through a double date with him. When Sookie and Jackson were supposed to go on their first date, his cousin was in town and Lorelai got roped into joining them.

Rune was insulting to Lorelai from the beginning of the evening, and he never got any better. The point of it was really to give Lorelai and Luke a chance to flirt at the end of the night and Rune to storm off, once again being rude. However, that didn't explain why Lorelai managed to last long enough to make it to Luke's Diner for that to happen. Considering how Rune acted toward her, she should have left mid-date and Sookie should have completely understood.

16 Why Did She Date Jason?

It's still unclear what it was that attracted Lorelai to Jason in the first place when they reunited as adults. They knew each other as children and came from the same world, but by the time they met again, Jason was her father's business partner. She originally didn't like that he was part of her parents' world, a world she didn't want to be part of, and even wanted to keep their relationship secret from her parents.

However, she did date him and even stayed with him for quite some time in season 4. Looking back on the relationship, it's hard not to wonder why it ever happened. They were set up to fail from the beginning, and nothing that happened while they were together changed that.

15 Why Did Jason Think They Had a Chance of Reuniting?

Jason and Lorelai's relationship was destined to fail from the beginning. It did, spectacularly, when he sued her father. That should have been the end of it. Jason should have bowed out and never showed his face around any of the Gilmores again.

Instead, though, Jason thought that he and Lorelai actually had a chance of getting back together. He even showed up at the test run for Lorelai's inn and would not leave, even when Lorelai told him she didn't want him there. It just didn't make sense at all that Jason didn't realize at any point on his way to Stars Hollow that he was making a big mistake. How did he think that could end well after everything that happened?

14 Why Did Luke Keep April a Secret?

It took four seasons for Luke and Lorelai to kiss and get together. Then, things seemed to be going well for the two of them. They got engaged and they promised they wouldn't keep secrets from each other.

Then, Luke found out that he had a daughter from a previous relationship. However, rather than talk to his fiancée, who was a parent herself, he kept April's existence from Lorelai. By the end of the season, Luke and Lorelai's relationship was over. Luke had no reason not to share the development in his life with Lorelai because not only was it something that affected their relationship, but it was also from a time before they were together. It wasn't like Lorelai would be angry about his past.

13 Why Didn't Luke and Lorelai Get Married Before the Revival Finale?

Nearly 10 years passed between the original series finale and the revival. However, Luke and Lorelai were only engaged — and not even really planning a wedding — in that time. While Richard's passing did play a factor in Lorelai's arc during the revival, there was no reason that she couldn't have had similar revelations at some point during that decade.

Luke and Lorelai had been engaged before things fell apart for their relationship in the original series. That didn't mean they should have jumped back into planning a wedding when they first reunited, but it felt like the series hit pause on their relationship simply so they could get married during the finale of the revival.

12 Luke and Lorelai's Relationship Felt Stalled in the Revival

During the Gilmore Girls revival, Luke and Lorelai's relationship felt a bit stalled, whether they were engaged or not. Some of their issues that came up felt like the series wanted to hit some of the same notes as the original run, which was detrimental to the show and for the characters. Issues came up between them that should have been addressed at some point over the nearly 10 years that passed between the original series and the revival.

With everyone wondering when they'd get married and what would happen with Rory's love life, Luke and Lorelai's relationship took a backseat. Considering how important it was during the original series, that didn't make sense.

11 Why Did She Keep Turning to Christopher?

Though Lorelai and Christopher's romantic connection should have stayed firmly in the past, she kept going back to and turning to him. Most times she did, it messed up things in her life and someone, sometimes Lorelai herself, ended up being hurt.

That happened before her wedding to Max. She then realized she didn't want to marry him, and that was the end of that relationship. Then, even though Christopher had already interfered with her relationship with Luke, Lorelai turned to him after things fell apart between them in season 6. Though they did stay together and get married, Lorelai and Christopher's relationship fell apart yet again. She never should have turned to him again after he interfered during her parents' vow renewal.

10 Her and Luke's Communication Problems

Something that remained constant throughout Gilmore Girls, whether Luke and Lorelai were together or not, was that they had problems communicating. The nearly 10 years that passed between the original series finale and the revival didn't change that.

For the longest time, they couldn't talk about their personal feelings, mainly because the series didn't want to put them together too soon. They had issues when it came to setting a wedding date in season 6. The fact that both had to deal with problems regarding their daughters didn't help matters. Then, in the revival, they didn't really talk about anything important for their relationship. That seemed to be just to create conflict, which led to Lorelai's wild adventure, which finally led to their wedding.

9 How Quickly She Turned to Christopher in Season 6

Christopher was a thorn in the side of pretty much all of Lorelai's relationships throughout the series. When she and Luke finally got together, he still interfered, showing up at her parents' vow renewal and bringing up their past. Luke and Lorelai's relationship even briefly ended because of that outside interference involving Christopher (and Emily).

Then, when things fell apart between Luke and Lorelai in season 6, rather than take time to be by herself, she turned to her ex-boyfriend. While it's understandable that Lorelai didn't want to be alone following the heartbreak, she really should've thought about her actions more. She had to know that turning to Christopher right after ending things with Luke wouldn't end well.

8 Lorelai and Christopher Got Married Without Rory

Lorelai and Christopher were always going to be connected by Rory. As her parents, both were permanently in her life, and whatever happened between them was always going to affect her. However, arguably the most important moment in their relationship didn't include her.

In season 7, Lorelai and Christopher eloped in Paris, but Rory wasn't there. If fans were supposed to think that Lorelai and Christopher had a chance of lasting, shouldn't their daughter have been present at their wedding? Instead, there was nothing romantic or meaningful about the occasion. It felt like the series was simply checking a box before breaking the two up, for good, in what was the final season of the original series.

7 The Lorelai, Christopher, and Sherry Mess

The only problem with Sherry was that she wasn't Lorelai, at least for Lorelai and Christopher, when it came down to it. If the series had left Lorelai and Christopher's romantic connection in the past where it belonged, it's possible that he and Sherry could have worked out. Instead, though, her introduction was messy, their relationship was messy, and Lorelai's involvement in all of it was the worst.

Christopher never should have been with Lorelai when he was with Sherry, even if there were problems in his relationship. Then, once he was, he shouldn't have gone back to Sherry just because she was pregnant. After all that, Lorelai also should have stayed as far away from Christopher as she could have, instead of getting back together with him like she did.

6 Luke Keeping Lorelai and April Separate

When the series first introduced April, Luke kept her a secret from Lorelai, which even eventually led to their breakup during the original run. However, they did reconcile, and April was seemingly a more permanent member of their lives in the revival. That didn't mean that Lorelai and April were suddenly close, though.

Luke seemed to still be determined to keep his fiancée and daughter separate. When Lorelai wanted to help pay for April's summer trip to Germany, Luke refused — and didn't even want to entertain a conversation about it. What he said went, and that was that. It felt very much like April was Luke's daughter, and in his mind, Lorelai had no role in her life, which was wrong. Considering how involved in Rory's life Luke always was, this just didn't make sense.

5 Lorelai's Commitment Issues

Throughout the series, it was clear that Lorelai had commitment issues. Fans first saw that affect her relationship with Max back in season 1. While she seemed to get over them by the time she and Luke dated the first time — she didn't run when he told her he was "all in" — they were still very much part of who she was. In fact, it really was part of who she was with her love interests except for Luke.

While her feelings for Luke did lead to the end of her and Christopher's marriage, the fact that she took so long to tell everyone about it certainly could be a hint that those commitment issues played a role.

4 Lorelai Didn't Always Care About Fidelity

Christopher and Sherry's relationship might have had its problems in season 2, but that didn't excuse Lorelai from ignoring that they were in one when she was with her ex-boyfriend. No matter what her feelings were regarding both Christopher and Sherry, she should have respected that they were together.

Instead, Lorelai was ready to get back together with Christopher and just pretend Sherry didn't exist. Then, in season 6, she and Luke fought about their wedding. They did seemingly break up, but barely any time passed before she turned to Christopher. Lorelai didn't always make the best decisions about her relationships, even when other people were involved and could get hurt. This shows she also didn't learn from her past mistakes.

3 Lorelai's Hypocrisy About Meeting Christopher's Significant Others

Many of Lorelai's relationship problems could be traced back to Christopher, which made sense since he was the first significant one of her life. He was always going to be part of her life because of that and the fact that he was Rory's father. That meant that when either was in a significant relationship, if they were talking, they'd become involved. However, that didn't mean that they were involved in the same way.

Lorelai called Christopher the night before her wedding to Max. That relationship was never going to work out because the two men never even met. However, Lorelai felt she deserved to meet Christopher's girlfriend, Sherry, even though she thought she had been ready to make a bigger commitment to Max.

2 Lorelai Lied to Luke About Seeing Christopher

Though Lorelai had moved on from Christopher before she and Luke got together, he was still part of her past. Because of that, she knew that it may not have been the best idea to see him, especially during emotional times.

When Christopher's father passed away, she went to see him since she knew him and what their relationship had been like. However, she and Luke were together, and rather than tell him what she did, she lied about how she spent her evening. Considering the entire evening was strictly platonic, there was no reason for her to lie. Not only was that something she should have realized, but the entire point of it just seemed to be to plant some seeds of doubt leading up to the drama with Christopher at the Gilmores' vow renewal, which was unnecessary.

1 Lorelai Dated Men Her Mother Didn't Like

Throughout Gilmore Girls (and the revival), Lorelai and Emily had a contentious relationship. Lorelai preferred to not agree with anything her mother liked, including the men she chose to date.

In fact, if her mother didn't like a guy, that made the man more attractive to her. That was part of what led to her getting together with Jason (and that relationship was obviously a mess). Emily did approve of Peyton, but he was too boring for Lorelai's liking. However, Lorelai being willing to date a man her mother liked was not the norm. There was no reason for Lorelai to go out of her way to avoid men her mother liked, other than as part of some teenage rebellion she should've grown out of years prior.


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