This Is Us is one of the most popular , emotionally-charged TV shows in America thanks to its realistic, heart-wrenching storylines and absolutely incredible character development. Unlike other TV dramas, the individuals and situations portrayed in This Is Us are actually relatable and truly resonate with viewers. The show is aptly named, as we all know someone who has struggled with weight, a miscarriage, or the loss of a loved one. Chances are there is a specific character on the show you can relate to, so which one is it? Here are the Myers-Briggs® personality types of all the characters from This Is Us.

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10. Jack: ISFP, The Versatile Supporter

ISFPs are gentle, spontaneous, and loyal, and Jack Pearson is all of those things in one. Despite having a difficult childhood and surviving the trauma of Vietnam, Jack still manages to be endlessly optimistic and attuned to others. ISFPs value the opportunity to work independently, which explains Jack's dream of branching out on his own and starting his own business. Like all ISFPs, Jack is also driven by a deep set of inner values and is willing to put his own dreams aside if it means making a practical, immediate difference for his family.

9. Rebecca: ENFP, The Imaginative Motivator

Rebecca Pearson is playful, anxious, and protective, making her the perfect example of an ENFP. Like Jack, Rebecca has a spontaneous side that gives her the flexibility she needs to seamlessly transition from a young, care-free girl to a responsible wife and a mother of triplets. ENFPs are also supportive, imaginative, and creative. Like Kate, this personality type often gravitates towards artistic and performance-based careers, but can often be excessively hard on themselves. Keenly perceptive of people around them, it's important to an ENFP for their loved ones to feel supported and cared for.

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8. Randall: INFJ, The Insightful Visionary

There is no doubt that Randall Pearson is a responsible, deeply compassionate man, but he's also slightly neurotic, obsessive, and anxious. As an INFJ, Randall enjoys participating in humanitarian efforts and working for organizations or companies with a reputation for integrity. INFJs feel a driving need to make a difference in the world, but once they get stuck on an idea, it can be very hard to change their minds. Randall strives for perfection in everything he does, but his impossibly high standards for himself often lead to nervous breakdowns. Randall's need to be perfect might stem from a deep fear of abandonment.

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7. Kate: ESFJ, The Supportive Contributor

ESFJs are known for their energetic, outgoing, and emotionally honest natures, and anyone who has watched This Is Us will recognize Kate in that description. Kate has been through a lot in her life, but like all ESFJs, she's driven to take care of the people around her and make sure their needs are met. ESFJs like to provide immediate, practical support, and thrive on helping people meet their potential, which we can see in Kate's relationship with Toby and her brother, Kevin. Kate is upfront and not afraid to share her feelings, but she's always tactful (unless she's upset). Unfortunately, her sacrificial nature has kept her from fulfilling her own dreams and she often feels as though life has passed her by.

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6. Kevin: ESFP, The Enthusiastic Improvisor

Like Kevin, ESFPs are natural entertainers with outgoing, talkative and persuasive personalities. Unfortunately for Kevin, ESFPs don't handle stress well and will often overindulge and obsess over things that are beyond their control. While ESFPs are undoubtedly fun to be around, they can also be very draining, and they often overlook the needs of others (his twin sister's dreams and desires, for example). Despite his confident swagger, Kevin is deeply insecure and wounded and has trouble identifying and owning his feelings.

5. Beth: ESTJ, The Efficient Organizer

As an ESTJ, Beth is the ying to her husband's yang. While her husband is neurotic, Beth is more grounded and able to take things as they come. ESTJs are realistic, outspoken, and dependable. This personality type works best in a stable environment with "clearly defined roles and responsibilities," which is why losing her job causes her to lose her sense of self. With a husband who is always picking up new "projects," Beth is forever having to be the level-headed one in the relationship and weigh the benefits and risks.

4. Toby: ENTP, The Enterprising Explorer

Like all ENTPs, Toby is lively, energetic, and loves to spur others on. Similar to Jack, Toby likes to go big or go home in everything he does. When ENTPs are stressed, they can become overly worried, withdrawn, prone to tunnel vision and extreme emotions (Toby's depression, for example). ENTPs also have trouble focusing on one thing at a time, but overall they are independent, resourceful individuals who will always take the initiative. When an ENTP sees something they want (in Toby's case, it was Kate), they will confidently pursue it.

3. Miguel: ISFP, The Versatile Supporter

ISFPs are unquestionably loyal and dedicated, and Miguel certainly is that. As Jack's long-time best friend, Miguel was loyal to him even after his death, watching over his children and Rebecca when they had no one else. ISFPs are also kind, tolerant and observant. As the kids turn into adults, Miguel is very careful not to overstep his bounds, but is fiercely protective of his relationship with Rebecca.  ISFPs enjoy providing practical help or service to others and tend to show their affection through actions rather than words.

2. Zoe: INTJ, The Conceptual Planner

Viewers are getting a deeper glimpse into Zoe, Kevin's girlfriend and Beth's cousin, as she becomes a bigger part of the show. As an INTJ, Beth is deeply private about her past and with her feelings in general. As a professional documentarian, Zoe prefers to work independently and values knowledge, efficiency, and the opportunity to develop her own ideas. In her relationship with Kevin, Zoe is firm about maintaining her independence and tends to be more logical in emotionally charged situations.

1. William: INFP, The Thoughtful Idealist

When William is free of vice he is a very empathetic, creative and introspective man, all qualities of an INFP. William loves helping everyone around him and often expresses his creativity and thoughts and feelings through writing and music. INFPs love developing deep, one-on-one connections with others, which we see William doing time and time again. INFPs are sensitive, introspective, and often question whether they're doing enough for others and the world around them.

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