Since their release in the late '90s, the iconic Pokémon Red and Blue have sealed a permanent spot in video game history. Spawning several successful follow-ups, a long-running anime, multiple movies, and a popular childhood trading card game (to name a few things), Red and Blue deserve high respect from gamers, since they are responsible for bringing us the iconic Pokémon franchise. They rank among not only the greatest handheld games ever, but also the greatest video games of all time.

This is why, all of these years later, players still find themselves returning to the Kanto region to receive their very first starter Pokémon from Professor Oak and try to catch all of the first 150 (oops, we mean 151) Pokémon. However, just because the adventure is a familiar one, this doesn't mean players have been able to uncover all of the games' secrets.

Whether it's hidden achievements, alternate ways of catching fan-favorite Pokémon, or even unofficial Pokémon many players have never seen before, Red and Blue are filled with extra content just begging to be found by players. Thankfully, we're here to highlight some of the most notable instances. However, be warned: some of these entries involve glitching the games, which runs the risk of permanently damaging them.

If you're prepared to become the very best and journey forward into the unknown, join us as we look at the 20 Side Quests Fans Completely Missed In Pokémon Red And Blue.

20 Win Porygon

Another Pokémon that can only be obtained one way (besides trading) is the geometric Normal-type, Porygon. However, upon arriving at its sole location in the game, players know that they're not in for a normal Pokémon capture.

Found at Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City, Porygon must actually be bought with coins, which trainers have to buy or find at the Corner. However, if players want to take the riskier route, they can hit the slot machines and try to multiply their winnings. Also, for those who want to keep the slots spinning, there are plenty of other Pokémon and items available for purchase at the prize corner that they can try to win.

19 Battle Professor Oak

As an icon in the world of Pokémon, Professor Samuel Oak has helped countless young trainers begin their journey by providing them with starter Pokémon. However, while he can usually be found working at his lab, this doesn't mean he hasn't dabbled in Pokémon battles before.

Upon inspection of Red and Blue's game data, players were surprised to find an unused battle with Oak, whose five-Pokémon team ranked in the 60s and 70s levels (with the highest belonging to the fully-evolved starter that neither Red or Blue chose). Thankfully, for those interested in battling their beloved mentor, it is possible through the use of specific glitches. Also, while it may not be an easy battle, any trainer who can say they defeated Professor Oak truly ranks among the very best.

18 Meet The Game Developers

Ever wanted to meet the people behind the Pokémon franchise? Well, they obviously wanted to meet fans, too, as players can find a few members of the development team on the third floor of Celadon Condominiums.

While players shouldn't expect to receive any rare items from the developers, this is the place where players can get an official diploma after completing the Pokédex. Also, there's just something awesome about finding this little Easter egg (perhaps it's being able to tour an unofficial miniature version of the Game Freak studio from the comfort of one's own home). The developers would go on to reappear in other games, and some are even available to battle against.

17 Visit Glitch City

Despite the improved graphics in newer games, Red and Blue still offer some well-designed cities and landscapes for players to visit. However, should players deem the game's various locations too normal, there is a place they can go for a once-in-a-lifetime view.

Glitch City is the term given to various locations that become glitched after the player performs a specific routine after entering the Safari Zone. Expect to see some crazy things in these areas, as players will encounter everything from unreadable signs to indestructible trees. While players may enjoy this madness, be warned: walking too far in any direction will cause the game to crash, so perhaps it's best to cut this crazy trip short and Fly or Teleport away before it's too late.

16 Earn A Pokédex Diploma

While completing the National Pokédex is challenging, players who have done so agree that it's nice to be able to say they've captured all of the first 150 Pokémon. However, for those who still can't find a reason to complete the task, there's a lesser-known additional benefit that may give them a greater sense of accomplishment.

After catching all 150 Pokémon, players can journey to Celadon Condominiums (also called Celadon Mansion) to meet up with the Game Freak lead developer, who will award them with a diploma recognizing their achievement. While the diploma has become a recurring element for Pokémon games, many who were able to receive one in the original game likely cherished it more than any other.

15 Catch Mewtwo

By now, Mewtwo, a clone of the legendary Mew and the final Pokémon to catch of the original 150, is no secret, as it has been featured in multiple movies (including an upcoming 3D remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back) and multiple Super Smash Bros. games. However, this doesn't mean every player was able to catch the mysterious psychic Pokémon.

Thankfully, now that players have had around 20 years or so to figure it out, we know exactly what to do. After winning the Pokémon League, players should travel to Route 24 and surf to Cerulean Cave (referred to as the Unknown Dungeon). After traversing several floors filled with various Pokémon, players will encounter Mewtwo on the bottom floor. While battling Mewtwo isn't easy, it's important to remember that it has to be caught to complete the National Pokédex.

14 Buy A Clefairy Doll To Get Past The Marowak Spirit

No, unfortunately, players aren't able to purchase a Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, or Slimer doll. However, there is a doll capable of getting rid of a restless Marowak spirit.

The life of a Cubone's mother is ended after Team Rocket invades the Pokémon Tower. Following this, her spirit prevents players from entering the tower's top floor and must be seen through the Silph Scope (found in Team Rocket's Underground Base) for her to engage players in battle (after which she departs to the afterlife in peace). However, to skip getting this process altogether, players simply need to purchase a Clefairy doll from the Celadon Department Store and bring it to the tower with them. After this, a glitch in the game causes the spirit to flee.

13 Evolve Raichu

Even though Raichu has stood as Pikachu's (and, to a greater extent, Pichu's) final form since its introduction, there is apparently another evolutionary stage for the electric mouse Pokémon. What does it look like? Well, nobody knows.

While visiting Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Lab, players can find a scientist who will trade a Raichu for an Electrode. If you talked to again, he will reveal that the Pokémon has evolved. How is this possible? Simple: the game's script was incorrectly translated from Japan's version of Blue (in which a Graveler was traded for a Kadabra) instead of Red and Green. Just when we were thought Gorochu had finally made it into the game like originally planned.

12 Encounter The 152nd Pokémon

Think there's only 151 Pokémon to capture in the Kanto region? Well, that might be technically correct, but due to a now-well-known glitch, players can come face-to-face with an unofficial Pokémon that's unlike anything they've ever seen.

While MissingNo. (whose name comes from the ten-character limit in Western games) comes in many forms, its most recognizable is a barcode-like backward-L shape that emits a blank cry and is classified as a Bird/Normal Pokémon. The most popular way of encountering it is flying to Cinnabar Island immediately after watching the catching tutorial from the old man in Viridian City and surfing along the east coastline until you encounter it in the wild. Despite Nintendo advising players that MissingNo. isn't part of the game, this hasn't stopped many from looking in the hopes of encountering a true piece of video game glitch history.

11 Explore The Entire Safari Zone

Ah, the Safari Zone -- many trainers remember it for its frustrating and somewhat messed-up tactics for catching Pokémon. Players were limited to 500 steps and 30 Safari Balls, which meant strategy was key for them to get where and what they wanted.

However, before you think that obtaining Surf is the only worthwhile reason for going there, perhaps you should take another look around and see what you're missing. Besides some hidden items, certain rare Pokémon can also be found that players would otherwise have to purchase at Rocket Game Corner, such as Kangaskhan and Dratini (just don't forget that Scyther only appears in Red and Pinsir in Blue). Keep all this in mind, and perhaps the area will become less like a scavenger hunt and more like an actual safari.

10 Capture The Three Legendary Birds

For those who think Mew and Mewtwo aren't enough to satisfy their appetite for rare and powerful Pokémon, perhaps they should try catching not one, but all three of the high-level Legendary birds of Kanto.

Articuno, the Freeze Pokémon, Zapdos, the Electric Pokémon, and Moltres, the Flame Pokémon, make up this powerful trio, and each has their own location (Seafoam Islands, Kanto Power Plant, and Victory Road, respectively). However, knowing their locations won't be enough to secure them in the Pokédex, as each Legendary bird can only be battled once. This means that if the player accidentally drains them of their health completely, they will disappear and never return.

9 Visit Mr. Psychic

It isn't just in the real world that people claim to be psychic. In fact, there is a character in Pokémon world who also believes that he has supernatural abilities. However, paying a visit to this particular psychic will reward players with more than just a simple prediction.

After journeying to the southeastern side of Saffron City, players will find a small house where a man named Mr. Psychic lives. Upon entering and confronting the man, he will tell players that he is aware they desire a gift from him. Just when we think he's about to read our palms, though, he instead presents the TM Psychic. While some may not think of this as a great gift, once players have faced off against Gym Leader Sabrina, they may feel a bit more grateful for the generous Mr. Psychic.

8 Catch A Clefairy At Mt. Moon

We've already established that some rare Pokémon can be purchased at Rocket Game Corner. However, to get the real experience, players can instead go and find the Pokémon in the wild. One particular case where this is more beneficial is with Clefairy at Mt. Moon.

Located between Pewter City and Cerulean City, Mt. Moon stands mighty and tall, containing three floors of caves that hold trainers, Team Rocket Grunts, and fossils for players to encounter. However, players definitely shouldn't leave the mountain without first catching a Clefairy, whose cute appearance makes it a must-have for many trainers. Also, if trainers prefer its evolved form, Clefable, a Moon Stone can be found on the first floor and later used to evolve a Clefairy.

7 Find All Of The Amazing Men

Imagine a non-playable character who always appears in unnatural locations. Using glitches, players can cause sprites for male NPCs to appear in strange places (such as on rooftops, on water, etc.) by performing particular steps in certain locations.

For example, once players enter the Cerulean City Bike Shop, they simply need to take one step to the left, step up, and press "A" to interact with the bicycle while walking. Then, they should be able to see the bike seller floating in the black void on the screen's left side. Though this may not fall under every player's definition of a fun glitch, for others, it's a strange but cool way to waste time.

6 Catch Mew

When the 151st Pokémon, Mew, was confirmed to be real, players everywhere began searching the games frantically to find it. However, as they would come to find out, Mew was only available through special events. That is, unless trainers were willing to use a detailed glitch.

Though we won't go into it here, we can say that the glitch involves the move Teleport, going to Nugget Bridge, and the game pausing on its own (which is a good sign, in this case). Yes, it's not the easiest glitch to perform in the game, but it's certainly worth attempting if it means getting the chance to battle and capture one of the rarest Pokémon of all time.

5 Trade For In-Game Pokémon

Yet again, we find an obstacle in the way of completing the National Pokédex, since some Pokémon can't be found in the wild. While some of these instances are due to Red and Blue featuring exclusive Pokémon that must be traded between players, in others, it's simply because players must find in-game trainers willing to trade for them.

Take Jynx, a rather-controversial ice-psychic Pokémon, for example. The only way to find one is to travel to Cerulean City and find a man named Dontae, who lives near the Pokémon Center. Once players start a conversation with him, he reveals that he will trade a Jynx for a Poliwhirl. Other Pokémon that can only be acquired through in-game trades include Lickitung, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch'd.

4 Find The Invisible PC

When crafting a game as big as a Pokémon title, it only makes sense that developers sometimes accidentally leave something behind that wasn't meant for the final product. In this case, it's an invisible computer.

In Celadon City's hotel, players can stand two spaces below the plant near the right wall and press "A." After doing this, a fully-functional PC will boot up. However, this location might seem familiar to some. This is because the hotel's layout is seemingly taken from a Pokémon Center, which explains the invisible PC's location. There are also other PCs located in some of the Safari Zone's rest houses, but they are nowhere near as easy to access (and might not be worth the effort).

3 Duplicate Items

While encountering MissingNo. is enough to make hardcore Pokémon fans happy, getting rewarded for their troubles will make them cheer for delight. After an encounter with the glitchy Pokémon, whatever item is in a trainer's sixth slot in their bag will have its quantity increased by 128.

This glitch is commonly referred to as the Rare Candy cheat, as this item is a preferred one for duplication. Another glitch can be performed by increasing the sixth item's quantity to 255 and tossing an item above it. This will create another stack of the 255 items, resulting in a total of 510 of said item. You can never have enough Rare Candies.

2 Obtain Amnesia Move

Possibly the most time-consuming quest on this list involves obtaining the move Amnesia, which is a task best attempted by those who either truly want the move or wish to prove themselves as true masters.

To get it, all 151 Pokémon must be registered in the Hall of Fame on the Nintendo 64's Pokémon Stadium, which unfortunately means beating the game multiple times (since only six can be entered at a time). After this is done, a Psyduck with the move will be awarded to the player, which can then be transfered to Red or Blue. Even if the player manages to get Amnesia, they will likely never forget the trouble they had to go through to do so.

1 Battle Glitch Trainers

While battling Professor Oak, the Elite Four, and the Pokémon League Champion are all unforgettable fights, nothing will prepare players for glitch trainers. By either using the glitch that brings about MissingNo. or another one (such as the Ditto glitch, Mew glitch, or long-range trainer glitch), players can expect to encounter unrecognizable trainers with teams that contain everything from Mewtwo to MissingNo. to glitches they've probably never seen before.

While players can still be in danger of crashing their game, some are still willing to take the risk to ensure a fight against some of the Pokémon world's most unusual trainers.


Are there any other side quests that fans missed in Pokémon Red and Blue? Let us know in the comments!