Shazam Faces Off With Dr. Sivana Zachary Levi Mark Strong

New footage from Shazam! shows Zachary Levi's superpowers and a battle against Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong). Warner Bros. is in the midst of changing the perspective of the unofficially named DC Extended Universe. The giant, colorful adventure of Aquaman just brought them $1 billion at the box office, and now they're looking for Shazam! to bring some humor and fun. It has repeatedly been described as Big meets Superman.

The marketing is leaning in to this comparison and is not missing an opportunity to show how lighthearted Shazam! will be. The tone crafted by director David F. Sandberg largely won over audiences after the release of the first trailer last summer at San Diego Comic-Con. Excitement has been building in the months since, and many have been waiting for more footage to arrive. A new trailer will reportedly arrive in the next few days, but a shorter teaser has been released before then.

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Warner Bros. debuted just under a minute of new footage for Shazam! that puts the teenager turned superhero in the heart of the action. After the first trailer largely focused on establishing the tone of the movie, this short teaser leans on action. Shazam is shown flying through the sky, showing off his powers to civilians, and even throwing punches with the film's main villain Dr. Sivana.

In a teaser filled with action, one moment in particular has already made waves with fans. The stunning sequence shows Billy Batson (Asher Angel) leaping off a building to shout the magical word "Shazam" to make his heroic transformation and blast off. From that point on, Shazam arrives to save a bus from falling and is then zooming through some sort of carnival as he battles Sivana. Overall, the teaser is sure to show the fun to be had with Billy wanting to buy some alcohol, and they even note Shazam's "not so serious" - clearly a play on Heath Ledger's infamous "Why so serious?" line from The Dark Knight.

This latest footage from Shazam! continues to highlight how impressive the movie looks, especially considering the smaller size of its budget. The effects look great and, since they aren't final, improvements teased by Sandberg are still being made. There should be plenty more opportunities for Shazam! to shine as the marketing continues. As long as the second trailer does arrive in the next couple of days as reported, then there shouldn't be too long of a wait to see more what else the film has to offer.

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Source: Warner Bros.