Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Breakdown

The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has finally dropped, giving a first look at this year's Spider-Man sequel. According to Sony's Amy Pascal, Spider-Man: Far From Home is set minutes after the end of Avengers: Endgame. Kevin Feige has said this film will introduce viewers to the post-Phase 3 MCU.

Naturally, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer goes to great lengths to avoid spoiling the plot of Avengers: Endgame. It's expected that the snap will either be undone or averted, and that everyone killed by Thanos will return; but this trailer carefully avoids even hinting at how that happens, nor does it indicate what the cost of defeating Thanos may have been. Instead, it's a light-hearted action adventure that promises to see Spider-Man head out of New York and confront a wave of dangerous new foes in Europe.

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The Spider-Man franchise had a stellar 2018, with Tom Holland playing the wall-crawler in Avengers: Infinity War, Sony's Venom spinoff proving a massive hit, and the award-winning Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse garnering praise from fans and critics alike. If this first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is anything to go by, 2019 is sure to be just as good. So here's our breakdown of all the key takeaways from the trailer.

49. Aunt May Embraces Peter Being Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Aunt May in Far From Home

Spider-Man: Homecoming ended with Aunt May walking in on Peter Parker and discovering his secret identity. In the comics, Peter kept that secret from her because he felt she'd worry, concerned about whether her health would be up to the shock. The MCU version of Aunt May is a lot younger, and a lot cooler; it seems she's found her peace with the fact that her nephew is really Spider-Man. No doubt it's a lot easier for Peter not to sneak around the house, even if he is slightly weirded out by some of the ways his civilian life is now blending with his superhero life.

It's possible Spider-Man: Far From Home will flesh out Marisa Tomei's Aunt May a little in doing this. Here, she's introducing Spider-Man at a charity event, where they're raising money for the homeless. In the comics, there was a period where Aunt May worked at the F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelter (something adapted into the PS4 Spider-Man game), so this seems appropriate; perhaps this is where May works in the MCU as well.

48. Spider-Man At A Charity Event

It's interesting to see that Spider-Man is being asked to help raise money for charity. In the comics, Spider-Man is traditionally viewed with distrust by New York, his reputation not exactly enhanced by J. Jonah Jameson's editorials. The movies have often taken a different approach; even in the Raimi trilogy, it was frequently made clear that the public generally supported their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It looks as though the MCU is following Raimi's lead, with Spider-Man treated as a local celebrity, even attending charity events. That's a major difference between the MCU and the comics.

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47. Happy Hogan Falls For Aunt May

Enter Happy Hogan, carrying a giant check for charity paid out by Stark Industries. This is followed by an awkward scene in which Happy chats with Aunt May, and it's absolutely clear that they're beginning to fall for each other. The uncomfortable romance is played out brilliantly, and Peter is understandably shaken at what he's just seen.

46. Pepper Potts' Signature

Happy's giant check is signed by Pepper Potts, not Tony Stark. It's important to note that this isn't a hint as to whether or not Stark will survive Avengers: Endgame; Tony put Pepper in charge of Stark Industries years ago, which means her signature would naturally go on the check.

45. Peter Parker's Going On Holiday To Europe

Peter Parker Flying in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home sees Peter Parker and his friends going on a school trip to Europe during summer break. In story terms, this is a smart move; it allows the story to head out of New York, while at the same time keeping the key members of the supporting cast. It looks as though this is probably the first time Peter has gone abroad legally (not counting his time overseas in Captain America: Civil War), as he has to go and pick up his passport. Peter decides he wants this to be a real vacation, and so he's leaving his Spider-Man suit behind. Of course, that's really not going to work out...

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44. Return To The Corner Shop

Hemky Madera is reprising the role of Delmar, a local shopkeeper in Queens. His deli was trashed during Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it looks as though his insurance paid out for the damage; presumably New York insurance policies now cover Acts of Superheroism. Delmar was interested in Peter's Aunt May, and would no doubt be disappointed to hear he has competition.

43. Web-Swinging

After five Marvel movies, Spider-Man: Far From Home finally shows the wall-crawler doing some proper web-slinging. There was none in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man was new to the idea in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and there were only hints of it in the Manhattan sequence in Avengers: Infinity War. Given Spider-Man is presumed dead for the bulk of Avengers: Endgame, it's seriously unlikely he'll do much web-slinging there either. So this sequence is important, confirming that Spider-Man has been practicing his web-slinging over the years, and has become more than a little competent at it.

42. Avengers Tower Is Being Repaired

Look closely, and you can see that building work is being done on Avengers Tower. Is the tower's mysterious new owner choosing to renovate it, or was it damaged during Avengers: Endgame? Certainly this is significant, given that the sale of Avengers Tower was a major plot in Spider-Man: Homecoming, one many think will mark the introduction of the Fantastic Four to the MCU.

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41. Peter Parker's Passport Is A Big Secret

Spider-Man: Far From Home is unable to resist a gag about Peter Parker picking up his passport, and it's amusing to speculate whether or not they had to do multiple takes of Tom Holland performing this particular tongue-twister. But the important details are on the passport itself. Firstly, the dates don't give any years. This could be for fear of causing continuity problems - Spider-Man: Homecoming is infamous for an "eight years later" sequence that messed up the timeline - although is more likely that Sony chose to edit them out so the trailer doesn't actually reveal when exactly Spider-Man: Far From Home is set in relation to the rest of the MCU - the date could be a spoiler for Avengers: Endgame.

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Also notice that Peter Parker was born on August 10. That's the same day that Amazing Fantasy #15 was published back in 1963, introducing the world to Spider-Man.

40. Peter's Find X T-Shirt

A lot of thought went into choosing Peter's T-shirts in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it's amusing to see him still wearing the Find X shirt. Peter Parker has always been something of a science and math nerd, and in the MCU he goes to a school for some of the brightest kids, so he naturally gravitated towards geeky clothes. Costume designer Louise Frogley scoured the internet, carefully choosing designs she thought were appropriate, and then clearing them with Sony's legal department. As she explained in an interview with Racked, in her view the clothes are worn in a slightly sarcastic way; whether you believe that or not, it's certain typical Peter to either keep hold of a T-shirt he likes, or order another one.

39. Rejecting The Suit

In a pivotal moment, Peter decides he doesn't want to take the Spider-Man costume with him. He wants to just be a normal kid, enjoying a school holiday with his classmates and taking the chance to get closer to MJ. The comics have always focused on the conflict between Peter Parker's private life and his superhero career, with Peter frequently forced to ditch friends - and even dates - in order to suit up. Presumably, that's been happening in the MCU as well, and he's tired of it. Of course, it's also possible that the end of Avengers: Endgame left Spider-Man worn out, and he wants a chance to get away from it.

38. Peter Parker Is Using Uncle Ben's Suitcase

Ben Parker Suitcase in Spider-Man Far From Home

The MCU has avoided retelling Spider-Man's origin story, which means there hasn't been a glimpse of Uncle Ben, and the famous "power and responsibility" line has never been uttered. Indeed, this trailer is actually the first time Uncle Ben has been explicitly referenced in the MCU; Peter is using his uncle's suitcase. Notice the initials on the case, BFP, which clearly suggest he's using his uncle's old case. Interestingly enough, in the comics Ben's never been given a middle name.

37. First Stop: Venice

First stop on the European summer vacation: Venice. It's certainly the right place for Peter to try to get closer to MJ - the canals of Venice are famed for being a romantic locale. Unfortunately, of course, Peter will find it hard to leave his Spider-Man career behind when trouble comes to find him.

36. Betty And Ned Are A Couple In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Betty and Ned in Spider-Man Far From Home

Love is in the air in Spider-Man: Far From Home - and not just for Peter Parker. The trailer shows that Jacob Batalon's Ned Leeds and Angourie Rice's Betty Brant are now a couple, an idea that's lifted straight from the comics. There, the two eventually married - although this being a comic book wedding, it was interrupted by a super-villain. The relationship didn't turn out well, unfortunately, not least because Betty was still secretly interested in Peter Parker.

As this scene continues, a boat passes by with the number "212." This is a smart Easter egg to Amazing Spider-Man #212 - the first appearance of classic Spider-Man villain Hydro-Man. That will prove to be important in other scenes set in Venice.

35. Peter And MJ Are Interested In Each Other

Peter may have been unimpressed by Happy's flirting with his aunt, but he's no master himself. In this hilarious scene, he attempts to compliment MJ, who flirts with him in her own sarcastic way before deciding to cut the guy some slack. MJ is most definitely being positioned as Spider-Man's love interest, and set photos have shown her being carried around by a web-slinging Spider-Man in some fairly intimate poses. Given she's sharp as a razor, it's possible MJ will deduce that Peter is Spider-Man over the course of the film.

34. New-Age MJ

Zendaya's Michelle, of course, is very different to the comic book version of MJ - a redhead named Mary Jane. Kirsten Dunst played a more comic book accurate version of MJ in the Sam Raimi trilogy, and Marvel don't seem interested in attempting to repeat characters or plot beats that have been successful on the big screen before. This version of MJ is a sharp, sarcastic teen who seems to be a committed feminist.

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33. The Rundown Hotel

Midtown High don't seem to have exactly splashed out on quality accommodation for their students - the hotel the kids are going to in Venice looks pretty rundown. The inside is a little bit better, but still frankly quite dingy.

32. Nick Fury Recruits Spider-Man

Nick Fury in Spider-Man Far From Home

Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury is the main MCU cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The trailer reveals that Fury correctly deduces (or already knew) Spider-Man's secret identity, and pays Peter an unexpected visit, shooting Ned with a tranquilizer dart in the process. This would appear to take place during the Venice leg of the trip, either before or after the Hydro-Man action sequence (possibly after given Peter doesn't have his suit).

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There's certainly a strong comic book precedent for a partnership between Fury and Spider-Man; in the comics, Peter's parents were members of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that became a crucial plot point in Marvel's Ultimate Universe relaunch in the 2000s; the end result was Peter and Fury becoming  In the Ultimate Universe - which has often served as inspiration for the films - Fury cared deeply about the Parkers and was devastated by their deaths, subsequently keeping a watchful eye on their son. He was thrilled when he realized Peter Parker was Spider-Man, and groomed him to become the greatest hero of them all. Naturally, the relationship between the two had its highs and lows - Fury is a secretive man, and he never quite revealed just how much he cared about Peter - but over time the two became good friends. This idea has since been reproduced in a number of popular Spider-Man animated series.

31. No Nick Fury In Avengers: Endgame?

Spider-Man Meets Nick Fury in Far From Home

Avengers: Endgame is known to feature a single scene that's supposed to feature absolutely every major MCU character to date. Well, almost everyone. According to Fury, he's never met Spider-Man before the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Given it's safe to assume the wall-crawler is part of that "absolutely everybody" scene, does that mean Nick Fury isn't in it?

30. The Classic Theme Returns

The trailer features a modernized version of the classic Spider-Man theme tune, which was originally composed back in 1967 by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris. The various Spider-Man reboots have all paid homage to this tune; buskers sang versions of it in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, while it was Peter's ringtone in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This version is similar to the one featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which was orchestrated by Michael Giacchino.

29. A Secret Base In Venice?

Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos showed Peter and Nick Fury going for a boat ride, presumably to a secret base in Venice. According to the Captain Marvel Prelude comic, Fury has been operating out of bases he established across the world back when he was Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He's believed to now be working with a new organization, though, in which case they may have a Venice HQ as well.

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28. Nick Fury In The Shard

Nick Fury looks out from the Shard, one of London's most iconic buildings. The tallest building in the United Kingdom, the Shard was completed in 2012 and opened to the public in 2013. There are a lot of conspiracy theories suggesting espionage agencies are based in the Shard, so it's amusing to see Nick Fury - the MCU's super-spy - in the building.

27. London Sightseers (Without Peter)

Peter's classmates wind up taking on a tour bus through London - and, of course, that means they go on a big, red bus. These buses are symbolic of London in any Hollywood blockbuster, and it's no surprise to see one featured in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Notice that Peter himself is not on the tour, off doing superhero business. The young tourists wind get caught up in chaos on Tower Bridge, and Spider-Man has to come to the rescue.

26. Ned Knows Everything (Again)

Peter Parker just doesn't believe in keeping secrets from his friends, again choosing to confide in Ned and reveal that their school trip is being disrupted by Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Where Peter seems unimpressed, Ned is delighted. Peter is again wearing a T-shirt he wore before, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

25. Tower Bridge On Fire

Spider-Man: Far From Home seems determined to explore some of London's most famous landmarks, featuring an attack on Tower Bridge. The effect looks like a pillar of cloud and fire; it's quite a Biblical image, evoking memories of the pillar that guided the Israelites through the Wilderness. If this is indeed an effect created by Mysterio, that may be exactly what he's looking for.

24. Spider-Man's New Black Suit (With A White Spider)

Spider-Man's Black Suit in Spider-Man Far From Home

A new Spider-Man movie means a new suit, and Peter's got quite the upgrade here. First seen in set photos and officially unveiled by Tom Holland on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, this is a red-and-black update on the Stark suit with a white spider on the back (evocative of Sony's hugely successful Spider-Man game). Beyond its design, little has been confirmed about the new suit; Peter wears it both in the London-set final to Spider-Man: Far From Home and back in New York City in set photos, meaning he gets it during his adventures. It could be from Fury, although as we'll see, he already has one from the agent.

Notice that this suit has a new ability; Spider-Man is able to use it to web-glide, which comes in handy for making his way across the Thames.

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23. The Sandman

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer confirms reports that the film will center on the wall-crawler confronting the threat of mysterious Elemental beings - at least three of them, possibly four. All three of the Elementals glimpsed in the trailer appear to be based on classic Spider-Man foes, transformed into mindless monsters. This one looks like the Sandman, a career criminal who stumbled into an experiment and was bonded with the sand of the beach. He's actually appeared in the Spider-Man films before; Thomas Haden Church played the Sandman in Spider-Man 3.

22. Nick Fury And Maria Hill On The Front Lines

Nick Fury and Maria Hill come face-to-face with one of the four Elementals. Assuming Fury is working with an organization again, this suggests he and Hill are a pair of field agents who are dispatched to deal with enhanced threats. Trailers are always out of sequence, so it's possible this scene is the first time Fury encountered an Elemental. It's easy to miss, but the car in front of Nick and Maria has the number "463" on its license plate. The Sandman was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #4, which was published in 1963.

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21. Fury Challenges Peter

"You got gifts, Parker," Nick Fury lectures. "But we have a job to do. Are you going to step up or not?" This scene will remind Spider-Man fans of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, where Nick Fury takes the wall-crawler under his wing - and often acts as a substitute father-figure. It sounds as though, at some point, Spider-Man doubts whether or not he should continue working with Fury and Hill; it's possible he suffers a defeat, or fails in a mission.

20. Fire and Lightning - The Final Elemental?

Tower Bridge appears to be under attack from above, with blasts of lightning striking from the sky, and bursts of fire searing it. The trailer provides glimpses of three powerful Elementals - representing Fire, Water, and Earth - so it's reasonable to assume there's an Air Elemental as well. Certainly lightning would be an appropriate power for such an Elemental, perhaps loosely based on the classic Spider-Man villain Electro.

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19. The Molten Man

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko back in 1965, the comic book version of the Molten Man was a scientist who was exposed to a radioactive liquid. He decided to use his powers for a life of crime, and has been a recurrent - albeit low-level - threat to Spider-Man ever since. Ironically, in the comics, he's actually the step-brother of Liz Allen, who appeared in the first film. It looks as though the MCU version of the Molten Man is a monstrous fire-creature, bent on causing destruction.

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18. Happy On The Stark Jet

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer includes another unexpected shot of Happy, suggesting he may play a more important role in the plot than many had thought. Happy is clearly on the Stark jet, so perhaps he's heard what's going on in Europe and come out to help Peter out. If so, it's worth noting that he'll understand what's going on a lot more than Peter does; he crossed paths with S.H.I.E.L.D. back when Fury was in charge, after all. This raises the possibility that at least one of the Spider-Man costumes in Spider-Man: Far From Home does come from Stark Industries after all.

17. Shootout In A Restaurant

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer features a shootout in a restaurant, and it's frankly the most inexplicable scene in the entire trailer. The scene is provided with no context whatsoever, and it's not really the kind of establishment Peter himself would frequent. Is this simply a generic crime that Spider-Man stumbles across at some point in the film? Or is it possible Peter and MJ - who are dressed up smartly elsewhere in the trailer - go to an up-market establishment and get caught in the gunfight? Whatever the truth may be, it's difficult to place this scene in the broader context of the story.

16. Attack On Tower Bridge

The chaos on Tower Bridge is indescribable - and Peter Parker's classmates are caught up in it, with lightning flaring around them. In quite a sweet touch, Ned and Betty are still holding hands even as they flee for their lives. MJ is the only one who looks back. They run past a car with a license plate "2865 SEP." That's another cool Easter egg, referencing Amazing Spider-Man #28, which was released in September 1965 - and introduced the Molten Man.

15. Spider-Man's Stealth Suit

Before he gets the red-and-black suit, Spider-Man looks to sport a stealth version of the traditional Spider-Man costume in Far From Home. The dark hues are evocative of spy getup, perfect for the kind of spy work Nick Fury would surely want Spider-Man to do on his behalf, and also looks like pretty formidable body-armor - albeit highly flexible. It's reminiscent of the Spider-Man Noir outfit, blended with the armor Spider-Man wore in Dan Slott's event "To The Ends of the Earth." That costume was created by Spider-Man in order to take on the assembled might of the Sinister Six.

14. Prague

Stealth Suit in Spider-Man Far From Home

Set photos have confirmed that Spider-Man wears his stealth suit while he's in Prague. Given the costume, it's safe to assume he's on a mission for Nick Fury - but has Fury taken him there on his own, or has the entire school trip been redirected by the MCU's premiere super-spy?

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13. Hydro-Man

The trailer clearly features the MCU iteration of Hydro-Man. In the comics, Morris Bench was a crewman on the cargo ship U.S.S. Bulldog who was accidentally knocked overseas by Spider-Man (the wall-crawler was battling Namor at the time). Bench was exposed to a powerful experimental generator while in the sea, and his body was transformed into a form of living water. Blaming Spider-Man for his fate, Hydro-Man sought vengeance. He's been a constant thorn in the web slinger's hide ever since, even working as a member of the Green Goblin's Sinister Twelve on one occasion. Spider-Man: Far From Home appears to have reinvented Hydro-Man as one of the four mindless, destructive Elementals - and, understandably, the creature strikes in Venice.

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12. Peter Fighting Without The Suit

Peter is unable to stand by as this Elemental force wreaks havoc in Venice, and tries to intervene - only to get blasted back by jets of water. The fact he's out of costume helps to give a sense of the structure of Spider-Man: Homecoming; it suggests that Hydro-Man is the first of the Elementals Peter encounters, and that he initially takes action even though he doesn't have a suit. This may explain how Nick Fury works out Spider-Man's secret identity; he notes a kid with Spider-Man-like super-powers, realizes the wall-crawler hasn't been spotted in New York for a few days, and puts two and two together.

11. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio

Mysterio in Spider-Man Far From Home

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer gives a first look at Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. A classic Spider-Man foe created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko back in 1964, Mysterio was a stuntman and special effects artist who decided he'd never gain the fame he deserved - and so got involved in the world of superheroes and supervillains. The costume is very true indeed to the comics - notice the patterning on the bodysuit and the style of the gauntlets - but this is definitely the coolest Mysterio has ever looked.

10. Mysterio's Powers

Just what are Mysterio's powers in the MCU? In the comics, the self-styled magician uses advanced technology to simulate superhuman abilities, and it's possible that's what he's doing in the trailer as well. At the very least, Mysterio appears able to teleport in clouds of green smoke, and can project powerful energy blasts of some kind with a similar green hue. He's also clearly able to negate gravity.

More recent comics have established that Mysterio does indeed have some sort of mystical abilities, however - he even forged a deal with Marvel's version of the Devil, Mephisto, on one occasion. A couple of scenes possibly hint that the MCU has kept this idea, with arcane symbols flaring in the air that are reminiscent of the effects of Doctor Strange's spells. Of course, it's always possible the maniac saw footage of Doctor Strange from the battle against the Black Order in Avengers: Infinity War and decided to imitate them.

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9. Mysterio As A Hero?!?

The plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home appears to be lifted straight from Mysterio's origin story, back in Amazing Spider-Man #13. In that comic, Mysterio originally presented himself as a hero rather than as a villain; in fact, he went on to frame Spider-Man as a bad guy, and earned acclaim as the city's champion when he took down the wall-crawler. Unfortunately for Mysterio, he was unable to resist bragging when he crossed paths with Spider-Man again - and Peter got him on tape. In the MCU, it seems likely Mysterio is really the one behind these monstrous Elemental attacks, and he's staging "victories" in battle against them in order to win fame.

8. Mysterio's Fishbowl Helmet

Mysterio's design really is comic-book-accurate - right down to his infamous "fishbowl" helmet. In the comics, Mysterio's helmet was inspired by the eye-pieces in Spider-Man's mask; he can see out, but nobody can see in. The MCU version is a little more spectacular, though, making the helmet look a little bit more like a crystal ball rather than a fishbowl. It will be amusing to see how the movie justifies Mysterio's bizarre fashion choice, which has been roundly mocked in every medium he's appeared in to date.

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7. The Logo Is A Globe

The logo for Spider-Man: Far From Home is tremendously creative; a spinning globe that transforms into the Spider-Man symbol. It then incorporates itself into the letter "O" in "Home." It's a nice touch, and makes a very dynamic sequence.

6. Remy Hii's Character

Remy Hii in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home adds a new member to the cast, Remy Hii (Crazy Rich Asians) in an as-yet-undisclosed role. Previous reports called for Sony and Marvel looking to find another male lead for Far From Home. The casting was open to all ethnicities and specifically noted someone with "leading man" qualities between the ages of 18-24. Hii is slightly older than this age range, but he could fit the bill. If so, then this may well be a major role. There's been some speculation that Hii could be playing the MCU version of Harry Osborn, but as yet there's no evidence to confirm this.

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5. Iron Man And Thor Rolled Into One

Mysterio's grandstanding battle against the Elementals seems to be winning him quite a fan-base, with Peter's friends describing their new hero as being "like Iron Man and Thor rolled into one." That's definitely the look Mysterio appears to be aiming for with his powerset and armor. This may actually be significant; it's worth remembering that the Vulture Gang had been selling advanced tech and weapons for years before Spider-Man shut them down, and that included both Stark technology and Asgardian weapons. Mysterio could well have been one of the Vulture's customers, who's now using that technology to spectacular effect.

4. Flash Is A Spider-Man Fan

While Peter Parker will be delighted to spend a bit of quality time with MJ, he'll be a lot less enthusiastic about the fact his school bully - Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson - is also along for the school trip. The MCU version of Flash is very different to his original comic book iteration, who was a tough jock who delighted in shoving Peter around. But it seems one element has been kept; Flash Thompson is a Spider-Man fan. The trailer shows an entirely comic-book-accurate scene in which Flash Thompson, the man Peter dislikes more than anybody else in the world, is the only Spider-Man fan in the whole crowd. The conflicted expression on Peter's face speaks volumes.

3. BONUS: Aunt May Wants Peter To Be Spider-Man In Europe

The international Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer features three scenes that aren't on the domestic one. The first is a brief scene that shows Peter Parker attempting to check his luggage, and he's shocked to find the Spider-Man costume inside it. Clearly Aunt May isn't just okay with Peter being Spider-Man - she actually supports his heroism, and she wants him to continue being a superhero even on his European vacation. Fortunately for Peter, the customs officer appears to assume he's just a fanboy who likes cosplay.

2. The Kids Go Abroad

Following on from that scene, the international trailer also shows the kids checking through customs. Ned and Betty go through as a couple, looking particularly sweet together. MJ, naturally, goes through alone.

1. J.B. Smoothe's Character

There's been a lot of speculation that J.B. Smoothe could be playing J. Jonah Jameson, but the international trailer pretty much debunks that theory. He's on the boat in Venice, which strongly suggests that Smoothe is just one of the teachers accompanying the students on their trip to Europe. That fits with set reports.

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