Every Star Trek series has so many plot twists, timeline shifts and even continuity errors that fans practically have to create new theories to explain away everything from why someone suddenly disappears to why a character decides completely change personalities. Most fan theories are floating out in deep space without any support, fueled only by deep desire and overthinking. While there's definitely a place for that in every fandom and fans certainly shouldn't be shamed for altering or mashing up their favorite pieces of Star Trek lore, purely for pleasure, it doesn't mean that any of those fan ideas could actually be possible within the confines of the actual show.

On the other hand, some Star Trek fan theories make so much sense that many fans have pretty much decided that they're canon. The Voyager series is a prime example of too many coincidences and subversive hints to ignore or explain away, and fans have fleshed out their ideas with so many bits of evidence from various episodes that it's tempting to consider them as plausible within the show's reality. Seska as the lost daughter of Legate Ghemor? B'Elanna's use of a tribble? Sounds plausible to many fans! While these theories obviously can't be proven or disproven by fans alone, it doesn't mean that the Borg Queen couldn't be Seven of Nine's mom in many fans' minds.

From the truth about Janeway to where Tom Paris actually went, here are Star Trek: 25 Fan Theories About Voyager (That Make Too Much Sense).

24 Janeway Truly Hates Harry

All joking aside, what if Captain Janeway really did have it out for Harry Kim all along? Fans point out that she regularly promoted many other officers, from Paris and Torres and even Chakotay, whom Starfleet frowned upon. Then we have poor Harry, who's been an Ensign for seven years with nowhere to go but up-- someday.

The theory is that Janeway truly didn't like Harry and refused to promote him all along. The thing is, Starfleet also issues promotions, so did they have it out for him as well?

23 The Warship Voyager Is Real (And From The Mirror Universe)

Not only do fans postulate that the Warship Voyager was actually real, but that it comes from the Mirror Universe. This would give the Terran Empire a shot at existence and give the theory some support, but it gets even wilder. What if the entire episode took place in the Mirror Universe to begin with?

We have all enjoyed some MU fun ever since the days of Kirk and Spoc. This wouldn't change a lot in terms of the plot of the episode itself, but it would create further possibilities to consider if the ship were indeed real.

22 The Holodeck Is An Emergency Generator

It's never been explicitly used as a generator, but fans say that it would make perfect sense given that the holodeck is powered by a completely separate power grid from the rest of the ship. The holodeck has generated bursts of energy in episodes before, so it would make perfect sense that, if harnessed properly, the energy from the holodeck could be used as an emergency generator to power other things.

It's unlikely that there would be enough energy to power the rest of the ship, at least for long, but it is an interesting theory to pursue.

21 Fear's First Victim Was An Accident

What if the first victim of the Fear simulation in "The Thaw" really just had an accidental heart attack that had nothing to do with Fear? It could change the whole tone of the episode, changing Fear from a serious threat to something that started out as a general mischief-maker but adapted after learning about the capabilities of its own power.

The fan theory suggests that once everyone learned to be afraid of Fear following this accident, it only gave him more power, which he utilized in order to be more successful in giving others heart attacks.

20 B'Elanna Had A Tribble As Her Animal Guide

Most of us either hate or love tribbles, but would we really want them offed?

Perhaps that's why B'Elanna wanted to off her own animal guide-- not because it was something too soft or too weird for her to follow, but because she simply wanted to take preemptive measures to avoid becoming the Crazy Cat Lady of the Voyager, but with tribbles. The fan theory seems as if it were dreamed up to simply explain why B'Elanna might off an animal guide when in reality, we could see her doing it for less.

19 Voyager's Deuterium Shortage Was A Cover-Up For Something Else

Why would Voyager ever run out of deuterium? As an isotope of hydrogen, it's plentiful throughout the universe and it's laughable to think it would be in such high demand. Some fans think that "deuterium" was just a code word for something much more secretly coveted that the ship was either after or regularly needed. Perhaps the substance was too precious to speak about, especially if large ears were listening, so they used "deuterium" instead.

It's not an impossible idea, although there really isn't much concrete evidence to support it.

18 The Lost Daughter Of Legate Ghemor Is Seska

Legate Ghemor's daughter Ileana was lost in Deep Space Nine, so what could Seska of Voyager have to do with that? Some fans postulate that the two are one and the same, providing a bit of behind-the-scenes continuity between the universes. The idea is that she was able to awaken once she was within the confines of the Delta Quadrant due to her Obsidian Order deep-cover programming.

There are some minor details that could lend support to the theory, such as "Seska" not working as a Cardassian name for the spy and Ileana never being recovered among the Bajorans.

17 The Doctor Never Planned To Off Seven Of Nine

The idea of The Doctor being so quick to off Seven Of Nine when his ethics were removed has troubled many a viewer. Some fans speculate that he was working against Captain Ransom the entire time, using a projection of Seven of Nine to try and stop the entire procedure.

There's also a theory that The Doctor gave Seven of Nine implants since she obviously was more well-endowed when he gave her longer hair and a catsuit. It makes sense for him to be responsible for any other adjustments as well.

16 Neelix Is A Predator

Hooking up with someone who looks like a woman, but was technically only two years old when the show began seems rather weird. Fans have compiled even more evidence to support their idea that Neelix is one creepy character. He's not even remotely interested in Seven of Nine, whom everyone else fawns over, but he does seem to prefer the those much younger than him.

It's mostly circumstantial, given that Kes only has nine years to live to begin with, but it's a plausible theory that honestly could be applied to many characters.

15 Tom Paris's Double Offed Himself

Why does Tom Paris's double just vanish without a trace? The obvious conclusion would be that decay had started to set in and he perished as a result, but some fans speculate that the truth is even bleaker. Since we last saw this version of Tom expressing bitterness over his situation in a pretty depressed tone, these fans think that the duplicate Tom just decided to off himself and end it quickly rather than wait to rot.

A far less likely theory? That Tom is the reincarnation of Captain Kirk!

14 The Cause of Kes' Insanity

When Kes returned to the show after evolving into a higher life form, she was as bitter and unhinged as an adult who's come home to live back in Mom's basement after giddily declaring independence just six months ago. She even blames Janeway for "filling her head with ideas of exploration," much like a petulant child.

Fans just aren't buying this. Some think that the reason Kes went insane was because of some dark knowledge she gained on her travels, such as learning that the Borg had assimilated her world or coming to terms with her own mortality.

13 Friendship One Was Intended To Insult The Vulcans

When the unmanned Friendship One was sent out to make contact with the Vulcans, it was more than weird, given how first contact had already been made years prior. Why would another probe be sent out to re-establish this contact? Could you imagine if every space probe had some kind of foll0w-up visit each four years?

Fans who find this strange say that the Friendship One wasn't an actual probe at all. Instead, it was meant to insult the Vulcans, who refused to share their tech with the humans.

12 The Doctor Has No Backup Files On Purpose

It would seem an egregious error for there to be no backup files of The Doctor, and fans have hotly contested the reason why for a long time. Some speculate that there were no backup files intentionally because The Doctor is himself the backup, which makes perfect sense.

The EMH was created for emergency use to begin with, which means that he is the backup files. You don't typically make a backup of your backup-- unless you're super type A or you have way too much time on your hands. It's a lengthy process and we can't blame anyone for not doing it twice.

11 Janeway Marries Mark

Isn't there a rule in sci-fi where you marry the person who saved your life? Mark Johnson was supposed to do just that with his love Captain Janeway, but he married someone else once the Voyager was lost and everyone assumed the crew was gone forever.

While Mark's wife, Carla, and Janeway eventually meet and become friends, some fans speculate that Janeway developed into the typical Insane Admiral and took out his wife in, say, a transporter accident. Given that Mark said he'd have waited to marry her had he known she still lived, he would then run back into her arms.

10 Tom Paris and Harry Kim Were A Couple

There are several LGBT theories in the Star Trek universe, and as groundbreaking as each series was, it wasn't inclusive to LGBT people until very recently. Several Star Trek actors, like George Takei and Zachary Quinto, have come out publicly, but Gene Roddenberry's own prejudice, which he has since spoken out against, likely had much to do with it over the years.

A favorite pairing among Voyager fans, Tom Paris and Harry Kim had a fantastic dynamic in the show that could easily be attributed to romantic love rather than friendly admiration.

9 Quantum Leap Was Part Of Starfleet

Remember the time-jumping program Quantum Leap? There's a fun fan theory that Commander Braxton took over the Quantum Leap Project on Earth 1999, which makes Braxton himself the reason why Sam's leaps are so random and sporadic. There are a few one-time characters that Sam meets who could serve as Braxton's presence as he observes Sam's progress and works to correct the failed project.

There's really not a lot of evidence here, but it could still happen, and it would unify two very cool sci-fi universes.

8 Ocampans Use Mind Manipulation

There's a theory that a telepathic link that Ocampans utilize with their mates may not only create a deeper bond, but actually control or manipulate the species' mates to the point of even altering their desires and personalities. While Neelix was a possessive and jealous mate to Kes, as soon as she left his demeanor pleasantly shifted and he became a more likable character.

Still others believe this may be explained away with pheromones. Kes says that Ocampan marriages have no jealousy or distrust, which could be due to their own powers of pheromone manipulation.

7 The Kuvah'magh Will Find The Sword Of Kahless

It's not relevant to the show all that much, but Tom and B'elanna's child could be the star of a completely new story in which the Klingons are not only unified but perhaps even evolved into something new. It would make sense that even a warlike race would eventually adapt and become peaceful in the show, particularly since evolving into a more peaceful, productive species that doesn't even use money (in most cases, anyway) is a prime focus of Star Trek.

Fans speculate that finding the Sword of Kahless could make Kuvah'magh the leader the Klingons need to enter a new era of peace and wisdom.

6 Everything After "Year Of Hell" Is A Dream

In a complicated fan theory that actually works out quite well, the famous "Year of Hell" resulted in a time paradox that nullified the universe in the series, rendering every moment afterward a dream. Nobody likes the "It was all a dream after all!" trope, which is just lazy storytelling, but if it's true, it would explain a lot.

Why is there another Doctor? What about Kes's warnings about "Before and After"? There are lots of tiny pieces of evidence that could give credence to this idea, and if you look them up you could fall into a wormhole yourself, wondering what's real and what was just an illusion.

5 The Borg Queen Is Seven Of Nine's Mother

Wouldn't it be completely fitting for the Borg Queen to be Seven of Nine's mother? Just the fact that the queen wants Seven at any cost, complete with the individuality that makes her unique, makes fans speculate that she could be her mother. The queen tells Seven she could be reunited with her family, but only really mentions her father, leaving us to ponder over who her mother might really be.

There are a few piece of evidence to support this theory, even if it's never been confirmed.

4 The Caretaker Was Actually Trying To Wipe Out The Ocampa

While the Caretaker claimed to care for the bizarre Ocampa race, some fans theorize that he was actually trying to wipe them out instead. Taught to be passive without ever questioning their existence, the Ocampa already seemed as if they were doomed for extinction eventually; any species that simply stops adapting will likely suffer such a fate.

What if the Caretaker is even enforcing the one child per female policy, controlling their population in a effort to ensure they can't ever recover their numbers? His motive might be his own freedom from the task, and his partner could have fled in order to preserve the species elsewhere.

3 Chakotay's Is Seven's Beard To Hide Her Love For Janeway

Seven of Nine never really seemed to have chemistry with Chakotay, but she did seem to hit it off with Janeway. The non-canonical pairing is a favorite fan romance. Many fans speculate that the only reason why Seven is even with Chakotay is to cover up her deep love for Janeway.

Had the series been produced today, making Seven and Janeway an item wouldn't have been a big deal at all, but at the time there wasn't nearly as much LGBT representation on television. Even Jeri Ryan has expressed feelings about how her romance with Chakotay was a total failure. Could he have truly been Seven's beard?

2 Seven Of Nine Became A Borg Queen

We all know that Seven of Nine created a hive mind, even if it was temporary. Doing that and linking it to other minds is really the only requirement to become a Borg queen, right? In this case, what if Seven Of Nine became a queen as a result?

If the theory that Seven of Nine's mother is a queen holds any merit, this theory could carry even more weight since she could be a match to replace her mother-- especially if her mother was originally a clone in the first place.

1 Starfleet Lost Voyager On Purpose

What if the Voyager crew was so messed up that Starfleet sent the entire cast out into space and lost them on purpose? It sounds rather far-fetched, but those who subscribe to the idea cite the many dangerous characters on board to support the idea. Could Janeway have used knowledge of this nefarious plan as blackmail to become Admiral in Star Trek: Nemesis?

Fans use the Golgafrinchans in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series an example of this actually happening. It doesn't change a lot in terms of plot, but it sure would alter the tone of the whole series if it were true!


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