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A campaign originating on Reddit asked for a terminally ill Marvel fan to get an early screening of Avengers 4, and now it appears to have worked. While happy endings are commonplace in Hollywood films, sadly, real life often doesn't end stories so pleasantly. Sometimes the bad guys win, sometimes the innocent get punished, and sometimes people die far before their time. As Thanos says in Avengers: Infinity War, reality is often disappointing. But sometimes, small victories can happen, and it's important to appreciate them.

Last weekend, a 33-year-old man using the handle Alexander Q posted to the Marvel Studios subreddit in an attempt to try and figure out a way to get an early screening of Avengers 4, or as it's now officially titled, Avengers: Endgame. Alexander suffers from a rare genetic disease called Fanconi Anemia, and is currently battling liver cancer, mouth cancer, and bone marrow failure. He doubts he'll survive long enough to see the MCU's phase 3 capper in theaters, and it would mean a lot to him to see how the story Marvel Studios has been telling for the past decade wraps up.

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In a heartwarming display, Alexander's fellow Redditors quickly rallied around his cause, launching the #Avengers4Alexander social media campaign, which quickly spread around the internet. Now, in an update to his original Reddit posting, Alexander revealed that Disney has contacted him, and they're currently discussing options as far as facilitating an early Avengers 4 screening. His full post, beginning with the original explanation of his condition, can be seen below.

Alexander Q, who's clearly not lost his sense of humor, is obviously very thankful to those who helped him make his desire a reality. Considering all the political strife and division currently infesting the world, it's nice to be reminded by a story like this that sometimes people do good just for the sake of doing good, even if it's for the benefit of someone they've never met. While it's not necessarily surprising that Disney contacted Alexander to try and make his wish to see Avengers 4 early come true - the company has done things like this in the past, as the Reddit post above mentions - the speed at which they've done so is also heartening.

Hopefully, Disney and Alexander Q come to terms soon on how best to let him see Avengers: Endgame. It'll fully solidify the happy end to this tragic story. Well, as happy as a story such as this could possibly finish, short of a miraculous recovery. In the meantime, Alexander's fellow Marvel fans remain in his corner, and one hopes he'll keep providing further updates as long as he's able to.

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Source: Alexander Q/Reddit