Donald Glover in Atlanta Season 2

Deciding what to stream is a big deal. If you’re going to binge watch something for hours on end you have to choose wisely. Don’t leave a decision like that up to chance. Instead of trusting your recommended results or flipping a coin, why not let your personality decide?  We’ve narrowed down ten great shows based on which Myers Briggs Type would enjoy them most. Whether you’re obsessed with solving puzzles or with following serious reality drama, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list then get to streaming your recommended show.

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10. ESFJ: Atlanta

Zazie Beetz in Atlanta

Atlanta is a classic tale of showing interest in a family member just in time to ride their coattails. In the show, Earn (Donald Glover) is jobless and trying to turn his life around. His cousin Alfred (Bryan Tyree Henry) is clawing his way up the ranks of the local rap scene. As soon as Earn realizes his cousin may be headed somewhere he sees his path to a better life. ESFJs value social status. It’s important to them to look fresh and continuously improve themselves. This rags to riches struggle is fascinating to anyone obsessed with the top.

9. ISTP: Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar Promo Header

ISTPs love to figure out what makes things and people tick. The complex and rich interpersonal relationships in Queen Sugar make the perfect puzzle for them to savor and unravel. The ISTP’s calm, rational mind loves to carefully dissect a complicated human interaction and examine it piece by piece. ISTPs can sometimes leap before they look. This impulsiveness means they sometimes find themselves a little too deep in someone else’s business.

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8. ESFP: Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers Boat

ESFPs love to have a good time. They’re the life of the party and love other big, vibrant personalities. They also have a keen sense of aesthetic. They love beautiful things and visual patterns. Bob’s Burgers is a great combination of gorgeous, bright and fun animation full of big characters. The show is beautiful. The colors are well chosen and express the flavor of the show and the Belchers. Bob’s Burgers is non stop laughs. The quirky humor is a perfect fit for fun loving ESFP

7. ISTJ: Pawn Stars

ISTJs aren’t above a little guilty pleasure. As long as it’s straightforward. These practical thinkers love the straight forward and mundane. Nothing could make them happier than a succinct interesting story and a quick offer. Pawn Stars is a great choice for ISTJs. They love rules, order, and chaos. The standards on Pawn Stars are linear. The staff knows what they can move and what they can’t. The consistent format of the show would be comforting while the unique items provide novelty.

6. ENTJ: The Affair

The Affair TV Show

The Affair is exactly what it sounds like, a show about an affair. The story is told from the perspective of many different characters, all of whom have their own motivations, interpretations, and perspectives. ENTJs have a difficult time with emotional expression. They’re too rational and analytical to devote too much to their feelings. Watching the effects of an affair on so many deeply feeling characters would prove to be fascinating for ENTJs. Picking apart each character’s every move could be a full-time job for them.

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5. INFJ: Real Housewives

Real Housewives

INFJ is an intuitive personality type. They can smell drama like blood in the water. The Real Housewives series is the perfect match for these judgemental diplomats. The nonstop subtle manipulation and unexpected outbursts make this a fun challenge for INFJs. They love testing the limits of their predictive powers. Every catfight they accurately predict will feel like a major win. This idealist has high standards. They aren’t afraid to judge others as they hold them up to their code.

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4. ESTP: The Sopranos

The Sopranos Cast

The Sopranos appeals to the no-nonsense ESTP. They’re exactly the type of person who can handle the rough east coast culture portrayed in the show. ESTPs aren’t afraid of a little risky behavior. They won’t bat an eye at half of the illegal and shady shenanigans on that the family gets up to. This personality type is also very enterprising. They can appreciate the hustle more than most. They’re the boss of their domain and they love watching other strong personalities handle their business.

3. ISFJ: Dexter

ISFJs live by a code. They hold everyone around them to the same high moral standards. Their deeply analytical minds mean they love having a mystery to sink their teeth into. Dexter is a perfect choice for these principled thinkers. His rules help them ease into the horror of the gore and murder. Having the illusion of order amid the chaos makes the dark drama palatable. Many ISFJs can relate to a mind as calculating as Dexter’s. Slowly unraveling the twists and turns of the plot will be a delicious treat.

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2. ESFP: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Golden Globes 2017 - Jimmy Fallon

The performer in the ESFP can’t resist good showmanship. Jimmy Fallon hosts an army of talent every season. This show is sure to keep a big personality entertained. ESFPs can have a short attention span which makes late night TV perfect for them. There’s always something new and different t delight this rich and generous personality type. For a group of people who love cheering others on, The Tonight Show is a perfect choice.

1. INTJ: How I Met Your Mother

INTJs are in it for the long haul. These future thinkers know how to dig their heels in stick to a commitment. This show is extremely long and drawn out, but worth every moment. INTJs eat up every bit of the slow drip that is How I Met Your Mother. It takes a specific personality to stay interested in a show that takes 9 seasons to tell a simple story. INTJ is in it to win it. Their curiosity keeps them coming back for more, even in a slump season.

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