The Vampire Diaries delighted, frustrated, and inspired fans for years. Throughout its 8 seasons, the show gained a dedicated following, some of whom liked to theorize about their favorite vampires, werewolves, and humans. The variety of fan theories shows the variety of reasons that people watched the show. Some were drawn in by the relationships between characters, while others liked the supernatural aspect of the show. Still, others liked the lore or enjoyed comparing The Vampire Diaries to other stories.

Though vampires were the hot new thing when The Vampire Diaries started, they quickly became old news. Yet the show stayed on for a long time regardless, and the fans were dedicated to the end. Perhaps the fan theories not only show how dedicated the fans were but also that many fans saw the show, which became full of more plot twists and plot holes as time went on, not only as it was but as it could be. Though some fan theories are outlandish, as fan theories tend to be, some might have been interesting if they had played out on the show.

Imagine Elena waking up from her magical sleep forgetting everything that had happened since meeting Stefan and Damon. Boy, would that have rebooted the show! Or if Elena really started falling for Damon during the events of season one. That would have been interesting, and most likely caused a lot of drama in all parts of the fanbase. Or if Nina Dobrev returned not as Elena or as Katherine, but as a new character, the villain of season 8. Also very interesting.

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20 Elena was going to wake up from her sleep

Imagine if Elena woke up from her magical coma not knowing a thing about vampires and werewolves, witches and ghosts. According to a fan theory, it could've happened in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.  This fan theory states that Elena would wake up from her magical sleep only knowing her life before she met the Salvatores. That would've been tragic for many fans, who were invested in Elena's relationships with both Salvatore brothers.

Though those not fond of the love triangle probably wouldn't have minded. Regardless of which category of fans you might fall under, imagine if this fan theory had happened. That would've definitely rebooted the show and fans would have most likely been campaigning for more seasons rather than feeling closure. So perhaps it's a good thing this fan theory didn't happen.

19 All the characters are really gone

This fan theory is certainly interesting. Though perhaps it is one of the more outlandish ones. The characters of The Vampire Diaries are certainly very morally grey. But hell? Really? Some of them may deserve it but most fans would probably not want their favorite characters to suffer too much. Then again, the show always did like to keep us on our toes.

If this fan theory is true, it would certainly be surprising and would explain why characters sometimes suffered so much throughout the show. Still, most people's version of hell would not include a love triangle or so many attractive young people.

18 Stefan's story in season 7 is based on The Odyssey

The Odyssey? Really? You may be wondering why any fan would say that. However, this theory is actually an interesting one. If you're unfamiliar with The Odyssey, it's the story of Odysseus trying to make it home after the Trojan War to his wife Penelope and encountering many obstacles along the way. What does this have to do with The Vampire Diaries and Stefan, you may ask? Good question.

According to one fan, Stefan is Odysseus in this case while Caroline is Penelope and Alaric represents the suitors. Valerie represents the sirens. Stefan is trying to get back to Caroline, who presumes him dead and is living with a new suitor (Alaric), while still staying faithful to Stefan (her relationship with Alaric is fake). Meanwhile, Valerie is messing with Stefan by casting a spell on his journal (siren song, anyone?).

17 Caroline and Damon were going to be together in season 5

This certainly would've been interesting, and most likely would have caused a lot of drama in the fanbase. Damon and Elena fans would not have been happy, nor would many fans of Caroline's various pairings including Klaus, Tyler and perhaps even Stefan.

According to one fan,  Caroline and Damon were going to hook up in season five episode twelve.  Though that may have been interesting, especially if there are any--though it's unlikely--Caroline and Damon shippers, it would have most likely also caused unnecessary drama in a show full of drama already. So perhaps it's better that the writers didn't go this route.

16 Elena was acting like Damon

This fan theory is actually plausible. Which is kind of creepy if you think about it. Due to losing Damon, Elena was grieving. To feel closer to her lost love, Elena started acting like season one Damon and possibly even dressing like him. According to one fan, this is Elena's way of dealing with the loss.

The fan theory goes on to say that by day Elena acts normal and puts on a facade, but by night she is living out her darkest Damon-like fantasies. Perhaps not the healthiest coping mechanism. Which Elena herself most likely realizes as she goes about her double life. In fact, in the show itself, she asks Alaric to compel her to forget Damon. So this theory might not be so far off.

15 Elena started to fall in love with Damon during season one

This certainly would've been interesting, for all parts of the fandom. Damon and Elena fans and Stefan and Elena fans would have all had something to say about this. According to one fan,  Elena started falling for Damon when they danced together at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant when Stefan wasn't around. This certainly would have been an interesting route for the show to go down, especially since that scene is such an iconic one for Damon and Elena.

Most Damon and Elena fans would have felt very happy if the show had gone down that route. However, in the end, this fan theory was not correct. Elena, according to the show, started falling in love with Damon during season three and therefore could not have already been in love with him during season one.

14 Damon was responsible for the fate of elena's parents

Many fans theorized that Damon was responsible for the deaths of the Gilbert parents. That certainly would have been a plot twist and most likely would have put an end to Damon and Elena for good. However, in the end, the writers did not go that route and many fans are likely grateful.

After all, poor Elena has suffered enough in her short life without this theory being true. She's been through a lot and deserves a break. This among many other reasons is likely why the writers decided to go a different way. Especially since this twist would have likely put an end to Damon and Elena's relationship, which perhaps the writers did not want to do.

13 Stefan and Katherine were destined to be together

According to one fan,  since doppelgängers are fated to be together and Elena is, at this point, with Damon, that means that Stefan and Katherine are meant to be together. If you're a Stefan and Katherine fan, most likely you agree and wish they had ended up together. If you're a Stefan and Elena fan, on the other hand, you're probably shaking your head and disagreeing.

This would have been an interesting twist, though. Imagine if Stefan, good boy Stefan, had ended up with a character that can only be described as an antagonist if not a villain. That would have been very interesting and the catalyst for extensive character development for both characters.

12 Damon would have the cure forced on him

According to one fan, Damon would have the cure for vampirism forced on him either through a drink meant for Elena or during a struggle with Stefan. This certainly would've been an interesting plot twist as it would have changed the Damon and Elena and Damon and Stefan dynamics. Especially if Stefan had been the one to cause Damon to get the cure forced on him.

This theory also goes on to say that the cure would have some downsides such as memory loss, which would absolutely change Damon as a character if he had it forced on him, further affecting the Damon and Elena and Damon and Stefan relationships. This would have been interesting, but ultimately the writers went a different route.

11 Damon and Bonnie would be gone for good

Often on The Vampire Diaries, death is not the end. Yet according to one fan, Damon and Bonnie were going to die for good. This would have been a surprising plot twist, though Damon fans and Bonnie fans would have been disappointed. This certainly would have left a gaping hole in the show, a Damon-sized hole, and a Bonnie-sized hole.

Damon wouldn't have been around for Elena or Stefan and Bonnie wouldn't have been around for Elena or Caroline. In the end, everyone's favorite vampire and witch did not die permanently, and most fans are likely grateful. After all, what would the show be like without Damon's wit and Bonnie's magic? It certainly would have been very different.

10 Katherine was stuck in the Prison World

This certainly would have been an interesting plot twist. Katherine is many fans' favorite antagonist. It certainly would have been exciting to see what Katherine would have gotten up to and how she would have messed with Damon and Bonnie. Because Katherine wouldn't be Katherine if she wasn't antagonizing someone.

This theory also goes on to say that Katherine would come back with Damon and Bonnie, which would lead to the "no magic" spell being broken in Mystic Falls due to Katherine also being a doppelgänger, meaning Elena would not be the only female doppelgänger in town anymore.

9 Elena only told Stefan to save Matt to reinforce the idea that she's selfless

This theory may be pushing it a little bit. Love her or hate her, you've got to admit that Elena regularly puts others above herself, including in this scene with Matt. She may not be perfect--who is?--but she is overall a good person. She definitely has her selfish moments too, as we all do, but most of the time she's pretty selfless.

So this theory might be a few fans misinterpreting Elena's character. It just doesn't seem likely that Elena would be capable of such deception or would pull the wool over not only her loved ones' eyes but the audience's as well. It also doesn't seem likely that the writers intended it to be interpreted that way.

8 Elena would end up with Matt

So, this is interesting. Shoutout to the few Matt and Elena shippers. According to one fan, this is because Matt brings out her humanity. Which is true. When she turned her humanity off, Matt was able to bring it back. Matt and Elena also regularly confide in each other. Though all of that is not beyond the realms of a close friendship.

Though it certainly would have been interesting if this had happened. Many fans would have had something to say about it, though. This could've been the thing to unite Damon and Elena fans with Stefan and Elena fans, which often seemed an impossible feat.

7 Klaus was Vincent Van Gogh

Yes, you read that correctly. Klaus, everyone's favorite Original hybrid, was Vincent Van Gogh. According to one fan,  Klaus would have used his painting talents, painted some flowers in France, and would have eventually faked the death of his alter ego after being found by his father. While this theory is quite interesting, it is unlikely.

After all, while Klaus does like painting, he's far too busy with his villainous exploits to ever settle down and live a quiet life. That and it's hard to imagine Klaus painting Starry Night. So this theory will have to stay only a theory. Though it would be interesting to see in fanfiction. Klaus fans, get on it!

6 Bonnie had feelings for Damon

Another interesting theory. According to one fan, Bonnie loved Damon. She showed this love by attacking him and telling him that he betrayed her? That does sound a bit like a jilted lover. This theory would've been interesting if it had played out on the show.

Not only would it cause drama between Bonnie and Damon, but it would also cause drama between Damon and Elena and Elena and Bonnie. Bonnie's friend Elena would most likely not take it well that Bonnie had a thing for Damon. And what would Damon's reaction be? Hard to say. He'd probably be somewhat flattered which would cause some drama between Damon and Elena.

5 Stefan and Damon would both sacrifice themselves

How tragic for fans of the Salvatores. This theory states that in order to defeat the final enemy--which this theory says is Katherine--the Salvatores would have to die. The brothers would die heroic deaths to save their friends and would be last seen in Bonnie's heaven with Damon coming up behind Stefan saying "Hello brother," echoing the famous scene from season one.

This theory is very interesting and some fans may wish it had happened. Although it would have been tragic to say goodbye to both Salvatores for good at the end of the show, there's something so bittersweet about the season one parallels that's too good to ignore. Perhaps this was another missed opportunity on the writers' parts.

4 Elena's parents' passings were caused by a vampire

According to one fan, the death of the Gilbert parents was no accident. A vampire, perhaps mistaking Elena for Katherine due to her doppelgänger status, is the cause of their car going off the road. This theory is quite an interesting one. It certainly would make sense for Elena's parents to be killed indirectly by a vampire.

However, Julie Plec herself has confirmed that there were no supernatural hijinks involved, it was simply an accident. So sorry theorist but this remains just a theory.

3 Vicki was sire bonded to Damon

It's a bit more like the books than the show here. Vicki's season one sire bond to Damon is more like how book Elena reacted after newly being turned into a vampire. Vicki shows her bond by defending Damon from Tyler, who punches Damon. Some fans may think she's defending Tyler from Damon but the timing of the line would be wrong for that, according to this fan theorist.  

The first season of the show most likely drew from the books a bit more than later seasons. So this theory is possible. Vicki could have indeed had a bit of a sire bond to Damon. We will most likely never know if this theory is true but it's certainly interesting to think about.

2 Kai was the protagonist of season 6

According to one fan theorist, Kai Parker was the real protagonist of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries. This may be one of the more "out there" theories. No matter how much fans may have enjoyed Kai as a character, the protagonist spot is already taken, by several people actually. Kai is also more of an antagonist like Katherine or Klaus. Isn't it funny that all of their names start with K?

New fan theory: anyone with a K name is evil. Sorry to everyone with K names. It also isn't likely that someone who killed his siblings would be the protagonist of the story, especially given the close sibling bonds of Damon and Stefan and Elena and Jeremy. It wouldn't fit the story the writers were telling.

1 Nina Dobrev would return as the villain

According to one fan theorist, Nina Dobrev would return for season 8 not as Elena or as Katherine, but as a new character, the villain of the story. This theory could have been possible. Especially when all fans knew was that Nina Dobrev was returning to the cast. The writers certainly could have gone this route. It might have been interesting to see Nina Dobrev portray another antagonist. Those parts are always fun to play.

Though most fans are likely glad that Elena and Katherine came back. Especially since both parts are so iconic. Many fans especially love Katherine--even more than Elena sometimes--and it's interesting to see that she's pulling the strings in season eight much like she was in season one.


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