The Twilight series was ground-breaking for a number of reasons. The teenage love story introduced a new generation to the world of vampires while reigniting the young-adult genre of films and books. While not loved by everyone, there is no denying how popular this series is. The love story between Edward and Bella was beloved by legions of fans before it finally came to a happy ending during Breaking Dawn. Following the birth of their daughter Renesmee, they were finally en route to living happily ever after.

While there has yet to be a follow-up novel exploring Renesmee's life, the brief glimpses that fans got of her helped explain a lot. The half-vampire, half-human has a lot of questions surrounding her existence, but there is one thing fans know for sure: she is special. Renesmee inherited traits from both of her parents, making her one of a kind. With superhuman traits from her father, combined with the humanity from her mother, her mystery has entranced fans. Although Twilight only explored the first year of her life, there is so much more to learn about her. Renesmee will grow up alongside vampires and humans, but she will eventually grow into her own person, who is much different than both Edward and Bella. Here are 20 Things Renesmee Cullen Can Do (That Her Parents Can’t):

20 The First Of Her Kind

While the Twilight universe did introduce Nahuel as one of the first human/vampire hybrids, Renesmee is special in her own right. When Renesmee was born, she became the first female hybrid in known history, and without knowing it, made vampire history.

There may be pieces of history in the Twilight universe that are not recorded, though, as vampires have allegedly existed since the beginning of time, so there may have been a case just like Edward and Bella's that no one knows about. However, based on what fans know, she is the first of her kind. While Nahuel is able to provide some indication about what her life will be like, the fact that she is female may make things different down the road. Only time will tell exactly what Renesmee's life will be like.

19 Completed School As A Vampire

The Cullen's wall of graduation caps is certainly a hilarious decoration piece in their home. In order not to create any suspicion from their town, the Twilight family has gone through schooling many times. Since most of the Cullen's ages were frozen during their high school period, they have been able to pass as students for a very long time. However, each of them had completed their schooling initially as humans. For Renesmee's case, though, she is able to claim something different.

Since she wasn't born as a full human, Renesmee will be attending school for the first time as a vampire. If Bella thought high school was difficult as a human, she should imagine what her daughter will have to go through.

18 Communicates As A Fetus

When a mother is pregnant, they are able to feel their baby kicking and can react to different stimuli. Whether the baby is reacting to different sounds or foods, they are able to communicate with the outside world, and given how special Renesmee is, she is able to communicate via her actual thoughts instead of just kicking.

Due to Edward's ability to read thoughts, Renesmee is able to communicate with him. She is able to let him know what she is thinking, as well as her feelings despite not being completely developed as a baby. This ability to communicate is not something that any of the other vampires were able to do since they were born as humans. However, most families who are not involved with vampires likely wish that their babies had this ability as well. Wouldn't that make taking care of late-night cravings much easier?

17 Floating

Most of the Twilight vampires are shown with the ability to run and jump incredibly fast and high, respectively, using this ability to hunt, attack, and even play baseball. In fact, Edward and Bella are even able to climb up some of the tallest trees and mountains with ease. However, only one Cullen is shown as being able to defy gravity and float gently in the air.

As small as she is, Renesmee has an ability that none of the other Cullens do: she can float in the air. Although she is innocent enough to only use this power to chase snowflakes in the air, she will eventually use this gift as a great power for her. As vampires, there will always be other threats out there to defend against, so having a vampire that has the ability to rise in the air is going to be very helpful in the future.

16 Show Others Her Memories

Renesmee's most famous ability is that she can pass along her memories just by touching someone's face. She had this ability from infancy and uses it as a method of communication. Renesmee is even able to show Bella her very first memory from the moment she was born.

This ability of passing off memories is helpful when the Cullens are trying to mobilize their family against the Volturi. Without being able to pass along her memories of being born, the other vampires would not have known she was not a newborn vampire. Conversely, Edward and Bella are only able to verbally communicate their memories, which leaves others to question if they're telling the truth. Unless she is very good at lying, Renesmee's memory transfer is the only way of showing absolute truth.

15 Unites The Vampires And Shape-Shifters

The feud between vampires and werewolves has existed throughout the Quileute tribe history. The story of the first treaty between them has solidified their anger over decades and has continued between the Cullens and current Forks-Quileute tribe. While there has been some partnership between them, the relationship is mostly full of animosity, but there is only one thing that has truly brought them together.

When Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, she indirectly stopped the feud between them since, based on Quileute tribe rules, an imprintee cannot be harmed. Furthermore, the connection between her and Jacob has made him a willing friend of the Cullens, which has even helped bring in other shape-shifters that they were initially against. Without Renesmee being born, they would have continued feuding and eventually destroyed each other.

14 Survive On Human Or Vampire Diet

If Edward or Bella do not have “food” in their diet, they will not be able to survive. While the Cullens have chosen to imbibe a “vegetarian diet” and not feast on humans, they still require supply to thrive. This limitation hurts them when they are under house-arrest as the wolves surround their home, leaving them unable to hunt. Meanwhile, Renesmee would have been able to live in a well-stocked house for as long as she needed to.

Due to her hybrid status, Renesmee does not require the same diet as vampires. If she wanted to live on a regular human diet, she would be able to do so. Perhaps this means that a supply doesn't need to be kept in cases of emergency?

13 Sleeps Like A Human

In one of the weirder aspects of Twilight, Edward enjoys watching Bella as she sleeps throughout the night because he does not require it. To some viewers, though, having him stand by her window while she sleeps is unsettling rather than romantic. However, once Bella becomes a vampire, she realizes that she does not need to sleep either.

On the other hand, while her parents do not require rest, little Renesmee still sleeps just like other humans do. This may not necessarily be a power or advantage that she has over her parents, but it's something that makes her unique to the rest of her family for sure.

12 Falls For A Shape-Shifter

Bella's relationship with Jacob never really got off the ground as she always retained her feelings for Edward, even when it seemed like their relationship was close to ending. On the other hand, Edward's relationship with Jacob has always been slightly volatile, and is only positive when they each require assistance.

When it comes to Renesmee, she has only known a world where vampires and shape-shifters work together, and while the imprinting process does not mean that her and Jacob currently have a romantic relationship, it will likely develop into one when she is older, which would make her the first vampire in Twilight history to fall for a shape-shifter.

11 Shows No Fear

The members of the Volturi are certainly the most intimidating vampires in the Twilight universe. Aro, Caius, and Jane are certainly not friendly-looking, and worry even the strongest members of the Cullen clan. Coming into contact with them is not pleasant, and is likely something most vampires actively avoid. On the other hand, there is one vampire who shows no fear in front of them.

When faced with the Volturi during Breaking Dawn, little Renesmee shows little fear in the face of danger. She even gathers the courage to touch Aro's face and show him her true origin. Meanwhile, it is evident that even her parents are uncomfortable with the situation. Perhaps Renesmee is actually the bravest person in the group?

10 Does Not Have Mood Swings Like Immortal Children

Renesmee may be the most even-tempered vampire in all of the Twilight series. She does not show any signs of aggression, anger, or anguish since she is born, and certainly does not have the rage inside her that her father often shows in battle. Instead, she only shows a calm demeanor, even when faced with circumstances that would make other vampires shake. For a part-vampire, she is able to control her thirst better than anyone else.

In recorded history, there are cases of other immortal children that have only ended in tyranny. As Carlisle describes newborns, “Adorable two-year-olds with dimples and lisps that could destroy half a village in one of their tantrums. If they hungered, they fed, and no words of warning could restrain them.” Thankfully, Renesmee is not like this at all and is completely in control of her impulses.

9 Warm Like A Human

When hiding under the snowy mountains, Edward is unable to comfort Bella in the cold because he has no warmth in his body. However, now that both him and Bella are vampires and they don't need to worry about keeping warm in these conditions, they are also not able to keep their daughter warm if the situation ever calls for it.

Renesmee did not inherit her family's coldness, which means she does not have the same protection has her parents. Thankfully, she will have a warm shape-shifter to help her out in the future.

8 Ages Very Quickly

When Bella and Edward were turned into vampires, they remained their current age. Thankfully, they were both frozen at eighteen and did not have to live out the rest of their lives as infants or children. While some may consider this to be a drawback of being a vampire, there are certainly a lot of positives to never growing older.

Renesmee will eventually reach an age of maturity and stop growing, just like Nahuel, but she does have some time of growing left. Vampires are not used to growing, but Renesmee's aging process is much faster than a human's. For example, before she was even a year old, she had already aged to the point of a young child.

7 Can Remember Being Born

Anyone that says they remember their time as a baby is lying. Brains (more importantly, memories) are not developed enough at the time of birth to form a memory of the event. However, science does not take into account the supernatural, and Twilight is able to write their own rules on the subject.

Renesmee is able to recall the specific moment she is born, and even transfers that memory to Bella. While the circumstances of her birth were rather enduring, Renesmee does remember looking into her mother's eyes for the first time. Due to losing her life during the process, Bella likely didn't have any memories at all, and it was nice that her daughter was able to give her something to hold on to after all was said and done.

6 Fast-Learner

Learning a new skill can be very difficult, especially at a young age. While children's minds are malleable, it is difficult to become an expert at a new skill in a short period of time. For Edward, he's a had a lifetime to learn and perfect his skills while his daughter hasn't had that opportunity yet. However, she has already shown to be a very quick learner in just a short amount of time.

Despite being incredibly young, Renesmee is able to learn how to play a piece of a song. For those that have never used a piano before, it can be very difficult to carry a proper tune. If Bella had tried, it would have likely taken her a lot longer.

5 More Beautiful Than Them

When Bella describes Edward, the only word she can choose is “beautiful,” and when Edward describes Bella, the feeling is mutual. There is a touch of beauty to each member of the Cullen family, especially to Rosalie, whose specific power is her beauty. However, Renesmee seems to have inherited both of her parents' good looks and then some.

Perhaps it is because of her youthful innocence, but Renesmee's beauty seems to surpass that of her parents. Even as a baby (apart from the poor CGI), the only way people are able to describe her is “beautiful.” Also, when Renesmee meets new people, they are also enamored with how perfect and beautiful she looks. Perhaps it is because of her half-human, half-vampire form, but there is something about Renesmee that cannot be explained.

4 Does Not Sparkle

For fans that enjoy the vampire subculture, it was surprising to learn that vampires in the Twilight universe sparkle. Stephenie Meyer's decision to include this trait in her version of vampires was confusing as there had been no indication that vampires sparkled in sunlight before. Although both Edward and Bella are seen sparkling in the sun, their daughter has not inherited that trait.

Renesmee has spent time in the sunlight in Forks, but she has never sparkled like her parents. Thankfully, this will make her life at school much easier as she will not need to avoid the sun. It will also avoid her angering legions of vampire fans who have never appreciated this aspect of Twilight.

3 Controls Her Movements As A Fetus

Getting a child to listen while they are young can be extremely difficult at times, but Renesmee has always listened very well, including when she was only just a fetus.

While Bella was pregnant, her child's vampiric strength made her kicks extraordinarily painful. Since her child was growing at an accelerated rate, it was putting a lot of strain on her body that only doubled when she kicked from the inside. However, once Edward was able to communicate with her through thoughts, he was able to let her know how much pain she was causing. Parenting Renesmee is likely going to be much easier than other children if she is able to take direction this well.

2 Combination Of Both Her Parents' Mind Powers

When a human is turned, most appear to develop additional supernatural powers, such as super-strength and pre-cognitive abilities as seen with other vampires. Edward and Bella have the ability to read thoughts and block psychic abilities, respectively. While it makes sense that Renesmee would inherit some of those abilities, she actually has a combination of them. More so, some of her abilities are actually opposite of her parents.

Renesmee has the ability to project her thoughts and memories to others by touching them. So, while her father can hear others' thoughts, and her mother can block someone in her mind, Renesmee is able to transfer her own into others. She is the perfect combination of their powers, but also has something unique of her own.

1 Can Control Her Thirst Better

When both Edward and Bella were initially turned, they had some challenges in managing their newfound hunger. Edward has been open about his “rebellious” years after being turned and Bella shows some issues with controlling her urges. Edward describes the uncontrollable thirst like a “red hot branding iron down the throat,” which must be very difficult for a new born to deal with. However, the youngest vampire of the bunch seems to have the best hold on it.

Renesmee never has the control issues like her parents had and seems to adjust to life as a vampire very easily. Truthfully, it may be because she has never known a different life. While she can survive on any type of diet, she still has the same thirst that other vampires do. Overall, she can just control herself better than the other Cullens can.


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