Twilight is a familiar story for many people. The story of Edward, a vampire, falling in love with Bella, a human. Yet even the most diehard fans may not know the full story of all the characters in Twilight. Including Emmett Cullen, Edward's adoptive brother. Like Edward, Emmett is adopted by Carlisle and Esme to keep up the appearance of a normal human family. He is married to Rosalie and is loads of fun. Everyone knows these things about Emmett, however, there are other details that may have escaped the notice of some fans. True fans, however, will most likely know all of these details already because of their dedication to the story.

Twilight amassed a dedicated fanbase of all ages and while Emmett is no Edward, but he most likely has loads of hardcore fans as well. These fans are just as dedicated as Edward's fans and might know things such as why and how he was turned into a vampire. How old he was when he turned. His strength and how it differentiates him from the rest of the Cullens, and indeed all other vampires. His last name as a human and his human appearance.  Details about his marriage to Rosalie. His straightforward and open personality. His love of competition, and more.

For those who are not hardcore Emmett fans, this might be brand new information. So get ready. Because after this you will be able to go against even the most dedicated Twilight fan with your Emmett knowledge.

Welcome to: 20 Wild Details Only True Fans Know About Emmett Cullen. 

20 He was almost eliminated by a bear

What a hardcore way to almost pass away! Very Emmett. According to Stephanie Meyer herself, in a deleted scene from Twilight,  Emmett was attacked by a bear. Rosalie then picks him up and takes him to Carlisle to have Carlisle turn Emmett into a vampire. Emmett describes Rosalie as an angel and Carlisle as God, possibly because the whole time he thought he was passing away.

He tells Bella that he couldn't believe a beautiful being like Rosalie would stay with him throughout his tumultuous transformation process, which he describes as "hell." Emmett was afraid that God--or Carlisle--would take her away but he never did. This made Emmett believe that the preachers talking about a merciful God were right.

19 He was twenty years old when he was turned

That's right. Emmett was not a teenager when he was turned into a vampire, despite the fact that he lives his life as a high school student. He was actually twenty years old, so if he was human he'd most likely be in college instead of high school. Or maybe Emmett would skip college and go straight to working. You never know with him.

As a human, Emmett had loads of fun. In fact, he tells Bella, in the previously mentioned deleted scene,  that he had had "a little too much fun" in his human years.

18 He is stronger than the average vampire

In the world of Twilight, vampires are stronger than humans. Of course, they are. They're predators after all and most vampires, unlike the Cullens, depend on human blood to survive. Even without human blood, the Cullens, including Emmett, are stronger than the average human. However, Emmett is stronger than the rest of his family and even other vampires. His strength is a special ability of his.

As he was strong as a human, he is supernaturally strong as a vampire, even more so than other vampires. This is because, in the world of Twilight, everything that you were as a human gets heightened when you're a vampire. His strength certainly comes in handy for the Cullens whenever danger appears.

17 Emmett is the only member of the Cullen family without a college degree

Going from high school to college to high school to college must not be fun. Trust Emmett to find a loophole and make it fun for himself. Unlike the rest of his family, who have college degrees, Emmett did not dedicate himself to any particular subject.

Instead, he would switch majors often and most likely enjoy the other perks of college life, such as activities and possibly even parties. You have to love Emmett's appetite for fun, though most likely Carlisle and Esme wish he'd settle on something and have more of a thirst for knowledge.

16 Emmett and Rosalie have been married many times

Like the rest of the Cullens, Emmett and Rosalie believe in marriage. So much so that they've been married multiple times. Rosalie likes to show off and get attention, while easygoing Emmett just wants to make her happy. And possibly show off his dance moves at the reception. He does like having fun, after all. Perhaps getting married so many times does wonders for Emmett and Rosalie's love life.

There's nothing more romantic than a wedding and despite Emmett's strong exterior, we all know he's a softie on the inside. Just like the rest of his family, he's a hopeless romantic and just wants to make the love of his life happy.

15 He is originally from Tennessee

He was just a normal twenty-year-old guy from Tennessee. Having fun and enjoying life. He might've even had a stereotypical Southern US accent. And then he ran into a hungry bear and the rest, as they say, is history. Thus began his life as a vampire. Which would take him to places such as Forks, Washington, which is very different from where he lived as a human. Forks is known for its gloomy weather, while Tennessee has a more temperate climate.

This must have taken some getting used to when Emmett was first turned into a vampire, moving from place to place and most of the places having harsher climates rather than the mild ones he was used to as a human. Weather is probably not a big deal to vampires, though, and Emmett is as easygoing as they come.

14 His last name as a human was McCarty

Sounds like a good last name to me. However, Emmett had to give it up when he became a vampire, in order to fit in with the rest of Carlisle's family.  Now he's a Cullen. Though Rosalie is a Hale, so it's surprising that Emmett didn't take her name given how easygoing he is and how much he likes making his love happy.

Still, perhaps it's better off the way it is. Emmett Cullen sounds a lot cooler than Emmett Hale. And this way Emmett gets to have his own last name, though he has to share it with the rest of the family. He probably doesn't mind.

13 He had parents and siblings who he never saw after turning

Awwh, poor Emmett. According to Stephanie Meyer herself,  Emmett had a big family and he never saw any of them after being turned into a vampire. Of course, this makes sense. It would've been impossible to disguise his red eyes in the time period in which he was turned. Emmett also most likely wouldn't want to be tempted to bite any of his family members.

Newborn vampires are known for their lack of self-control. So it would've probably been a real worry of Carlisle's and Emmett's when Emmett was first turned into a vampire. Therefore, he was unable to visit his human family after being turned.

12 He caused the Cullen family to relocate many times

Stephanie Meyer doesn't mention exactly why, but we can imagine. Emmett can be quite impulsive and though he's easygoing, he is still a vampire. He's bound to mess up sometimes, causing the Cullens to flee from wherever they're living. They most likely don't like moving whenever Emmett makes too big a mistake.

Emmett does try his best, but he's not always good at following the rules. And poor Rosalie, she probably didn't like her love being in trouble with the rest of the family. She probably tried to support Emmett as much as she could but it probably wasn't easy. Rosalie most likely didn't like moving around all the time either.

11 He looks up to Rosalie

Aaw, how sweet. According to Stephanie Meyer, this is somewhat similar to Edward's hero worship of Carlisle. Except in this case, it's not a father-son type duo like Carlisle and Edward, it's a husband looking up to his wife. That's really romantic. No wonder he was happy to marry Rosalie over and over. He looks up to her and just wants her to be happy.

It's nice to see a husband looking up to his wife and admiring her. Not only is it sweet and romantic, but it really turns traditional gender roles on their head.

10 He is a family man at heart

Another cute one. Like his adoptive brother Edward, he wants to be part of a family. He would most likely love to start a family of his own with Rosalie if that was possible for vampires. Unfortunately, it isn't, so they have to content themselves with taking care of Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee. Emmett is definitely the fun uncle. Probably because of his own love of family, he adapts to Renesmee's birth very quickly.

He calls her "Nessie," a nickname that Bella isn't too fond of. He was also very supportive of Bella while she was pregnant with Renesmee and made sure that mother and baby were both safe. So he is a very loving uncle.

9 He doesn't take much seriously

Emmett is, as mentioned before, very easygoing. Not much fazes him. He also has a good sense of humor and therefore doesn't take life too seriously. As a human, he had loads of fun, and he still does as a vampire. His life is made more fun by the fact that he doesn't take much of anything seriously. However, he is capable of being serious when necessary.

He takes the safety of his family very seriously, including Bella and eventually her daughter Renesmee. Emmett is well-rounded as a person. He knows when to have fun and when to take things seriously. This makes him a good family member to have.

8 He was turned into a vampire because of rosalie

As mentioned before, Emmett was attacked by a bear as a human and almost died. Rosalie, charmed by his strong appearance and baby face, fell in love at first sight. So clearly she had to save him forever so that they could have their several weddings. She took him to Carlisle and had him turn Emmett into a vampire.

Carlisle, prior to this, was not planning on turning any more people into vampires because of how it went with Rosalie. However, since Rosalie begged him, he decided to turn Emmett, in the hopes that it would make her happy.

7 He had a hard time adjusting to the Cullens' diet

This refers to the fact that unlike most vampires, the Cullens do not drink human blood. Instead, they live off the blood of animals. Therefore they consider themselves "vegetarians." Emmett had a hard time following the rules, which he tells Bella in a deleted scene from Twilight. According to Stephanie Meyer herself, he would have run into several people whose blood appealed to him the way Bella's did for Edward.

These "singers", called that because it's like the blood is singing to the vampire, would have ranged from somewhat appealing to very very appealing. And it's not hard to believe that Emmett would have accidentally eliminated one or more of them. Though he is committed to the "vegetarian" vampire lifestyle now, it probably took some adjusting to. Especially in the beginning.

6 Emmett doesn't have any secrets

He's an open book. What you see is what you get. According to Stephanie Meyer, Emmett is not exactly a man of mystery. He's very straightforward. Unlike characters like Rosalie or Jasper or even Edward himself, Emmett is exactly as he seems. It's refreshing in one way. It's nice to know that Emmett is who he is and that's it. No skeletons lurking in his closet.

Emmett is very happy with his lot in life. He doesn't feel that he has anything to hide and that must be freeing. We should all be more like Emmett. This openness must give Emmett peace of mind because he doesn't have to worry about keeping any secrets from anyone. He can simply focus on living his life.

5 Emmett married Rosalie before alice and jasper joined the family

Emmett and Rosalie were in love from the start. According to Stephanie Meyer, they are a perfect match because both of them are more physical than intellectual. Though their relationship may seem a bit superficial from the outside, they are totally committed to each other.

No wonder they got married so quickly. Between Rosalie--and Emmett too, to be honest--falling in love at first sight and how well their personalities work together, it's a recipe for a quick marriage. According to Rosalie herself, Emmett is her soulmate. He's just the type of person she needs in her life. No doubt his easygoing personality helps calm her down when she needs it.

4 Emmett was changed into a vampire two years after Rosalie

Given that Rosalie is the one who saved Emmett from the bear and begged Carlisle to turn him into a vampire, this makes sense. This also shows that without Rosalie, Emmett never would have turned into a vampire and would probably have been eliminated by the bear. No wonder he admires her so much. Saving someone's life tends to have that effect. Luckily, Carlisle was convinced by Rosalie's pleas.

As mentioned before, he had not planned on turning another human into a vampire after Rosalie but when she begged him to change Emmett, he relented. Carlisle saved his life as well and Emmett is very grateful to his adoptive father for that.

3 His eyes were blue

Bet fans didn't know this one. No wonder Rosalie fell in love at first sight. Emmett's beautiful blue eyes were hard to resist. This is yet another thing that changed for Emmett when he became a vampire. He had to say goodbye to his blue eyes and embrace at first red eyes and then as he adjusted to the "vegetarian" vampire diet, gold or black eyes. Emmett no doubt adjusted to this in his typical easygoing manner.

Though he must miss his blue eyes sometimes, he is just happy to be alive and with Rosalie, his "angel." After he adjusted to the "vegetarian" diet, he was a happy vampire guy. He was happy with his wife, Rosalie, and his family.

2 He loves to compete

Though Emmett is easygoing, he loves a good competition. Competing is his hobby, like medicine is Carlisle's and stalking Bella is Edward's. Just kidding about that last one. Emmett is not kidding when it comes to competition, though he is a good sport.

When Bella was newly turned into a vampire, they had an arm wrestling match and he conceded. This shows that no matter how much he may love competition, he can handle losing with grace. At least sometimes. Though he'd probably prefer to win. Whether it's a good arm wrestling match or a friendly game of baseball with his family, Emmett loves the competition.

1 Emmett was unfazed after being turned

This should come as no surprise given his easygoing nature. He tells Bella, in a deleted scene from Twilight, that if Carlisle and Rosalie were vampires, how bad could it really be? He goes on to say that "Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you," referring, of course, to Rosalie.

He most likely says all of this to reassure Bella that being a vampire isn't so bad as long as you have someone to share your immortal life with. Bella, of course, is probably already thinking that way. Though Edward disagrees.


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