The most recent episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders continue to raise questions about what happened over the two years since the second season finale. They also prompted speculation as to what various groups - such as the League of Shadows and The Light - are currently working on now that Lex Luthor has virtually taken over the United Nations and hamstrung the Justice League's operations.

The first three episodes of season 3 were largely devoted to the efforts of Nightwing, Artemis, Black Lightning and Superboy stopping a metahuman trafficking ring in the nation of Markovia. The mission was a mixed success, with the team successfully shutting down the trafficking ring and thwarting an attempted coup of the Markovian government by Baron Bedlam, but also failing to stop several abducted children from being shipped off-world via Boom Tube. The heroes were also left with three refugees to take care of - Dr. Helga Jace, Prince Brion of Markovia and a mysterious "Halo-Girl" who had no memory of who she was before waking up in a mass grave.

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Episodes 4, 5, and 6, titled "Private Security", "Away Mission" and "Rescue Op", were different from the first three episodes, in that they told separate stories with several subplots, as Prince Brion and Halo began to find their footing in the United States and learned to control their new powers. They were joined by another refugee, Forager - a young bug from New Genesis, who had been exiled from his people due to his efforts to bring peace between his people and the New Gods. The action of these episodes also saw Nightwing working to stop another trafficking ring in Star City, Miss Martian leading the junior Justice League members on a mission to New Genesis and an ill-advised raid on the League of Shadows' base on Infinity Island. Here are the questions we have after watching the latest exciting episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders.

10. What are Halo's Powers?

Young Justice Halo Discovers A New Power with Artemis and Black Lightning

The mystery around Halo and her powers grew stranger still in this collection of three episodes, as she showed a wider variety of abilities and a greater command of her existing powers. In previous episodes, Halo was shown to have the abilities to fly, generate force-fields, and heal herself and others. This last ability, which manifested when Halo's aura turned violet, prompted Prince Brion to address her as Violet and her deciding to take that as her "non-mission" name. The fourth Young Justice: Outsiders episode revealed that Halo could also generate concussive blasts of hard light whenever her aura was yellow.

Two other incidents suggested that Halo is something more than metahuman. In "Private Security", Doctor Fate examines Halo at Artemis' prompting and says that he senses that she is "an old soul in a very young body," but declines to explain just what that means, saying it is not his place to judge such things. Later, in "Rescue Op", when Halo and Prince Brion first meet Forager, she rattles off a surprisingly detailed description of New Genesis, like something one would read in an encyclopedia. Artemis asks just how Halo knows that much about the home of the good New Gods but Halo can't remember.

All of this suggests that the show will be closely adapting Halo's backstory from the original Batman and the Outsiders comics. It was eventually revealed there that Halo was not a metahuman but a gestalt entity formed from the body of a dead human woman and an eternal being made of pure energy. This would match up with Doctor Fate's comments about Halo's "old soul" and explain how she had access to knowledge she shouldn't have about an alien world. It should be noted, however, that the powers related to Halo's auras on the show do not precisely match up with her powers in the comics. It also remains to be seen if Halo generates green, blue, and purple auras and what powers will be tied to them.

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9. Why is Wolf sleeping so much?

Young Justice Wolf

The product of a twisted experiment by The Brain to transform ordinary animals into creatures capable of going toe-to-toe with superheroes, the white wolf eventually named Wolf was adopted by Superboy in the first-season episode 'Alpha Male'. Since that time, Wolf has been a constant companion to the Boy of Steel and frequently accompanied him into battle. The years seem to have taken a toll on Wolf, however, and when he's been seen on-screen in Young Justice: Outsiders he has either been napping or grumbling about having his napping disturbed.

In Young Justice: Outsiders episode 4, Prince Brion noted that he hadn't seen Wolf do anything but sleep and a morose Superboy noted that's all Wolf seems to do lately. One episode later, in "Away Mission", Bear of the Forever People came to Superboy to ask for help solving a mystery on his homeworld and asked if Wolf would be accompanying them to New Genesis. Miss Martian looked to the sleeping Wolf and quickly said that he would be sitting-out this mission.  Is Wolf starting to feel his age, being well past his puppy years? Or is there something more sinister about his newfound need for sleep?

8. Who is Ma'alefa'ak?

Young Justice Ma'alefa'ak

The plot of "Away Mission" sees Miss Martian leading the young heroes of the Justice League to the alien world of New Genesis to investigate a mystery. Reportedly Orion of the New Gods had begun bullying and robbing the bug people who live on the planet's surface, when the New Gods had always been fair trading partners before. Miss Martian suspected that Orion was being impersonated by another shape-shifter. She quickly identified the culprit as her younger brother, M'Comm M'orzz, who had adopted the name Ma'alefa'ak, after a Martian animal famous for its ferocity.

While M'Comm M'orzz is a creation unique to the reality of Young Justice, the name of Ma'alefa'ak is taken directly from the Martian Manhunter comics. There, Ma'alefa'ak was the villainous twin-brother of J'onn J'onzz, who had his mental powers taken away after he telepathically forced himself onto his brother's wife. This failed to pacify Ma'alefa'ak, however, and with his memories altered so that he believed he had been born without the mental connection that all other Green Martians had, he grew bitter in his isolation. This spurred him to create a deadly plague, which spread telepathically, causing Green Martians who used their telepathy to spontaneously combust. This brought about the downfall of the Green Martian race, with only Ma'alefa'al and J'onn surviving.

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Page 2: Ma'alefa'ak's Employer, the League of Shadows, and Ra's al Ghul

Young Justice Darkseid and Vandal Savage

7. Who is Ma'alefa'ak working for?

When Miss Martian asks Ma'alefa'ak why he is working to end the peaceful relations between the New Gods and the bug people of New Genesis, he says he is doing it on behalf of an employer. In exchange for doing "a few favors" on New Genesis, this employer has agreed to help Ma'alefa'ak with his efforts to start a White Martian uprising against the ruling government of Mars, which is run by an upper-class of Red Martians and backed by the Green Martian majority. He justifies his framing Orion by saying the bug people of New Genesis are just as oppressed as the White Martians of Mars, even if the New Gods are more subtle in their tyranny, and that his actions will ultimately prove beneficial to both races.

Ma'alefa'ak does not identify his employer, but it seems a safe bet that Darkseid of Apokolips or one of his underlings is involved. Darkseid would certainly benefit if the rule of Highfather, leader of the New Gods of New Genesis, were disrupted either by an all-out war with the bug people or a cessation of trade for vital resources. Darkseid would also stand to benefit from an uprising on Mars and the increasing turmoil among the people there.

6.  Who IS running the League of Shadows now?

Young Justice League of Shadows Cheshire Ra's Al Ghul Sportsmaster

In 'Rescue Op', Prince Brion becomes convinced that reports of a metahuman assassin who might have earth-bending powers indicate that his sister, the abducted Princess Tara, was taken by the League of Shadows and brainwashed into working for them. This leads to Prince Brion, Halo and Forager launching a raid on Infinity Island - one of the League of Shadows' primary bases of operation. Thankfully, Ra's Al Ghul is uncharacteristically forgiving of the trespass and is willing to let Nightwing and the rest of the older heroes return home unharmed with their young charges.

When Prince Brion pushes the issue and says that he knows the League of Shadows has his sister, Ra's concedes that may well be true, but says that he is no longer the leader of the League of Shadows. Nightwing is inclined to take him at his word, noting that for all of Ra's Al Ghul's sins, he is no liar. Artemis tries to learn more, asking if Ra's would be inclined to reveal who is now running the League of Shadows. Ra's laughs and says he is not, but he does admit that it isn't Artemis' father, The Sportsmaster. So who is running The League of Shadows now?

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5. What are Ra's al Ghul's current plans?

Young Justice Ra's Al Ghul

Another question raised by the issue of who is leading the League of Shadows is just what Ra's al Ghul is doing to keep himself busy these days. In addition to denying any connection to the League of Shadows, Ra's al Ghul also claims to have cut ties with The Light - the group of seven super-villains from the first two seasons of Young Justice, who joined forces to counter the Justice League and take over the world. This is not that surprising given that The Light seemed content to leave Ra's for dead in season 2 and that what we've seen of The Light's actions so far in season 3 seem to be placing the Earth itself at risk - something the environmentally-minded Ra's al Ghul would not stand for. So what are Ra's current plans and whose side will he be on in the coming battle with Apokolips?

Page 3: The Robins, The Justice Leauge, Batman, and Oracle

DC Comics Robins Dick Grayson Jason Todd Tim Drake Damian Wayne

4. Will We Eventually Get All Four Robins On The Show?

As Nightwing, Artemis and the other heroes leave Infinity Island in 'Rescue Op', Talia Al Ghul emerges from the shadows carrying a baby. Shortly after that, one of Ra's bodyguards mutters the name "Grayson." Ra's comments that it looks like the guard is getting his memories back and that this is good news.

The implications here would be obvious to fans of the Batman comics, even if the bodyguard were not cutely credited as "Red-Hooded Ninja" at the end of the episode. It seems that, as in the comics, Talia Al Ghul took a hand in resurrecting the second Robin, Jason Todd, in the Lazarus Pit, thus setting up Jason Todd's path to eventually become the violent vigilante known as the Red Hood. It would seem to follow then that the baby Talia is holding is Damian Wayne, who eventually became the fourth Robin. It remains to be seen if Damian is a test-tube baby or if Talia and Bruce had a child together the old-fashioned way in the reality of Young Justice, but it seems likely the show is building toward the inclusion of all four Robins.

3. Where was the Justice League this week?

Young Justice Justice League

The Justice League was curiously absent from the latest batch of episodes, despite there being a great deal of turmoil involving the team in the season premiere. With ten members of the League handing in their resignations and prompting a major argument on the floor of the United Nations, it wouldn't be unexpected for there to be a quick mention of how the League is coping in the face of this sudden shift. Strangely enough, apart from Wonder Girl briefly talking on the phone with Robin in "Away Mission" and arguing about the secrets they now have to keep from each other due to their being on different teams, there's no reference at all to the recent split.

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2. What is Batman's team up to?

The brief conversation between Wonder Girl and Robin in "Away Mission" also raises the question as to just what Batman and the other former Justice League members have been up to since leaving the team. Likely, they are hard at work regarding their own efforts to tackle the metahuman trafficking problem that led to their mass resignation. Yet Young Justice: Outsiders has said nothing about these heroes since the premiere. It seems likely, however, that the Shadow of the Bat will shortly fall upon the newly christened team of Outsiders.

1. Why is Dick hiding Oracle from his team?

Young Justice Oracle Barbara Gordon

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 6 offers the first glimpse of Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle) in season 3, confirming that she is now using a wheelchair and that she is in a romantic relationship with Dick Grayson. Later in the episode, Barbara contacts Dick while he is visiting Superboy and Miss Martian's home, sending him information on Halo's identity before her death. It is once again made clear that Dick is hiding Oracle's existence from the rest of his allies, not telling them where he got this information from. Presumably, this is emulating Barbara's desire for secrecy in the comics after she retired from being Batgirl, as few people in the superhero community knew of her existence in her early days as Oracle.

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