Archive for February 2, 2019

Next 2 Mission: Impossible Sequels Get Confirmed Release Dates

Tom Cruise is going to be a pretty busy guy in the next few years with both Mission: Impossible sequels shooting back-to-back.

Every Trailer Confirmed & Rumored for Super Bowl 53

From Avengers: Endgame to Stranger Things, the big game will bring plenty of new and exiting trailers to Super Bowl 2019.

MoviePass Sued by Subscribers for Alleged Bait & Switch Scheme

Two MoviePass subscribers in New York filed a class action lawsuit claiming that they were only able to see three movies in ten months.

American Psycho Author Doesn’t Think Black Panther Deserves an Oscar

Bret Easton Ellis doesn't think that Black Panther should be nominated for the Academy Awards top prize.

Falcon Is 100% Dead in Avengers: Endgame Says Anthony Mackie

The Mad Titan's Decimation killed off half of the universe, including Falcon at the end of Infinity War.
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