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Bumblebee Officially Reboots Entire Transformers Franchise Confirms Hasbro

Hasbro has confirmed that 2018's Bumblebee marks as the official reboot of the Transformers movie series.

Alita Has An Oddly-Complex Nightmare On Elm Street Remake Homage


Alita: Battle Angel pays an oddly complex homage to the reviled 2010 remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. The character of Freddy Krueger is one of the most iconic in all of horror, with everything from his razor finger glove to Robert Englund’s performance making an unforgettable impression on audiences. Freddy emerged over the course of the series from the shadowy stalker of the original to the unconventional leading man and became famous for cracking terrible puns while dispatching victims. The original franchise spawned six sequels, a crossover movie with Friday The 13th, a TV series and numerous albums, toys and even a range of children pajamas.

Given the success that greeted Freddy Vs Jason in 2003, it was expected Englund’s Freddy would return for a sequel. While another crossover with the Evil Dead series, dubbed Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash was proposed, it didn’t go anywhere. It was then announced in 2008 the movie was being remade and Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) was cast in the role. Unlike his rival slashers Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, the performance of Robert Englund was a key part of why the character worked, so even a great actor like Haley was going to struggle to match up.

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While Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 did solid business at the time, it’s commonly regarded as one of the worst horror remakes of all time. It recreated famous scenes to diminished effect, the writing and direction left much to be desired and the decision to actually reveal Freddy as a child molester was in remarkably poor taste. Co-star Rooney Mara has since distanced herself from it and it failed to spawn a sequel. That said, Haley tried his best to make his Freddy Krueger a haunting figure, and with Alita: Battle Angel, he gets a second chance (sort of) to revisit the role.

Haley plays Grewishka in Alita: Battle Angel, a huge cyborg who vows revenge against the title character. Grewishka is based on Grewcica from the Battle Angel Alita anime, who was himself a composite of two villains from the original manga. On first impressions, the 5 foot 5 Haley doesn’t seem like a natural fit for a 10-foot, muscle-bound assassin, but thanks to motion capture technology he imbues the role with a hulking menace. Following his first encounter with Alita, the character is upgraded with grind cutters, which are razor-sharp, extendable fingertip blades – and that’s when the Freddy Krueger parallels pile up thick and fast.

Grewishka’s constant flexing of his razor-fingered hand is one thing, but Haley’s growly vocals and laugh feel awful close to his Freddy voice too. Alita and Grewishka’s second battle takes place in the sewers beneath Iron City, with the latter jumping down a hole and beckoning his intended victim with “Come to my world!” which is paraphrasing another line from Freddy Vs Jason and the remake. Grewishka’s killing of a cute little dog even mirrors a scene from the Nightmare On Elm Street remake where Freddy kills the pet dog of another of his victims. Grewishka also gets set on fire at one point during the fight, as if to drive the comparisons home.

Of course, the parallels between Haley’s Freddy Krueger and Grewishka could be total coincidence. The grind cutters come from the original manga and anime, after all, and the death of the dog is another addition from the OVA. That said, Robert Rodriguez is a famed movie nerd, so it’s doubtful he failed to see the many similarities between the two characters; that could have even played a role in Haley's casting. The remake’s take on Freddy Krueger was conceptually flawed for a variety of reasons, yet Haley’s performance was one of the few bright spots.

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Its been almost a decade since the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, and given the resurrection of famous horror properties like Halloween and Candyman, it feels like a matter of time before Freddy makes a comeback. Haley is unlikely to be asked back at this stage, but his work in Alita: Battle Angel definitely feels like a tip of the hat to the character and the closest he’ll come to a sequel.

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Rick and Morty Season 4: Every Update You Need To Know


Rick and Morty will be returning in the near-ish future with season 4. Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Adult Swim's dark, sci-fi comedy following the titular mad scientist and his grandson is one of the biggest shows on in the multiverse, and with 70 new episodes on the way, it isn't going anywhere.

  • Release Date: TBA
  • Cast: Justin Roiland, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell
  • Directors: TBA
  • Writers: Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon

Last updated: February 17, 2019

There was a long delay in information on Rick and Morty season 4, with it not officially renewed until well in to 2018. However, on May 10, Justin Roiland revealed some amazing news. Not only was season 4 confirmed, the show had been renewed for a whopping 70 episodes. That presumably means seven more seasons, going by previous runs of ten episodes, but it's possible the forward thinking will lead to a change up.

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Although its third season wrapped up in October of 2017, there is currently no release date for Rick & Morty season 4. Unexpectedly complex contract negotiations with parent company Turner Broadcasting led to a delay, and even though the show has now been renewed well beyond season 4, we don't know exactly when it will return. The show's writers began working on new episodes in June 2018, and Justin Roiland has said that there will no longer be lengthy hiatuses between seasons, so expect to see new episodes some time in 2019.

Returning Cast Members for Rick and Morty Season 4

While the show's uncertain future prevented any official announcements, Rick and Morty's full voice cast is expected back in season 4. Series co-creator Justin Roiland will return as Rick Sanchez, the alcoholic genius super scientist, as well as Morty Smith, Rick's dimwitted grandson. Roiland also generally voices dozens of background and supporting characters. Spencer Grammer will return as Summer, Morty's older sister who has increasingly become an integral part of the titular duo's adventures. Sarah Chalke will return as Beth Smith, Morty and Summer's mother who is more like her father than she'd care to admit. Rounding out the main cast is Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Beth's bumbling, pathetic husband.

Season 3 was arguably the darkest year yet for Rick and Morty. After Rick escaped capture and thwarted an alien invasion of Earth, Beth divorced Jerry and the family largely spun out of control. Rick reached new levels of irresponsibility, turning himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy, accidentally murdering the intergalactic superhero team the Vindicators, and relentlessly trolling the President of the United States. Developments at the Citadel of Ricks figure to have longterm ramifications, but things took an unexpected turn in the finale, with Beth and Jerry reconciling and the show hinting at something of a soft reboot to the status quo of season 1.

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Little is known about what direction Rick and Morty's season 4 storyline might take. Dan Harmon has suggested that little to no actual writing had been done in light of the show's lack of an official renewal.

That said, it seems likely the show will revisit some of its ongoing arcs, like Evil Morty's conquering of the Citadel of Ricks, and Birdperson's resurrection as the cyborg Phoenixperson. The show will also probably tackle Beth and Jerry's reconciliation, much to Rick's chagrin. Beyond those broad strokes, there's simply not much known about where the story goes next.

Barring something cataclysmic, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will remain Rick and Morty's head writers and showrunners for season 4. The pair created the show and have been the key creative voice on the show so far.

Dan Guterman, Ryan Ridley, and Tom Kauffman are all longtime collaborators on the show, but have not been announced as returning for season four yet; Ridley did recently comment on the pending production, suggesting he's likely returning whenever the show returns. Unfortunately, Jessica Gao - wrote the Emmy-winning episode "Pickle Rick," will not be part of the season 4 writers room, as she is leaving to work on her own new show.

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There have been no confirmed directors for Rick and Morty's fourth season. The show does have a core of directors that have been regulars since season 2 who seem likely to return, including Juan Meza-León, Dominic Polcino, and Bryan Newton; Newton was the only holdover from the show's first season.

While there may not be a proper trailer with footage from Rick and Morty season 4, there have been a couple of rather odd teasers released. The first is done in the style of an anime opening and feature stylized versions of Rick, Morty, Beth, and Summer - as well as nods to some of their previous adventures. It's possible that this snippet was created for season 4, but it's also possible that it was simply created as a fun tease for fans:

The second teaser, also just 15 seconds long, is perhaps even weirder. It features Rick and Morty in a variety of different manifestations (for example, Rick as Godzilla and Morty as Mothra, and Rick as a hippo eating a poor Morty-bird), with "Rick. Morty. Rick. Morty," repeating over a techno score. It's about as surreal as everything we've come to expect from the show, and it ends with an intriguing close-up of Evil Morty:

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There may not be a trailer for Rick and Morty's fourth season, but that doesn't mean we don't have any new Rick and Morty content. In addition to the above teasers, the titular pair starred in a super violent, Pulp Fiction-inspired music video for hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, and Adult Swim aired a bizarre Australian parody version of the show on April Fools Day called "Bushworld Adventures." McDonald's also continues to promote their Szechuan Sauce based on its renewed popularity from its reference in the show.

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There is currently no poster or promotional artwork for season 4 of Rick and Morty. We'll update when Adult Swim begins its promotional push for the much anticipated season.


10 Fantasy Shows To Watch On Netflix While You Wait For GoT To Come Back


The final season of Game of Thrones is almost here which is both exciting and a little depressing for fans. While we wait for April to watch the final season, there are some series on Netflix that can help fill that time and distract fan from the agony of waiting. While none of these shows are exactly like Game of Thrones, they each have some similarities, and there is something on this list for everybody.

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From more traditional fantasy to sci-fi fantasy and more, we’ve collected 10 fantasy shows that can be watched on Netflix right now while we wait for the return of GoT.


Merlin is a new take on the classic tale of King Arthur. This television show is a more traditional fantasy meets mythos but with a fresh perspective. Merlin tells the story of the warlock when he is young as he meets young prince Arthur. This show also has romance and adventure. For fans looking for a more traditional fantasy with some twists, Merlin will help scratch that itch. There's also a new Merlin adaptation in development... but it's been there for quite a while, so don't hold your breath for more.


For fans who like their fantasy with a little bit of horror, Penny Dreadful is the perfect choice. This show is a little bit like Once Upon a Time in that it has many well-known characters from classic literature and horror such as Dorian Gray and Frankenstein (and is named after the 'penny dreadful' novels of the Victorian age that featured them). Penny Dreadful also features witches, Victorian England, and Eva Green playing the lead character. This television show is a bit different to Game Of Thrones, but the fantasy elements and mystery are perfect for GoT fans.

8 THE 100

The 100 is another show that mixes genres and does it well. Similarly to how Game of Thrones is part historical fiction, part drama, and part fantasy, The 100 is a mash-up of fantasy, sci-fi, and apocalyptic teen drama. This show begins when teenage criminals from space have to return to Earth to see if it is habitable again. This show has romance, strong female characters, and many intense elements that will catch audiences off guard. Plus, there are five seasons so it can keep anyone busy for a while.


The Shannara Chronicles is a TV show based on the popular book series by Terry Brooks. This show is based on heroes who live in a place called the Four Lands and must try to stop a demon army from destroying the world. Like many fantasy stories, The Shannara Chronicles is about young people who are exceptional and have to save the world from evil. For those who love more Tolkien-inspired fantasy, this is the perfect series as it features elves, humans, magic, and more.


The Magicians is a popular fantasy show meant for young adult audiences. It’s sort of like Harry Potter but there’s a lot more sex, drugs, and drama. For those who love the dramatic aspects of Game of Thrones (and of course, the magic!), The Magicians is a good choice. The show features a group of young magicians at Brakebills Academy and is based off a book trilogy by Lev Grossman. The Magicians also features a diverse cast and lots of strong female characters.


This isn’t a fantasy series per se. Instead, The Tudors is historical fiction that is about the early years of King Henry VIII’s rule of England in the 1500s. The series tells the salacious tale of Henry’s relationships with Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon.

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For fans of Game of Thrones who are all about the dresses, the intrigue, and the royal drama, The Tudors is a good option. In addition, it even stars a Game of Thrones alum: Natalie Dormer.


While this show isn’t exactly fantasy, but it does have a lot of elements that Game of Thrones fans can appreciate. The Last Kingdom is more historical fiction, but Game of Thrones often feels like historical fiction even if it’s not. The Last Kingdom follows Uhtred, a warrior who, along with his love and friend Brida, goes on a quest to reclaim his home from the Saxon army. For those looking for battles, war, and adventure, The Last Kingdom will meet that need with some sword-swinging fun.


For those looking for a fantasy series that’s a little sexier, Lost Girl could be a great choice. Game of Thrones definitely has a lot of sex and Lost Girl is also a series that has a lot of romance and sexuality. In Lost Girl, Bo learns that she is a succubus -  meaning she feeds on the sexual energy of humans.

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This show details her journey to figure out who she is and how to control her urges. If you like traditional fantasy and horror with a twist, you’re going to enjoy Lost Girl.


In this series in the DC TV universe (aka the Arrowverse), a rogue who can time travel sees the future and that doom and disaster is on the horizon. He has to recruit heroes and villains in order to keep the planet from being destroyed. Legends of Tomorrow is a mix of many genres including fantasy, drama, and crime. For fans who think they might love bisexual ex-assassins leading a team of interesting and unique heroes and villains through space, this is the show to watch.

1 Supernatural

Supernatural might be a bit of a commitment to watch between now and the Game Of Thrones premiere, as it's been on for so many seasons. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth the watch, and there is definitely a reason that Supernatural has made it to fourteen seasons (so far). With lots of action, supernatural characters, and horror, this show has dramatic elements as well as humorous ones. Supernatural is the perfect show to binge watch while waiting - if there's a lot of free time to binge, that is!

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Every Single DC TV Show, Ranked


You don't have to be the World's Greatest Detective or the Man of Steel to enjoy the many shows that DC Comics has put out over the years. Whether it's part of the wildly popular CW Arrowverse or a standalone series on a different network, DC has maintained its early edge over Marvel's television exploits (especially given the recent cancellations of Daredevil, Luke Cageand Iron Fist).

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With new shows coming in from DC Universe and the CW, DC Comics future in television looks bright. However, as with all comics, there eventually comes a time when the heroes you love must randomly fight one another to see who's the best. At the end of the day, some heroes are just plain better to watch. So, here are all the DC TV Shows Ranked!

9 Krypton

It's a bird! It's a plane! It' The only SyFy program of the bunch, Krypton faces an uphill battle to get viewers to tune in to its upcoming season two. Many feel that the shows characters and storylines are one dimensional, with slow growth and arcs that go nowhere. The heavy use of Superman lore (Hey look, it's Kandor!) doesn't help Krypton stand out on its own. The show needs its own, grounded reality and characters for it to finally take to the skies. Hopefully, season two allows the show to grow and develop enough to become the super show we know it can be.

8 Constantine

Rest well, sweet prince. Constantine's fiercely loyal fan base had been clamoring for a live action series since the early days of the Arrowverse. Finally, they were granted their heart's desire...only for it to be a monkey's paw. Due to low ratings, the show was canceled after its first season. Which is a shame, as despite some stumbling blocks, there was potential for this show. While some stories were a bit more miss than hit and some of the cast hadn't quite found their footing, Matt Ryan's performance as the titular supernatural detective gave charm and grit to a fascinating character. Luckily, Constantine's fans were given a second chance; Ryan's Constantine lives on, having been cast as a series regular in Legends of Tomorrow.

7 Titans

This is very clearly not the Teen Titans that many of us grew up with. And that's okay! DC Universe's Titans, though VERY different tonally,  still has things working for it. However, with age comes maturity and that's the lesson for the Titans to learn.

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The best parts of this show are not the (incredibly, supremely) violent fight scenes or dark brooding moments, but the moments the Titans come together as a team, making it feel like a DC Comic come to life. My hope is that season two brings us more of those moments and less of Robin brutally beating someone within an inch of their life because my GOD man.

6 Gotham

At the end of the era, we finally have...the Batman. Fox's Gotham has been a lot of things over the past five years. It's been a case of the week procedural, it's been a villain-focused character piece, and it's been a narrative drama. The biggest criticism of most of the series was that it sometimes didn't feel like it was a Batman show and at times that was certainly true. But now, it's finally the Caped Crusader's time. The lead up for this moment has been long awaited, and fans can only hope it pays off the way they hope it will.

5 Legends of Tomorrow

Love it or hate it, Legends of Tomorrow is here to stay it seems. So long as the other Arrowverse shows stay on, many of their side characters will find a home on Legends. which is a positive and a negative thing. The show is able to hook to the other Arrowverse shows at a moment's notice and the rotating cast keeps things fun and fresh. On the other hand, it's meant that we haven't had many meaningful character arcs for anyone besides Sarah, and the show always feels slightly two dimensional. Still, the show is undeniably fun, even if the rules for time travel have ceased making sense; just enjoy the ride, because Legends of Tomorrow seems to be a part of our past, present and future.

4 Arrow

Let's take a moment to acknowledge that without the success of Arrow, we would not have had most of the shows featured on this list. This was the first of the CW shows, creating the Arrowverse as we know it. However, this show has ironically had history missing the mark when it comes to character motivations and consistent emotional growth. Characters go back and forth from hatred to team unity nearly episode to episode.

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Regardless, it is the arrow that launched a thousand ships, and it has given more than its fair share of great moments. This show has not failed this city and it still has a few trick arrows up its quiver.

3 The Flash

The Flash hit the ground running and stopped for nothing. The characters on the show are tonally differently than any single show in the Arrowverse; they have great chemistry with one another and are fun to watch. Tom Cavanagh's ability to take on a new Wells character every season is truly remarkable and the casting of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is one of the best casting decisions the CW has ever made. The one thing stopping this show from being truly perfect is its crutch on using time travel plotlines. Time travel has played a major factor in nearly every season of The Flash to date. I look forward to when the show moves away from those elements and finds new and exciting ways to show how Barry Allen is the fastest man alive.

2 Supergirl

Despite having a rough take off at CBS, the show has now soared to new heights as part of the CW's Arrowverse. Supergirl's message of hope and acceptance can often fall on deaf or jaded ears, but it's why a show like this needs to have the volume blasted in response. From showing off positive LGBT role models to the fact that forgiveness is shown to be just as powerful a weapon as Supergirl's fists, the show has had some amazing moments and messages for fans of all ages. Season 4 has easily been the best yet and from here the show can only go up, up and away.

1 Black Lightning

This show lives up to its name as an electrifying new show that, if it ever joins the Arrowverse some day, would elevate everything else around it due to its quality. Black Lightning takes the superhero genre and gives it new life and energy with Cress Williams' relatable and fresh Black Lightning. With some of the best villains ever seen in a DC show, the show managed to completely subvert all expectations. There is drama, humor, and incredible action. Grant Gustin does an amazing job playing Barry Allen; Cress Williams IS Black Lightning.

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