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Mark Hamill Teases Luke Skywalker, Han Solo Star Wars Reunion That Could Have Been

A Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa reunion didn't happen in the latest Star Wars trilogy, so Mark Hamill teased his own with Harrison Ford.

The Beach Bum SXSW Review: The Role McConaughey Was Born to Play

Harmony Korine returns with his follow-up to Spring Breaks with The Beach Bum, a hilarious and dark stoner comedy for the modern age.

Fantastic Four Director Has Awesome Response to ‘Superhero Movies Never Fail’ Claim

Director Josh Trank has some personal experience in the area of superhero movies failing with 2015's Fantastic Four.

Jesse Eisenberg Offers Zombieland 2 Production Update at SXSW [Exclusive]

During our exclusive interview at SXSW Jesse Eisenberg gave us a little taste of what to expect from Zombieland 2.

Original Avengers Easter Egg Discovered in Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been good at tying things together and Captain Marvel is no different.
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