Archive for March 24, 2019

E.T. & Cujo Mom Dee Wallace Reunites with Her On-Screen Sons

Scream queen Dee Wallace shared a photo of her recent reunion with two of her '80s movie children.

Captain Marvel & Iron Man Unite to Fight in New Endgame Promo Art

A new piece of promotional material for Avengers: Endgame also gives us a better look at Carol Danvers' new suit.

Jason Biggs & James Van Der Beek Return in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Kevin Smith has revealed that Jay & Silent Bob Reboot features Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek cameos and takes us inside Mooby's.

Larry Cohen, Iconic Horror Director of It’s Alive & The Stuff, Dies at 77

Known for cult classic horror movies like The Stuff and It's Alive, Larry Cohen was beloved by fans of the genre.

Clueless Cast Reunion Exposes Secret Behind Paul Rudd Never Aging

Clueless hit theaters in 1995 and the cast just reunited for the 24th anniversary at Chicago's C2E2 expo.
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