What can fans expect from The Last Kingdom season 4? Based on the The Saxon Stories, the historical drama has been compared to Vikings while being praised for its historically accurate details about Danish culture. 

After three seasons, Alexander Dreymon has appeared in the most episodes of The Last Kingdom. The actor stars as Uthred of Bebbanburg, the protagonist of the original book series. In a supporting role, David Dawson portrayed Alfred the Great, while Eliza Butterworth plays the King’s wife, Aelswith.

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The Last Kingdom season 3 ended with a huge battle and Edward preparing for battle against Cnut and the Danes. How will it end for Edward and Uthred? Here’s what to expect for The Last Kingdom season 4.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Renewal

In December 2018, fans of The Last Kingdom received a holiday gift when the series was renewed for a fourth season one day after Christmas. This news came five weeks after The Last Kingdom season 3 premiered on Netflix. 

The Last Kingdom season 1 aired on BBC America, and The Last Kingdom season 2 aired on BBC Two. For The Last Kingdom season 3, Netflix acquired the exclusive rights and released the latest group of 10 episodes on November 19, 2018.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date

As of March 2019, The Last Kingdom season 4 doesn’t yet have an official release date. However, it’s likely that Netflix will follow previous production schedules and plan for a 2020 or even early 2021 release date. For context, 15 months separated The Last Kingdom’s season 1 and season 2 premiere dates, while a full 20 months passed between The Last Kingdom season 2 and season 3. 

Given Netflix’s frequently unhurried approach to releasing new seasons of shows, it could take anything from a year and a half to two years before we get to see new episodes of The Last Kingdom. Moreover, Netflix doesn't usually announce premiere dates until quite late, so it may be some time before a release window is confirmed. We'll keep you updated on any season 4 release date news as it becomes available.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Story

As fans of The Last Kingdom already know, Alfred the Great has been killed. In fact, we recently ranked every major death on The Last Kingdom, and noted the significance of the King's passing. For The Last Kingdom season 4, the focus will undoubtedly fall on the new King, Edward. Everyone around him is plotting some type of power move, but it’s worth noting that the real-life Edward the Elder reigned for nearly 25 years from October 899 to July 924.

Moving forward, The Last Kingdom's primary hero, Uthred, will obviously be the focus, however the The Last Kingdom season 4 will probably follow the timeline of the novels. In The Pagan Lord, the narrative picks up 10 years after Alfred’s death, and Uthred has a grown son. 

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