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Are Rey’s Parents Teased in The Rise of Skywalker Trailer?

The Last Jedi made it seem like Rey's parents were nobodies and junk traders, but The Rise of Skywalker may change all that.

The Last Jedi Director Responds to The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Rian Johnson has seen The Rise of Skywalker trailer and he had the perfect reaction to it.

New Spider-Man: Far from Home Merch Has a Better Look at Mysterio’s Full Suit

Now we have a better look at Jake Gyllenhaal as Spidey villain Mysterio in the upcoming superhero movie.

Friday the 13th Fan Film Never Hike Alone Launches 2nd Blu-ray Campaign

Due to high demand, a second pressing of Never Hike Alone Blu-rays is going on sale at Indiegogo.

Klad Creature Reveal Confirms Star Wars 9 Poster Leak Was Real

The Rise of Skywalker trailer and the Star Wars Celebration panel prove the previously leaked art was real.
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