Archive for April 19, 2019

Classic Olsen Twins Movies Are Coming to Hulu

Hulu has announced they will start streaming three classic Olsen Twins movies starting next month.

Child’s Play Pop-Up Trailer Reveals New Chucky Is Nearly 80% Animatronic

While some CGI will be used for Child's Play's new Chucky, Lars Klevberg insists he's mostly animatronic.

2019 Summer Movie Montage Trailer Will Get You Hyped and Ready

There are a ton of blockbusters coming our way over the summer and this montage trailer has all of them in one place.

Clint Eastwood Circles Back to Direct Richard Jewell Biopic for Disney

It looks like The Ballad of Richard Jewell, which was already in development at Fox, might be still be in the works at Disney.

Samuel L. Jackson Returns for Spider-Man: Far from Home Reshoots

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in the middle of some reshoots and Samuel L. Jackson just can't seem to get a day off.
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