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Rocketman Review #2: A Glamorous Tribute That Doesn’t Hold Back

Rocketman plays every card it possibly can in just the right ways. as it pays tribute to music icon Elton John with a standout performance from Taron Egerton.

They’re Inside Review: Found Footage Horror at Its Most Disturbing

They're Inside is like The Blair Witch Project meets The Strangers with a dash of psychological horror.

The Kitchen Trailer: McCarthy, Moss & Haddish Join the Mafia

Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss, and Tiffany Haddish star in The Kitchen, a gritty female-driven mob drama.

Disney’s Snow White Remake Goes After Amazing Spider-Man Director

Marc Webb is in talks to direct Disney's Snow White remake, which will feature songs from La La Land duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Schwarzenegger Raps in Motivational Music Video That Will Get You Pumped Up

Austrian musician Andreas Gabalier features fellow Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger in his latest single and video for Pump it Up.
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