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Steve-O Wants Justin Bieber to Fight Him Instead of Tom Cruise

The Jackass star is calling out Justin Bieber, saying the pop star is picking a fight with the wrong guy.

Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn Knows Who Is Playing Batgirl, Wants to Direct

Neon Demon and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn wants to direct Batgirl and already knows who's playing the title role.

Bill & Ted 3 Begins Production, Keanu Reeves Shaves His Beard

Bill & Ted 3 co-writer says shooting starts Monday morning as Keanu Reeves is spotted without his John Wick beard.

Christopher Lloyd Wants Back to the Future 4 to Tackle Climate Change and Other Issues

Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd would love to return as Doc Brown for Back to the Future 4 and tackle the world's most timely issues.

RoboCop Returns Will Bring Back the Silver Suit from the 1987 Movie

Neill Blomkamp gave a short status update on his upcoming RoboCop Returns project, which was announced one year ago.
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