Archive for June 1, 2019

Jack Sparrow Fans Launch Pirates Petition to Bring Back Johnny Depp

Disney has not confirmed whether or not Johnny Depp has officially left the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but it's not looking good.

Secret X-Men, Deadpool, Daredevil & Fantastic Four Team-Up Movie Was Planned at Fox

Long before Fox was taken over by Disney, the studio was churning out their Marvel properties and had a pretty interesting secret movie in development.

Will Robin Show Up Alongside Robert Pattinson’s The Batman?

Will we see a new version of Robin alongside Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne in The Batman?

Crown and Anchor Trailer Serves Up Crime and Straight Edge Hardcore [Exclusive]

Andrew Rowe directs Michael Rowe in the blistering new drama Crown and Anchor which features a hard-hitting hardcore punk soundtrack, available on DVD this July.

Admiral Ackbar Actor Claims Harrison Ford Wanted Him Fired from Return of the Jedi

Harrison Ford reportedly takes his job very seriously behind-the-scenes and Return of the Jedi was no exception.
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